35th Wffc Bih 2015

World Fly Fishing Championship 2019

Река Тибр #3 – уникальный голавль Fishing planet

Hello everyone dear friends!
I am glad to welcome you on the channel Live Fishing In the last video: You must help us, fisherman.
yesterday night came a monster attacked our river,
gobbled up eggs, under maybe shit You must set us free
and get all the clues. Hint from the last video,
there was a letter G hanging on a tree which we passed by. And I thought – that we need to catch a chub. This is where we are going now. Unique chub
We’ll catch in such weather. At night, the peak of the bite, at the location “Western Tiber” At our beloved bush. It’s not necessary to catch a unique chub at night,
he pecks in the morning and evening at the peak of biting, for different types of lures. For those who need tags –
the coordinates are now in front of you on the screen. Using
light surface lures better use ultralight spinning and baits like popper or walker. When fishing for Crank – you need to consider – that no no,
yes it can peck – trophy asp. So it’s better to take spinning even more
than my JigWinner at 6, take 8 kg. When catching on kren –
combine business with pleasure. Trying to catch a unique chub,
and at the same time we farm on the asp. Thank you fisherman for saving me!
I will give you a mandate now – Come to where amid the fields
flows into the Tiber River stream. There is an oak on the left, and a spruce on the right
go my friend, save ….. But for saving me –
I give the letter P now. Write the answer to the riddle in the comments. Who do we need to catch in the next video? On this I say goodbye to you!
Good luck to all! Till!

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