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3 Day Mothership aboard the Bounty Hunter. Part 1 of 2.

3 Day Mothership aboard the Bounty Hunter.  Part 1 of 2.

hi youtubers thanks for watching
the adventure begins I’m currently at ti point ready to board the Bounty
Hunter the vessel that is owned in skippered by the legendary Aaron Covacich the Bounty Hunter was formerly an
Australian crayfish boat the 44 foot boat has ample seating and sleeping
facilities for kayak fishing enthusiasts this is my first trip to Great Barrier
Island and I’m amped and ready to go we’re leaving ti point and we’re headed towards the Barrier. It’s about a three-hour three-hour trip the windows dropped a little
which would hopefully make our journey to barrier a lot
smoother Everyone’s keen and excited to go. Ready to do it. but what lies ahead is great to meet
everyone and be a very good little experience and hopefully catch some very
good fish As we prepared to leave the harbor we head tothe plentiful fishing grounds of Great Barrier island. and here we are
we survived by the time we arrived we have prepared and ready to go it’s a
very intimate Bay this is where we’re gonna catch the big fish place to be
much the rounds we’re here we’re here for business – this Scotties fish want
to go already do sufficient I wasn’t heavy much like fishing in the
Shelly’s and I lost a couple of soft weights and the foul but the breaths
taking these amazing water clarity was a sight to behold okay push on okay all right
it’s good 40s once a fountain area that was holding
fish I made another drift number listen sir we’re good to take
take em a good face someone there to meet us a state track a little bit does that size fish getting our kayaks all loaded up and
ready for tomorrow morning another full day tomorrow the day’s catch nineteen
target areas leading with the biggest snapper and they’re in our little
competition compliments to the chef Aaron is not only one hell of a skipper
but he also cooks great feed hi everyone’s pretty pretty laid-back and
chill everyone’s pretty keen to help each
other all the money TV show her mother by the
way you fish today there’s big bloody donkeys did you caught well we’re the
other TV show you

4 thoughts on “3 Day Mothership aboard the Bounty Hunter. Part 1 of 2.

  1. Choice vid bro
    Looks like an awesome boat
    And the location is amazing !! You got some solid snapper there
    Look forward to the rest

  2. Cool man … those Snapper over the Barrier are very dark in color …. Nice edit mate , but speak a bit louder on the yak if you got ceiled cases on go pro !! OR PUT YOUR SOUND UP in post edit will do the trick

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