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【Eng Sub】金枪鱼薯饼Tuna potato cake【田园时光美食 2018 107】

【Eng Sub】金枪鱼薯饼Tuna potato cake【田园时光美食 2018 107】

Tuna potato cake Boil the potatoes for 15 minutes on medium heat then turn off the heat and cover Let set for 30 minutes until the potatoes are fully cooked Canned tuna Drain out the water from the cans and leave the tuna flakes behind coriander Shredded cheese (mixed) An egg Add seasoning, paprika, salt and black pepper Bread crumbs Pan frying on medium to low heat

27 thoughts on “【Eng Sub】金枪鱼薯饼Tuna potato cake【田园时光美食 2018 107】

  1. This is a recipe that even I can do. It is easy and looks so delicious. It is healthy also. I love your videos! They encourage me to try more recipes. Thank you for sharing.

  2. 田园老师分享一个小经验:可以把这个做成长圆形后用保鲜膜包好,放进冰箱冷冻起来,想吃的时候拿出来切成一段段的去煎,非常方便

  3. 我最近使用微波炉加工马铃薯,将马铃薯去皮切块用微波炉加热至熟。特别是做色拉时马铃薯块的形状可以保持的很好。

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