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3B Outdoors TV – Smallmouth Bass Fishing South Fork Holston River

3B Outdoors TV – Smallmouth Bass Fishing South Fork Holston River

3BO S12 E04 (NATHAN) We’re here on the Selfie Trail presented by visitkingsport.com and as you can see the south fork of the Holston River actually runs behind me and you know why we’re here. Barry Loupe and I, we put that jet boat in. We bang it off the rocks, run through the shoals, and just have a blast chasing those big, mean, smallmouth. Today is pre-spring, it’s no different. There’s a little bit of a twist to it, we pull out a few baits of a different color, maybe something that you’re not accustom to using but man we catch them good. I’m Nathan Light, thanks so much for tuning in to 3B Outdoors. (MUSIC) (GUN SHOT) (FREDDIE) LAUGHING (FREDDIE) FOR REAL. (SILENCE) (MUSIC) (NATHAN) THIS ONE RIGHT HERE
FAST. (LIONEL making train sound.) (NATHAN) BOOM! THAT JUST
BY VISIT KINGSPORT TENNESSEE. (MUSIC) ♪ ♪ ♪ (OUTDOOR SOUNDS) (NATHAN) Nothing like making a long run is it? (BARRY) (Laughter) (NATHAN) If I remember correctly last year in here, you started it out by putting a hurting on me right through here. (BARRY) Yeah, two big ones in the boat real quick. The inside bend and the wood and mud they don’t get there, yeah, they do. (NATHAN) You’re going to have to show me again. (BARRY) Well we’ll see. We’ll give it shot. (NATHAN) All righty. Here we go. (BARRY) All right we got him. (Outside Sounds) (BARRY) It takes a real man to fish pink. (NATHAN) I’m telling you. There you go. I’m telling you he liked it too. Ole’ pinky. I don’t wear pink underwear but I’m telling you I’ll throw a pink spinner bait any day. That’s a good little start. He tagged it man. They liking ole’ pinky. They liking ole’ pinky. They’ll grow up in a little bit maybe. Good one. He’s somebody’s son. His momma’s proud of him. There we go. I like this. (Outside Sounds) (NATHAN) We’re making a little move here, made the first stop caught a couple of small ones. Barry’s got us on the prowl for some more. (Outside sounds) (NATHAN) Big hogs right around the corner, ain’t they Bar? (BARRY) Just right around the corner. (NATHAN) Right around the corner. (BARRY) Yeah, and I know where they are, and we’ll get them. Yeah, I know where they are. (NATHAN) What happened to you there, Barry? (BARRY) Got bit. (NATHAN) Did you get bit, right at the boat too, wasn’t it? (BARRY) He sure struck me. (NATHAN) Oh that’s a chunker. (BARRY) A good one. It’s a good start. That’s a good one. It’s a good start. A pretty spawner. (NATHAN) Pretty little fish. (BARRY) Get to show that crawfish in his mouth. A little ole’ tiny crawfish. That shows you even in this mud they’re eating. Probably about a three inch crawfish in there. (NATHAN) It’s crazy. (BARRY) Yeah. (NATHAN) Good job man. (BARRY) He got a big one. (NATHAN) There we go. (BARRY) Three quarter ounce chatter bait. Thank you, Lord. (NATHAN) He wanted it, didn’t he? Now we’re talking. (BARRY) Got annihilated. (NATHAN) Right there at the boat. (BARRY) Well of course we weren’t ten foot from that. (laughter) (NATHAN) He tried to take advantage of you, didn’t he? (BARRY) He tried to take advantage of me. (NATHAN) Good job man. Good job. (BARRY) Thank you, thank you very much. (Outdoor Sounds) (NATHAN) Swim baits almost as big as he is. But he liked it. They’ll grow up and get a big one. Ole mission fish, oldie but a goodie, kind of like me. (BARRY) It’s been real tough, we almost, if there’s such a thing, almost had too much water. It’s been hard to find calm water. Eddie pockets, because there’s so much flow so we found a bigger Eddie popped in here and see if we can pick up a few. They got to be laying here. They don’t have many places to go. I had one hit it hard, nothing there. Then I felt him wah-wah just a little bit on the next cast then nothing there. I don’t know they’re just in a funky mood. But we’ll stay after them. Eventually something will happen. This is a classic place though, the biggest back water Eddie we’ve seen all day. (ANNOUNCER) THIS PORTION OF
3B OUTDOORS IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY THESE FINE COMPANIES. (MUSIC) (COMMERCIALS) Don’t worry about it, he’s little. First cast. (NATHAN) Crank bait? (BARRY) Yeah. (NATHAN) It might be the start of something good. (BARRY) Well we’re just trying to find some places that’s out of the current. First cast in there, so maybe there’s some big ones. This is real still. Not just a bridge, there’s a ledge there. They’re fat though, look here they’re eatin’ heavy. Got crawfish coming out their you know whats… (Outdoor Sounds) (NATHAN) What you got Bar? Oh, that’s a good one. Oh yeah. That’s ole’ tubby right there. (Outside Sounds) (BARRY) That’s a good one. I had a big one on right there a minute ago. I don’t know how they’re coming off so easy but maybe they’ll get. Good, fat, look how good fat the bellies they got. A good fish, fat, getting ready to spawn full of crawfish. Thank you, Lord. (NATHAN) Oh yeah, good job Barry. (BARRY) I had a monster right before that. (NATHAN) Did you? (BARRY) Yes sir, he was going out in the current. He just come off. I don’t see how they just come off. (NATHAN) Found a little pile of them, haven’t you? (BARRY) Yeah, found a little pile of them. They’re all fat too. I’ve not been doing too good on odds wise. It’s about, had nine fish on them, I’ve caught four so, thank you, Lord. I found a little pocket of them. (NATHAN) I’m going to get my crank bait out. I ain’t going to let you do me like you done last time. (BARRY) You still got the one, you stole from me last time. (NATHAN) I’m going to throw it. (BARRY) Another one. (NATHAN) Is that a big one? (BARRY) Yeah. I can’t tell. That ain’t no big one. I found him, he came off. (NATHAN) Oh no. (BARRY) You tell me now why that’s happening? (NATHAN) Oh, come on boy. Banged that wood over there at that spinner bait. After it bounced off, he had to have it. Gah, that’s a good one now. Fat, mean, I like that. Yeah baby, pink. Pink is in. (Outside sounds) (NATHAN) That’s a big one, look at him surge on that rock. He may not be big, but he feels big in that current. (BARRY) We’ve got to do what we’ve got to do when there’s just two of us. (NATHAN) Can you see him? I can see my spinner bait there. (BARRY) I seen him down there I thought so. I saw something. Try that net and get him? (NATHAN) I don’t know. There he is. Oh, look at him. He was a giant. Oh, he’s a killer. (BARRY) He was hung up in that. (NATHAN) If he’d got off, he’d weighed ten pound. Spin bait activity. (BARRY) He’s wide. He ain’t no four pounder but he’s a good one. He will be, won’t he? (NATHAN) He will be. (BARRY) Three and a half, I’d say. Real good fish. Look here. (NATHAN) Yeah (BARRY) It’s a real good fish. (NATHAN) They’re starting to turn on here a little bit. (BARRY) Yeah, a big wide fish. (NATHAN) That wind’s a howling. Man, good job Barry. Good job Barry. Swim bait. (BARRY) Yeah, white. (NATHAN) They seem to be stirring up on this bank a little bit. (BARRY) White mission fish. But because of the color of the water, it’s perfect. They tagged it like you’re supposed to tag it. I think that’s a good one there. It ain’t no little one, put it that way. It’s another big one. He’s another big one. (NATHAN) Look at him. (BARRY) He’s wollowering. He can’t even get out of the water, can he? That’s getting closer to what we’re looking for, ain’t it, buddy? (NATHAN) Yeah, it’s closer. (BARRY) I don’t know that mighty. (NATHAN) That’s a good one. (BARRY) Yeah (NATHAN) He’s fat. (BARRY) Yeah, that’s a (NATHAN) Good job (BARRY) That’s a big one. That’s a big one. (NATHAN) Nice job, Barry. (BARRY) Thank you, Lord. Look they’re fat. They’re getting ready to, they’re full of crawfish and getting ready to spawn. Amen. Thank you, Lord. (Outside Sounds) (BARRY) Ain’t no size to them but they sure strong. Sure, strong with the current, 12, 13 inches. (Outside Sounds) (NATHAN) Are you hooked up again? (ANNOUNCER) THIS PORTION OF
3B OUTDOORS IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY THESE FINE COMPANIES. (MUSIC) (COMMERCIAL) (NATHAN) You hooked up again? (BARRY) Yeah, but good gracious. (NATHAN) What you got a tub? (BARRY) He’s a good one, current, not a monster but fun. two pounder maybe, yeah. A good fish. (NATHAN) Good job. (BARRY) Not a big one but two pounder. (NATHAN) They fight, don’t they? (BARRY) Yep. Braided 17 pound test leader, you won’t like them. (NATHAN) Hurt them. (BARRY) Hurt them. (NATHAN) Like I said, never mind. (BARRY) That’s a good one. (NATHAN) That’s a good one. (BARRY) Gosh, that’s real good man. (NATHAN) Yeah. (BARRY) Woah, there’s 20 inches. (NATHAN) That’s a good one. (BARRY) Shoot yeah, that’s a good fish. (NATHAN) That’s a nice one right there, man. (BARRY) A little ole’ micro Eddie, big fish, look. (NATHAN) Pretty, pretty. (BARRY) There you got the biggest one today. It’s probably four. (NATHAN) Yep. (BARRY) He’s a big one. (NATHAN) That’s a big girl of the day. (BARRY) Chatter bait, black crawl. The water’s real murky. So, one that’s got a little chartreuse on it, gold blade, kaboom. (NATHAN) And what was I doing? (BARRY) You was drinking a Dr. Enuf and I’m getting ready to drink one now because I about had enough. (laughter) But you can never have enough Dr. Enuf, Amen? (NATHAN) There you go. Good job, Barry. (BARRY) All right, man. He annihilated that thing. That’s a good little micro Eddie. That’s a good one. Praise the Lord, thank you, Lord. Good fish, fat bellies, little white spot. He got a little black spot on him, white fish, boy. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, buddy. (NATHAN) Cool (BARRY) Cool deal. Here. (NATHAN) Now you can do it. (BARRY) It was opening for me already, so I was getting ready to take me a big drink. (NATHAN) There you go, now you can do it. (NATHAN) First cast wasn’t it, Barry? (BARRY) Yep. (NATHAN) It was a good move, wasn’t it? (BARRY) Good move. It’s a good one too. (NATHAN) Yeah, it’s a good one. That’s the kind we’re looking for right there man. (BARRY) Easy now. He’s not long but he sure is wide. Got one hook in him. Easy now. (NATHAN) Oh yeah. (BARRY) He’s wide. I got two hooks, he must have got situated in there. Big ole’ eyed fish, fat belly. (NATHAN) Chunkers. (BARRY) Chunkers, thank you, Lord. Amen. First cast. (NATHAN) Yep (BARRY) Anchor didn’t do much good, did it? (NATHAN) We can pull it up and start up and go again. (BARRY) That’s what we’ll do. (Outside sounds) (BARRY) Gah, he’s a good one. (NATHAN) They get out here in this current. (BARRY) He ain’t no little one. (NATHAN) No, that’s a good one. Fat. (BARRY) That’s a real good one. He ain’t big but he’s a good one. (NATHAN) Oh yeah. Pretty fish. (BARRY) He ain’t no, stacked in here. Look how wide them things are. (NATHAN) I’m telling you. When’s it my turn? (BARRY) Anytime you want to. (Laughter) Praise the Lord, good fish. (NATHAN) Good job, Barry. Good job. (Outdoor Sounds) (BARRY) Oh yeah, that’s a good one. (NATHAN) I’ve had a couple of bits up through there, couldn’t get them hooked up. Fat look how wide that sucker is, man oh man, pre-spawned. They getting ready, it won’t be long. A lot of fight in that current. Ole’ black and blue jig, green pumpkin chigger crawl, 20 pound line, seven and a half foot flip-n-stick. (BARRY) Junk fishing 101 today, ain’t it? (NATHAN) It don’t get no better. (ANNOUNCER) THIS PORTION OF
3B OUTDOORS IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY THESE FINE COMPANIES, (MUSIC) (COMMERCIALS) (Outside Sounds) (NATHAN) How was that for back to back to casts? He’s rolled up in it. I’m going to get him in. I don’t know what the deal was. (BARRY) Only you could snag one in the side. Listen only you. (NATHAN) He was messing with it. (BARRY) Yeah (NATHAN) He swatted at it. (BARRY) You messed it all right. (NATHAN) He swatted at it, back to back what can you say. It don’t matter. (BARRY) Well when you’re good, you’re good. (NATHAN) Anybody can catch those big ones. It takes a real man to catch them like that. All right this one here’s got some head shake. (Outside Sounds) (BARRY) You got a little drag on that one, I think. (NATHAN) Yes sir. I don’t know how big he is, but he feels good. (BARRY) Good one. (Outside Sounds) (NATHAN) He wasn’t as big as a I thought on that spinning rod compared to wiping them on that 17, 20 pound line. Still fat, man they are so fat, look at them. Swim bait. We’ve caught them on about 10 different things, just whatever you throw in front of them if they’re biting at the time. Yeah. He took off like a race horse. I thought that was a monster, but it was for me because you see how big ones I catch. I don’t catch them like Barry. So, that was my monster right there. I like that. I bet that was one of Janet’s pet fish. (BARRY) Getting a beautiful cast up there in that. No wonder I ain’t catching nothing on this. Look here. (NATHAN) What is it? (BARRY) No bill. (NATHAN) Oh, the bill broke? (BARRY) Yep. (NATHAN) Oh no. (BARRY) That’s why I’m not catching nothing on it. It’s not been getting down there. I’ve been thinking what in the world happened? So much for that. (Outside sounds) (BARRY) People always ask you know what are we catching them on? Well today it was junk fishing 101. Let me show you what we caught them on. (laughter) We’ll bend over and get that one. Black and blue pig and jig, green pumpkin trailer, crank bait, square bill 2.5, seemed to be the best one on the big fish today, Mission fish is always, Nathan caught his on a hitch. I caught mine on a white. Black bit you tube, Nathan, he’s a real man. He don’t care throwing pink, pink spinner bait. I caught on good one on the big chatter bait, the mission fish trailer, small chatter bait, got my biggest fish today and the stick bait. If you want to know. (NATHAN) That’s it. That’s it. Out of battery, can you believe that? (NATHAN) You can’t be afraid to throw that pink spinner bait. It don’t always work, but it did today, and Barry don’t you just wish he got a little bit more excited when he called a big small mouth. He loves it and I love it. You can’t get enough of those big small mouth bass. He’s probably watching this and he’s mourning because he broke the bill out of that favorite crank bait of his, he caught so many fish. I promise you though he’ll have another one when we come back to this river. Don’t forget to stop by and take a selfie at the selfie stop after you’ve caught some big smallies, swing by River Front Seafood and get one of the finest seafood meals that you can get anywheres in the country. Next week Freddie and those hunting guys will take you on an adventure I know you don’t want to miss. I’m Nathan Light thanks so much for watching and best fishes. (MUSIC) (MUSIC) (MUSIC)

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