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【歯列矯正】歯列矯正クリニックの選び方 How to Choose an Orthodontic Clinic

It’s hard to speak because I have a new device in my mouth. Normally, the orthodontic device is supported by metal from the outside. There are other devices that apply force from inside to outside. Called a quad helix. I just wore that device I’m not used to the tongue yet. After a few days, I will become accustomed to the movement of the tongue, so I can speak well. Now it’s hard to say, like this. It’s hard to say “Ra Ri Ru Re Ro”. At present, it is said that there are more dentists in Japan than the number of convenience stores. Among them, you should choose the place labeled “Orthodontics”. Some dentists General dentistry, Orthodontics, Pediatric dentistry, Oral surgery, There are dentists who advocate various medical subjects. Among them, “Orthodontics” “Dentist for orthodontic correction” Choose a dentist who advocates. Let’s look for a place that is easy to reach from your living area. Let’s google to the “orthodontic” space “place”. Pick up some dentist. Any dentist can advocate “orthodontics”. Even if they are not a specialist, Please be aware that there may be facilities on the signboard to attract customers Please be aware. in the medical industry, not limited to dentists, Certifying physician, Specialist, instructor, There is ranking by experience, knowledge, and technology. Please know that there is a hierarchy. From the picked up clinics Please check the director’s profile page. Make sure that the director belongs to the Japan Orthodontic Society -your country- Then check that the doctor is a “certified physician” at the Orthodontic Society. After becoming a certified physician, As we accumulate various trainings, experiences and achievements they can become a “specialist”. Make sure that the “Specialist” is listed on their profile page. The next step for specialists The doctor can aim to be a “instructor,”. A doctor in the position of teaching. If they have a “instructor” on their profile page, you can still feel safe. Because doctors have different ways of thinking about careers People who do not have the titles “instructor” and “specialist” are not inferior. However, when amateurs like us do orthodontics, Isn’t it an effective criterion to avoid being misled by advertisements? “specialize in orthodontics” check at the director’s profile “The doctor belong to the Japan Orthodontic Society” “The doctor is a certified physician” “The doctor is a specialist” “The doctor is a instructor” If they cover all of them, you can be judged as a dentist who can feel safe. I hope you will be able to meet great doctors. Thank you very much.

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