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2017 NWT Lake Sakakawea, Garrison, ND

– [Announcer] Lake
Sakakawea, stop number two in the 2017 season of the
Cabela’s National Walleye Tour. The fishing has been tough. Anglers are predicting
low weights and long runs of up to 140 miles, one way. The weather,
specifically the wind, could play a big
factor here on day two. There’s more than $300,000
on the line, this week. The action starts right now, on the Cabela’s
National Walleye Tour. (water hissing) – It is day number
one, Lake Sakakawea, Garrison, North Dakota, for stop number two on the
Cabela’s National Walleye Tour. I’m Chip Leer, and it is gonna
be a great two days, here. What’s interesting about this
event is just how much water these anglers have
to choose from. This body of water
is 178 miles long. There’s over 300,000 acres
that these anglers can fish. The shoreline
alone, which is key, because the fish
have moved up shallow in this cool, cool water,
is over 1300 miles long. That’s longer than the
coast of California. These anglers are making
long runs to fish. Rumor has it the north end,
the far side of the lake, over 150 miles away, is
holding the most active fish, with the warmest water. So these anglers
are making that run. Who can manage their time,
gas, and catch the right fish? Let’s find out, and get
out there with the boys. – [Announcer] Making the run
is a bit like rolling the dice. There’s limited fuel
on the other end. And if the wind kicks up, there’s no guarantee
you’ll make it back. Then there’s the fish. They’re catching them, but
it hasn’t been consistent. – You know, pre-fishin’s
been really, really tough. It’s early in the year. The fish are migrating
way to the west, that’s where they do
a lot of their spawn, and they work their way back. So, for example, on the
west end of the reservoir, we have about 50
to 60 degree water, and over here on the east end
it’s like 40 to 45 degrees. So it’s a big change
in water temp. We’re gonna be
making some long runs and that’s where the fish are. That’s just what we have to do. – I know what this
fishery can produce, and there is some
monster fishing here. Probably, there was a
week before NWT came, Game and Fish netted
a 16 pound walleye, just over here on the east end. Not too far away from the launch that we’ll be
going out tomorrow. So there’s some giants out here, and if you can get
on the right fish and get ’em quick. It’d be nice to be close, but
you can get a big bag of fish. – [Announcer] After 110
miles, Jacob and his co-angler will ease their
way into position, and join the crowd
already in place. Most of the big
names are up here, including Korey Sprengel, Mark
Courts, and Jason Przekurat, the 2016 NWT defending champion. – Well, the run up
here was good today. We had perfect conditions. Was able to go 50 miles
an hour the whole way. Got just the right wind here. We got a southeast wind
blowin’ into the bank. And this bank, in particular, is just kind of a sandy,
gravely bank that, this is way up in the
west end of the reservoir. I think a lot of the
spawning occurs right here. A lot of both the smelt
spawn and the walleye spawn. And that’s why we’re
pickin’ off these fish. But nothin’ fancy, we’re
just using jigs and minnows in five to seven feet of water. There’s a few little
small rock piles mixed in along this bank, but don’t
have a lot of time to fish. It’s crazy. But we do have two in
the first 25 minutes, so that’s a good start. – [Announcer] Fishing
in the same crowd, we’ll check back with
local pro, Jacob Ell, and his co-angler, Whitefish,
Montana’s Jerry Baracher. They’re bouncing crawlers
– Fish. – Along the bottom
in shallow water. – [Jerry] Fish on. – Nice work, Jerry! – [Jerry] Good fish, good fish. – Hey. – [Jerry] Alright, alright. – [Jacob] That fish
was in about six and a half foot of water. There’s another one
on the screen there. They just slide up
and down this bank. We’re fishing shallow water
and not knowing exactly how many people
may show up here. But it’s just shallow water, you may have too
much pressure on ’em. So the quicker you
can get these fish, more than likely the
better off we’re gonna be. Hit ’em as hard as we can, here. – [Announcer] Stay with us. There’s more tournament
coverage from Lake Sakakawea comin’ up on the Cabela’s
National Walleye Tour. For tournament schedules
and information, visit nationalwalleyetour.com. (lively music) – [Announcer] The Cabela’s
National Walleye Tour is brought to you
in part by Cabela’s, it’s in your nature. By Ranger Boats, still building
legends, one at a time. Lucas Oil, it works. Welcome back to stop number two in the 2017 season of the
Cabela’s National Walleye Tour. We launched early this morning
from Garrison, North Dakota, nearly 100 klicks
east, and for many, there’s still miles to go. This is Mike Defibaugh, he won the first
event of the season. And to his credit, donated the
cash portion of his winnings to a very special group of kids. – Me and my wife talked. We’ve been saving for
about three years now to get enough money so
we can afford to fish the whole tour this year. And she give me the thumbs up
that we’d had the money saved, so we made a commitment
that I donate all our winnings this year,
all our cash winnings, to the Make a Wish in
Columbus, Ohio, there. And we donated a $15,000 check from the first
tournament to ’em, and we’re hoping to cash
another check right here to give ’em some more. – [Chip] That’s fantastic. Tell me your shout outs
again that you did. – Ah, I’d like to
say hi to Victoria. I got to meet her at
a Gala at Make a Wish down in Columbus, Ohio. Young lady, 17 years
old, has had more, had more challenges thrown
her way than anybody should. She’s just so happy
and full of life that it’s tough to talk about. But she came up
and give me a hug, talked to me about fishin’
for probably 15, 20 minutes. It was definitely a
humbling experience to be able to do somethin’
to help kids out like that. I feel privileged
to be able to do it. – [Announcer] Back on the water, Mike got right back into
the swing of things. Sacking up five with his
co-angler, Ryan Schultz. – [Mike] Feels good. It’s a walleye. – [Announcer] Due
to time constraints, we’re giving you abbreviated
coverage of all our anglers. For an extended
look, head on over to the NWT Facebook page.
– Good job. That’s one we wanted. Alright, take him
all the way back. – [Announcer] Back in Garrison
for the day one weigh in. – As he won this most recent
event here on Lake Eerie, in Huron, Ohio. How you doin’? Mike Defibaugh, along with
Ryan Schultz, his co-angler. You guys got five
fish in the bag today. They are gonna set a mark and
they’re gonna set it early. Locks in at 13.22. – [Announcer] Mike and Ryan
weighted 13.22 for 59th place. Earning him a little
love from the family. Jacob Ell and Jerry Baracher
fared slightly better, putting five on the scales
for 15.78, and 33rd place. Jason Przekurat’s
long run paid off. He and his co-angler weighed
five for 16.41, and 24th place. Moving on to the
day one leaders. Minot, North Dakota’s
Jason Votava, along with co-angler
William Gaines, brought in a limit for
22.52, pushing them into 2nd. – There was a, I
had a tough day. Obviously it turned
out good for us. I mean, we caught five
fish, that was it though. We fought for five
bites, we got five bites. Five more than I thought I was
gonna get going into the day. I’ve had a tough bite
all week, pre-fishin’. The nice weather today
obviously helped a lot. Little bit of stable weather,
the water warming up, definitely helped me, and then
we got a couple big bites. We had a couple fish over 20, right at 28 inches or
better, I’m guessin’. That’s always a bonus. – We got five fish there. – [Announcer] This
is Fort Peirce, South Dakota’s Duane Hjelm,
and his co-angler Dennis Leuer. – Looks like a nice five, Duane. Yeah, it’s a really nice five. Now remember, 22
pounds is winning. It’s somewhere in
that ball game, right? 22.52, so that means
if you weight 23.51, this is our new winning duo. Duane, you are leading the
Cabela’s National Walleye Tour, day number one,
Garrison, South Dakota. – [Announcer] With Duane on top, here’s a look at the rest
of the Cabela’s leaderboard at the end of day one. For the complete
list of standings, please visit
nationalwalleyetour.com. Coming up, we’ll get
back on the water for the second and final day
from Garrison, North Dakota, and Lake Sakakawea. Right here, on the Cabela’s
National Walleye Tour. (lively music) (lively music) The Cabela’s National
Walleye Tour, is brought to you in
part by Ram Trucks, guts, glory, Ram. Evinrude, proven power,
proven reliability. And by Artic Ice, we
put the cool in coolers. (dramatic music) – [Chip] It is day two of the Cabela’s
National Walleye Tour on Lake Sakakawea, in
Garrison, North Dakota. And we are off to a
great start yesterday, with 100 of the 112 boats
bringing in a limit of fish. Exciting day, with long runs. Now today, it’s gonna be
a completely different day for these anglers. And how are they setting
up, these anglers? Six of the top ten are from
the Dakotas, themselves. They know these waters
and they know the wind. And with gusts predicted at
close to 30 miles an hour by early afternoon,
it is gonna take some of that local knowledge
to knock it off. There are 5.73 pounds
separating the top 10. In this area, where the DNR
has recently netted fish over 16 pounds, that
means it’s anybody’s game. What’s interesting,
is the next 56 spots are separated by
only five pounds. It’s gonna be anybody’s game, and day number two is
gonna be one to remember, here at Lake Sakakawea. – [Announcer] Getting
back on the water for the second day of
tournament coverage, we’re once again making
the 110 mile run west. (motor purring) Today, we’re with tournament
leader Duane Hjelm. After stacking up 23 and
a half pounds on day one, Duane is back in position
and off to a fast start. Pulling crankbaits with
co-angler Brett Senechal. They’ve quickly put
two fish in the box. – How’s that to start? (laughing) – [Chip] I guess, is
this how you expected it to go this morning? – [Brett] Well, you come over
here with hopes and dreams, and so far it’s paying off, what we decided to
do this morning. – [Duane] It’s pretty
awesome when you can start the morning off with a
31-incher, like in the first, that’s two minutes of getting
the lines in the water. – [Brett] That’s the
best possible start we coulda had for sure. – What I’m trying to do, is I’m trying to cover as
much water as I possibly can, as fast as I can. You know, there’s a lot of
live baiting going on out here, and obviously it’s workin’. Everybody’s catchin’ fish. Everbody’s catchin’ good fish. This seems like they
want a crankbait, to get maybe a reaction strike. We’re runnin’ Berkley
Flicker Shad, number sevens, and Berley Flicker
Minnows, number sevens. We’re runnin’ two
by four, two mono. Pretty simple setup. And very effective
to keep them baits in that eight to ten foot zone. There’s kind of a old,
two old shore lines, and that’s right where
the fish are layin’. That’s what we’re targeting. – There’s one. – Yep, that’s right on
the free tide out there. It’s a good fish. – [Brett] Fin. All in, it’s just slow. – [Announcer] And that
is fish number three. – I don’t think he’s
gonna help us too much. – [Announcer] Again,
due to time constraints, we’re only showing you a
portion of Duane’s morning. For more coverage of Duane, or
any of our featured anglers, please check out the National
Walleye Tour Facebook page. Moving on, we’ll
check in with Minot, North Dakota’s Jason Votava. Jason started the
morning in second. He’s fishing the
eastern side of the lake with co-angler Kent Kolich. – Come on, fish. (faint talking) I had to find him close. Yeah, like I said, I probably
got the smallest boat in the tournament. For sure, I don’t
have the speed. So, I new I was gonna have to
stay, be close to the takeoff. This is my home waters. I’ve had a place here, my
folks have, since I was little. And I grew up fishing, from here all the way
down the east end. So this is home to me, and I don’t know if
that’s good or bad. Sometimes memories can hurt ya, sometimes they can help you. Well one thing about Sakakawea, everything holds pretty true, year after year. I’m in the same places I’ve
fished, the same time of year. It all depends on water
temp and water color. It’s a walleye, I think. Nope, maybe it’s a bass. We’ll see. Yeah, big one. – [Kent] Good job! – [Jason] Thank you. – [Announcer] And Jason
and Kent are on the board. Stay with us, we
got a lot of money and the championship
title on the line. We’re gonna give it all away. It’s the final weigh in, coming up from
Garrison, North Dakota. Right here on the Cabela’s
National Walleye Tour. (lively music) (lively music) The Cabela’s
National Walleye Tour is brought to you in part by
Mercury Marine, go boldly. Power-Pole, swift,
silent, secure. Triton Boats, we
take America fishing. Welcome back to Garrison, North
Dakota, and Lake Sakakawea. Where the skills and limits of some of the best walleye
anglers in the country have been tested with
high winds and long runs. – We worked our tails
off all week long and pretty much came
up with a pattern. We gotta go get some weight,
and then try to upgrade. We can play with three, so everyday that’s
exactly what I did. I filled up the box with
a little bit of weight, and then I tried
gettin’ a big one. Fortunately enough, I’ve got probably a
five, six pounder today, and I had one seven and a
half something yesterday. So hopefully it’s good
enough for a check. – Well, you know, it’s slow
for us, but we got five. I was tryin’ to get my co-angler
up where he needed to be. I had 14 pounds yesterday,
but we did come in with five. Had a great day on the water. Had to stop and put
a little gas in, ’cause we made a little
bit of a run today. But super day, good co-angler. – You know, the right
fish bit today, is all. I didn’t change up a darn thing. And that’s just how it goes. You know you’re
on the right fish and you sit there and
you stick ’em out. But you gotta have
the right bites, and today it just
panned out a little bit. – These boys know how
to put fish in the boat. Both of them,
individually on their own. How you doin’ guys? Good to have you here. Mr. Bjorkman, that looks
like a pretty nice sack to go with your 14.16 yesterday. You had over 22 pounds
yesterday, William, so this is a big bag for you. ‘Cause you got a shot to
get all the way back up into the leader’s side,
on the co-angler’s side. The weight, 19.24 pounds. Great job! 41.76, William,
gets you not in 3rd, 2nd, on the co-angler’s side. You’re right there man. – Hey, fantastic. Yeah, I don’t know what to say. – [Announcer] William
Gaines held on to second in the co-angler standings,
picking up $3500 for his work. Nice job! Moving on to the top
of the leaderboard, hall-of-famer Ted Takasaki
rounds out the top five, with a two day total of 39.28. Brian Bashore added
22.45 on day two, for a total weight of
39.91, and 4th place. Bizmarck, North
Dakota’s Gene Merk finished out the week
in 3rd, with 39.92. – I watch these
guys all the time. I got friends that fish
that tour every year. They’ve been fishing PWT, NWT, and I know what it takes
to win one of those. It takes a lot of luck
and a lot of skill. Well, I sure used up
a lot of luck today. – [Announcer] Jason Votava
started the day one pound behind the leader. He went out and swung for the
fence, but it wasn’t enough. Jason will finish
the week in 2nd, earning him nearly
$20,000 dollars. – I was fightin’
for one more fish. I kept sayin’, should we head
back or should we go for it. And he goes, well you can
either go for a good check or go for the win, right? We tried, just couldn’t
get that upgrade. I mean, we had five
bites again today, and fought for every one of ’em. – Everybody is chasing
our next boat up. He is from Fort
Pierce, South Dakota. Put it together, he
weighed 23.51 yesterday. Talkin’ about Duane
Hjelm, along with Brett, his co-angler here. And it looks like they
got a huge basket of fish. This might be almost
as big as yesterday. They have a very nice bag. 21.90. Duane reclaims the lead
and the 1st place here. Awesome job. – The 32 incher set the
presence this morning. If we wouldn’t have had them
fish in the box at 10:30, when we went to go get fuel, or if we would have waited
’til noon or, you know. You don’t even know if
you’re gonna get them bites. We basically had them
fish in a pass and a half. I guess when it’s meant
to be, it’s meant to be. When it’s your time,
it’s your time. Fishing against all these guys, just seein’ ’em in person is
something I’ll never forget. – Ladies and gentlemen, he is taking home not
only 1st place rights. Get around here and hold
it up with me, Anthony. He’s gettin’ a check right here, that includes a Ranger
Boat and cash for $86,555. That’s your boat
certificate, hold on to it. – [Announcer] And that does it. Congratulations to Duane
Hjelm, for his first NWT win. Here’s a look at the
rest of the top ten on the Cabela’s leaderboard. On the co-angler side, Steve Kuchenberg is your
2017 Lake Sakakawea champion. And he’ll cash a
check for $6,000. – Yeah, both pros I ran with,
both Chris Johnson yesterday, and Karl Wenckerbach
today, great fishermen. They knew where the fish were, and we made a great team
of just gettin’ it done and working together. It was an awesome,
awesome experience. – [Announcer] Moving
on to the Lucas Oil Angler of the Year standings. Mike Gofron has a
slight lead over some of the best in the business. We’ve got one more
event in the season before the championship. And it’s shaping up to
be another tight race. A big thanks to the Garrison
Convention and Visitors Bureau. If you’re headed to the region, look ’em up, at garrisonnd.com. – Steve and Duane, those are your 2017 Lake
Sakakawea champions. – [Announcer] For
more information on the richest professional
walleye tour in the nation, look us up at
nationalwalleyetour.com. The NWT is a joint effort between Outdoor Team
Works and CarecoTV. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you next week.

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