35th Wffc Bih 2015

World Fly Fishing Championship 2019

$100,000 Koi Fish Unboxing! Over 50 Boxes of Koi! Beautiful Big Koi.

$100,000 Koi Fish Unboxing! Over 50 Boxes of Koi! Beautiful Big Koi.

100 thoughts on “$100,000 Koi Fish Unboxing! Over 50 Boxes of Koi! Beautiful Big Koi.

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  2. The fish is probably cholestrophobic after being in a tight box for who knows how long, I can't imagine even being in a tight box like that for a minute! Anyways, great video!

  3. New to watching these buying and transporting videos of kOI. I am curious to know is there any loss off KOI in the shipping process?

  4. Wow! I am an avid enthusiast of koi but I am still always fascinated by your videos! Keep up the good work and I would love if you could give me a shoutout and tips on how to start my own Koi Channel!
    -much love
    Ben Hughes

  5. I thought you're not supposed to touch fish because you remove their slimy protection and shouldn't you be putting them into the pond gently?

  6. My flowerhorn cichlid lives with a few goldfish usually they get along just fine, even though he could swallow them whole.

  7. Nice! I am new to Kio. At about 16:40 the gentleman sprayed something from a mister bottle into the blue tub before he transferred the fish to the large tank. What was that and why? Thank you.

  8. I don't get it ! How can koi cause inner peace? Just by me watching videos of koi I feel better n less stress. I NEED KOI FISH!

  9. So ok I have a couple questions just out of curiosity. There a couple things that I thought were no no’s in respect to unboxing fish that I saw happen here.

    1) Fish allowed to sit in their shipping water in open air, which undergoes a massive pH change quickly due to ammonia.

    2) it looked like he added the shipped water to his pond when he added that last group. Thought that was a major no no

    Now I’m not saying anything negative here just curious as to the reasoning he did the things he did.

  10. so why not fly over them 1 year olds, and feed them for a year so they sell for more?, why keep them in japan a year longer, for one of those big 2 year olds, u can fly 3 smaller once for same price,

  11. thank you . you re the best video maker…
    i want to ask you some thing, i show koi fish on the bucket spray something, do you know what is that spray?

  12. I love Koi…but I have no room or money for them…so I'll get myself a koi betta and put it in a nice 10 gallon and still be happy

  13. 鯉結構高いんだな

  14. I hate the idea of shipping fishes in box you guys are cruel for that

    Not to sound mean but why at the starting you look so much like you profile picture

  15. LOL, except for the size, most of them look like the koi you get from Petco. Just plopping them into the pond, no quarantine, crazy.

  16. Risky way of handling the packs. I wouldn't take them out of the box until I'm right next to my a bucket/tanks.

  17. When the rich spends 100k on a fish. But pay 20k for a mans( labor although he made atleast 100k of his back.😂

  18. Guys, new to koi…. isn't this traumatic for the animal, I mean the transport from JP to US in a sealed box?

  19. These are all generic koi types, the most common. Why bother importing them from Japan when you can get these anywhere and why so many of the same variations? The world of koi is VAST, there's dozens of different varieties that could have been selected. As a koi collector and enthusiast, I'm not impressed

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