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🌈Whipped Soap Foaming Sugar Scrub w/FREE RECIPE

🌈Whipped Soap Foaming Sugar Scrub w/FREE RECIPE

welcome to soaping 101 today we are
making foaming sugar scrub all the benefits of a cleanser with sugar for a
bit of exfoliation. we begin by whipping our soaping 101 whip soap base in our
stand mixer. if you prefer you can definitely do this with a hand mixer and
the results will be just the same. we will mix until it doubles in size and
form small peaks. be sure to scrape down the sides of your bowl occasionally. for an extra moisturizing agent I’m
adding MCT oil. it is highly absorbent, non greasy and odorless. very similar to
fractionated coconut oil but you can add any carrier oil you would like. my
fragrance oil has also been included in this measuring cup. once your mix becomes lighter and
fluffier and appearance it is time to add the sugar. I’m using pure cane sugar
but feel free to swap out for your favorite. in goes our preservative well our scrub is settling we can
prepare our colors I’m pre mixing micas with a tad of vegetable glycerin. it will
help the color disperse more readily into the mix and the small amount of
glycerin will also serve as humectant in our foaming sugar scrub. I have divided my mixture into six equalish containers and will hand mix in all the colors. but I’m sure you’ll do this
on a much larger scale and in bigger bowls the KitchenAid makes easy work of
this task. if you want to know what we’re up to
next and see sneak peeks of upcoming videos be sure to follow soaping101 on
Instagram. off-camera I add our mix to piping
bags to make it easier to fill the jar. because this is a thick mixture you may
need to smooth it down in between each layer. the links to all the supplies I used as
well as the complete recipe is listed blow. well that’s it for this week thanks so
much for watching and I’ll see you all next time!

16 thoughts on “🌈Whipped Soap Foaming Sugar Scrub w/FREE RECIPE

  1. I love this product! Thanks so much. I am going to make a similar scrub. I must try to find Germall Plus or a European equivalent.

  2. Thank you for sharing your videos and recipes! I really appreciate it. Question I have; Does the sugar stay crystallized for a good period of time without dissolving? When i added sugar to M&P soap, it does not stay crystallized.

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