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Ловим форель на озере Рокки в Колорадо Fishing planet

Ловим форель на озере Рокки в Колорадо Fishing planet

I am glad to welcome you on the channel live fishing Today we came to fish on Rocky Lake, Colorado. We catch trout today. The reservoir is available to us from the eighth level. There are two types of competitions available on the pond. As well as in other reservoirs, there are three different weathers and three different cool graphics. The location is inhabited by 8 species of fish one of them stern is a golden shiner. The best fish for farming and pumping this is red-necked trout, rainbow trout and sometimes comes across rocky, golden trout. In general, the main two fish
it is red-necked trout and rainbow trout. Therefore, we will catch them. The gear we need on this pond: conventional fishing rod – Caesar Flucarbon fishing line 0.23, with a breaking load of 3.6 kg 4kg clutch reel. Friction put on 7 divisions,
get clutch power 3.5 Pot-bellied float – you can buy here
1/0 hook, live bait and bottom. We will be on such a bait
to catch everything – that off the coast. And the simplest spinning rod you can assemble
ValueSpin 260, with a workload of up to 3.5kg Also a 3.5kg reel, again the same flucarbon 0.23, with a breaking load of 3.6. Here I liked to catch on a narrow spinner and medium batter, 7g On these 2 types of spinners – perfectly pecks. At night I tried to catch on a jig head 7g with a hook 2/0 and hung a vibrotail 5 cm there. Trout Fishing Tackle I had one like that. The fattest fish that was here we, as always, look here in the ranking –
fish, choose a reservoir – Rocky Lake. The fattest fish in this pond is
trophy rainbow trout – in the region of 2 kg. There are two fishing spots available on the pond: the first point is trout abundance,
where you can catch on a fishing rod. Throw right in front of you
there will be small water lilies. If spinning, then you can
toss – to the right in stones or from here, to throw here in these thickets,
here the golden trout pecks. From the second point – in fern thickets,
you can throw it right in front of you You can throw it here, here, in these water lilies. You can throw it here on a spinning rod,
into this crevice – here the red-necked pecks, trophy and unique trout. And you can also catch – throw forward, pull out the golden trout. The pond is small, in principle, any of these points
available to us from any location what from here, what from here,
let’s start let’s say – from here. Let’s go fishing We appear here at this place. I’ll open the map of the reservoir – I will show you where it bites. We come here to the shore. We wind time right on the evening peak of the bite. You can catch, here, here, in the stones. You see – the fish jumps out? Here in the stones, then here. You can throw … if for example
come up a little bit higher from here to these stones. You can throw it here. You can throw it here
catching golden trout. Pass by these bushes. You can even get there if necessary. We will catch using the “step” wiring known to us from the past reservoir where we caught zander. If you do not know how to do the wiring “step”
can watch the corresponding video there are described all types of postings. Let’s start with the young one. There at these rocks – pecks golden. On a narrow spoon, I liked it more
as pecks – red-necked and rocky gold. On the average spinner 7 g. And vibrotail still better pecks – rainbow trout. We’ll shoot one more time – in pebbles. And now we’ll try to throw 7g on the middle spinner Now let’s go halfway to another place. I will show you from another point – a place for fishing. Here is a good place – where is the marker,
here right by the bushes. This is on a fishing rod. Here we don’t need a throw from behind,
we throw right from the hand. The store generally sells several
types of lures, such as a fly, artificial caviar or crickets. Trout pecks well at all. Pot-bellied float – will be too big
I will put a sports float which will be just perfectly balanced with this bait. Float tackle only works the way doesn’t give us spinning,
even once dragged, calmly. And a good trout pecks on artificial caviar. Now check on the narrow –
will she peck or not. Narrow – works. Trout is not just pecking here trout here also pecks on a spinner. I have a 4 gram spinner with 1/0 hook Here, in principle, sold in a pond
and ultra light spinning to use these turntables,
with such small weights. can collect it
fishing for such ultralight lures. As you can see, they attack right away. Trout peck here very actively. Boredom does not. Night has come, which means
it’s time to get the vibrotail. In today’s weather, night biting begins: best bite from 3 to 5 I won’t catch all night
you can start fishing from 1. I rewind time right up to 3 I want to cut off the young rainbow trout
so that she no longer bites me. I’ll put it all the same … even here is a jig head of 9 g.
with a hook 2/0 and I will fasten the vibrotail 7 cm. I want to catch trophy
rainbow trout. Morning came, which means
our fishing is coming to an end. I showed places where to catch trout on this lake. Now I think you will not have such problems. It will be easy for you to carry
all kinds of trophy trout. Look here only more carefully These fish, they dangerously jump out of the water. When they jump out, the fishing line loosens
and they can break. A few pieces left me today due to weakening fishing line. If you liked the video don’t forget to like and subscribe to the channel in order not to miss our next videos where we will catch bass on the river Neyerrin On this I say goodbye to you! Good luck to all! Until!

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  1. Замечательные ролики, просто отменные. Все подробно, толково, по делу. Спасибо огромное за проделанную работу! Очень познавательно и полезно. Жду новых роликов!

  2. Доброго времени суток, подскажите в одном вопросе. Форель бывает уносит мою наживку и прилично протаскивает, в этот момент я не знаю что делать. На показателях видно что есть поклёвка. Какие должны быть действия в таком случае, у меня часто она уходит. Спасибо. Жду ответ.

  3. Какая примерно должна быть глубина при ловле на поплавок на этом озере?

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