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КНУТ и ПРЯНИК для БОССА – муж оказался фанатом забав – ХРОНИКИ ИЗМЕН с Григорием Кулагиным 25 серия

КНУТ и ПРЯНИК для БОССА – муж оказался фанатом забав – ХРОНИКИ ИЗМЕН с Григорием Кулагиным 25 серия

Chronicles of Treason with Grigory Kulagin series 25. Carrot and stick. Man is a creature that needs secrets. He likes to create his own and find out other people’s secrets. The only thing a person really does not like is when his secrets become the property of his loved ones, or worse, his colleagues. Having a secret hobby for your partner is far from always a sign of betrayal. Whether the fears of Polina, who turned to us for help, were confirmed, we will soon find out. Polina, hello, tell me what is bothering you why did you decide to contact us Hello I have such a situation, it seems to me that my husband is cheating on me 5 years ago I married him I was only 19 years old he is 30 years older than me everything was fine, he courted me, gave gifts but in the last few months he has become very cool to me he stopped paying attention ceased to be interested in my life he is constantly in the office It seems to me that someone has appeared. perhaps this is one of his employees some women surround him And what kind of employee? I only know about his secretary He says that she is scary, ugly, that she is not interested in him. I don’t know. I’ve never been to his office…. he does not take me to his work I didn’t care about this before, but recently it’s been very painful it’s very hard for me to talk right now I’m at a loss, I don’t know what to do next what is your husband’s name? Edward What does he do? He is the CEO at the firm. which deals car parts Since he is the CEO, he spends all his free time at work, and I don’t know what to think. Is it accurate that he is at work, or is he somewhere else Could it be that the changed attitude connected with business problems? maybe there are troubles with spare parts? didn’t he say anything like that? no, he didn’t speak and I doubt that this is the case because before his problems at work had nothing to do with our family he treated me warmly and now I’m at a loss Let’s hope everything is alright Maybe it’s just a difficult period in life I want to hope so thank you very much tell me where is the husband’s company, address Detectives establish surveillance of Edward in the morning he leaves the porch in the morning he leaves the porch and enters the office center, he is the director of the company which sells auto parts Detectives check companies which are in the building their task is to put a camera in Edward’s office Let’s see what is in this building can get there there is some kind of company for auto parts, components this is most likely Edward’s company is there anything else? some strange food there is a salon and language training development it looks like it’s for kids and schoolchildren and parents from this kindergarten take a walk there under the guise of a mother? then i need a baby supposedly you left your child in the garden ok Katya goes to the office center Allegedly in a company that is engaged in educational programs for children Hello, I am to you I want to record my child, I have a boy of 6 years old to you in the development group it is not for us we are engaged in spare parts you need to walk 2 rooms down the hall office 204 understood just look the search engine issued that it is here no it’s a mistake okay, I’m sorry a camera is installed in Edward’s office there is a picture yes come in A little later, a spectacular young employee comes into Edward’s office in a short mini dress her name is Karina, she is imposingly located on the table of Eduard Valerievich Auto trade delays, sent questions and how much do they delay? they say… two weeks – it’s clear, but it will turn out for a month as it was last time Do we have many prepaid orders? many more than half What to do? ok i’ll call we need to hold out for two weeks do this call our points let them see how many nozzles they have in stock let them leave for a week how much do they need for work and let all that is superfluous be returned and arrange delivery for someone to pick up let them bring and I’ll call, I hope that we can handle this week we will definitely hold out in two will be delivery Discuss Edward and Karina exclusively work. The supplier delays the lot of nozzles Karina leaves soon don’t mix it up like last time Good – And then searched for 12 boxes The next day, surveillance continues. Edward comes into the office. At some point in Edward’s office Karina appears. She is clearly showing interest in Edward is not like a boss but how about a man I have one thing for you I hope this is not about nozzles? no, my girlfriend left me we tonight were going to go to the Bolshoi with her very well but now she called and said that can’t go with me I won’t go alone as a fool well, call someone don’t you guys know you are so beautiful what are you doing tonight? What am I doing? you know how many problems we had find out where to get the nozzles how to solve everything now the same season I am here until 9 o’clock every day – have you been to the Bolshoi Theater? has been several times liked? – of course I liked it maybe tonight? Karina, you don’t know that I am married? What if they see me there with a young girl? what will happen to the family then? sad sorry what to do this is the situation Go to work detectives decide to show Pauline this video Polina, good afternoon Hello, Gregory there is information want to share, can you drive up? Yes, I can, where? I’m sending you the coordinates now, come ASAP ok, I’m waiting and leaving Pauline, good afternoon, take a seat. We have a video clip for you let’s see and discuss. It happens in Edward’s office. This is his secretary. Is this his secretary? – Yes, Karina. He said that she was scary. Such a sexy, beautiful girl! You can’t call her ugly. Absolutely Don’t worry, maybe he just didn’t want to upset you It’s important to listen to the conversation. She will offer him – have you been to the Bolshoi Theater? maybe tonight? Karina, you do not know that I am married? At least he refused to go to the theater Yes, to the Bolshoi Theater, not every day they go there He refused and reminded her that he was married. Anyway, he already deceived me about her that she is scary It’s good, but I’ll ask you continue while watching him While he does not cause any suspicion. Nothing is getting better with us everything remains the same I have a suspicion that he has someone maybe this is another girl Ok polina don’t worry it’s definitely not Karina here you can be calm he called her ugly – maybe he really thinks so let’s hope We will be in touch. When the news arrives we will call and meet thank you very much goodbye It takes a few days. Object tracking continues At the end of the day, Edward calls up someone. and makes an appointment for the evening at the office talking on the phone is very ambiguous Hello I go with you nickname Kuklusklan for today as you know, you know my priorities in the same place by 8 o’clock I know it costs extra money no problem waiting for well, dog waited me? – yes, I was waiting look what i brought detectives watch as in Edward’s office the girl comes in. She has a whip in her hands it becomes clear what games Edward invited her to his office girl orders Edward to kneel and serve hit me my lady do not touch! you are doing everything wrong! you like it? – Yes you should not be pleased! it must hurt you! have you been bad all day? now you will do that what will i tell you I looked at other dogs howl! ask me beg detectives call Pauline to the office Pauline, good evening, this is Gregory there is news for you can you drive to the same place? i will be right now We are waiting for you Can I be free today? money having finished having fun, Edward is paying with his mistress the girl leaves, the detectives have to tell Pauline the unpleasant news. take a seat good evening show you the video, the news is not very pleasant Let’s see It all happened today, in your husband’s office I will stop the video, everything is clear this girl came on call, understand? this is an escort service What does it change? it’s not some kind of relationship on the side your husband has such a feature as I understand it, you did not know about this? I understand this is unpleasant What do we do? do you want to see him now? – Yes we are not far from his office he is already there, are you ready to see him? then we go with you we will support you then let’s go are you completely fucked up? what is this? what did i see now? take it easy are you asking me – what is it? what happened at all who are these people? what the hell are they doing here? these are detectives take it easy what calm down? are you reassuring me get out of here! Who allowed you to shoot? I saw everything you just did! do you think this is normal? so what did you see? What I’ve done? you cheated on me! with whom did you change? This is a call girl! Do you think this is not treason? – no! This is a game! what game? you yourself are to blame for everything! if you were listening to what I told you how many times I asked you to change – you didn’t want to change! you’re sick, you have a headache – yes, I’m sick you need to be treated go out! you need to be treated – calm down do you want to calm me down I tell you again – it’s just a whore! every man does this sick pervert, I hate you, I don’t want to see you anymore wait i will explain to you I’m calling security Pauline, you need to calm down how could he how do i live now? life does not end, you need to calm down and make a decision you are very young, your whole life is ahead Pauline was able to forgive Edward after 3 months. He promised to make a purchase relationship. It is generally accepted that provoking a man – unlike a woman – is easy for treason. But life suggests something else n order to cheat the way he wants, person himself is ready to go for rather ingenious and creative combinations. No provocation needed! Why are fantasies not realized with a regular partner? That is the question. And while there is no clear answer to it, new investigations await us. See you Chronicles of Treason with Grigory Kulagin

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  1. Друзья, всем Вам большой привет! Благополучия, процветания. Спасибо за интерес к проекту, приятного просмотра! Не забывайте делиться серией в соцсетях, пишите о своих впечатлениях в комментариях.

  2. Плачет точно не натурально)))) спектакль хааааааа

  3. Постановка
    Как она там камера устанавила за 5 секунду можно да

  4. Григорий милый как у тебя дела ты мои коментария читаеш или нет не знаю я ХОлида из Ташкента очень люблю вашу все все передачу почему а Дима нету где он хотелос бы его тоже видео вы супер если есть у тебя удали для меня 1минут и пиши пожалуста ЖДУ

  5. Отличный релиз, Григорий а что за девушка Вам помогает расследовать дела?

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  8. Кулагин сколько расплатиш за рол я тоже играю если нормально платишь

  9. КУЛАГИН КРАСАВА!!!! Всегда на стиле)))) 😉 КаТеПухА тоже бомба почаще её в видео))) Госпожа госпожа это уже не модно) лучшего он золотую выдачу заказал))))) 😉

  10. I think the age gap is not their problem,maybe his wife is not taking good care of him, I guest😉 but anyway thanks for the English sub..

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  12. Suaminya sakit…harusnya istrinya menerima..dan mengobatin…perlu perhatian…istri…tuh..bukanya marah2 dan ngamuk begitu

  13. Мужик,который хочет,чтоб его пи$или))) ха ха ))) ору))) а уй в жопу он не любит случайно?)))

  14. Надоело на одно и то же смотреть мужику…
    Почему только секретаршу не взял, коли сама напрашивалась

  15. сука, ну вы хоть играйте поубедительней, а то совсем как лохи. такие тупые сцены, что аж воротит

  16. смотреть больше не буду. Постановка слишком наглая. Именно на камеру он ей напомнил что он женат. За лохов всех держите)))

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