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World Fly Fishing Championship 2019

4 Days of Trout Fishing, 2 Lakes and Fun with Subscribers.

4 Days of Trout Fishing, 2 Lakes and Fun with Subscribers.

how are you man vii later man this spots
beautiful I’m putting a putting a strata it and the warranty you know that’s
that’s the whole thing I I broke two the rod and they just they took care of me
so now you got something to pound tests to go with this video where you gotten a
two pound test line I think I’ll take this one thank you
yeah I’m looking forward to this yo what’s up guys happy new year first
video of the year man what is this I went fishing 40s in a robe you have four
days in a row all day too man fished with subscribers had a great time with
these guys check out this video man it’s a hook set party to Lakes Lake Shabo
Lake Temescal for the most part let’s go fishing guys let’s go we’re back at it
Oh East Bay Regional is checking licenses you guys better have your
licenses pay your five dollar fee yeah man
this is like what the fifth day six day of straight fishing for me it’s a little
bit ridiculous but the bite is on so we’re gonna try to get more fish guys
let’s go good morning how are you sure why not
how’s your morning going good yeah just getting out here it’s not it’s a little
bit less cloudy today there’s my yeah oh yeah yeah I’d pay two
times a week at pace for time everything in loft boat launch fees have a good day
take care be safe this is this is the hot spot dude this is the hot spot I
wanna throw is okay elixir yeah yeah you have the same one
one one two five way yeah what’s your how seven feet oh that’s a fish man
That’s not me I told you dude you got a bit feel big
okay I got your brother feels like a big win Oh trout hey go bro congratulations yeah
but me oh you remember me don’t you sweetie pie bites on by Rosie I got a
fish all right dude back-to-back Hey back-to-back net
putting me to work let’s go there you go let’s go let’s go oh I freakin saw it I
lost it golly damn it you know I just like rolling up and and getting your
fish I’m just playing dog guess I loosened it to hook my lure on here and
I never tightened it back up and cost me a fish fish
Oh was oh you feel them there you go bro oh come back there you go there you go
nice are you doing over a five pounder definitely dang dude guys guys what’s up
we’re back at it lake temas calendar Oakland Hills third
day out and man I’ve been having too much fun to ignore this had to come out
again this morning snuck out of the house while the family’s asleep you know
you got to do what you got to do some time to go fishing but yeah man let’s
see if we can get on this fish today sun’s about to come up and it’s about
what six thirty waiting for that golden hour let’s go guys let’s go come on fish on let’s go first one for the day guys oh she’s this is a bass down bro a
largemouth multi-species day largemouth what’s up Bo you tired on to pound test yeah what’s up dude on
to pound Castro what is up look at this chunker yell baby whoo look
at that chunk of dude to pound Casio oh yeah baby yeah look at that hooks a bro
look at a hook set oh snap yeah this guy needs to go back in
he’s probably pooped okay let’s go guy let you go see you later buddy
thanks for visiting yeah let’s go Oh mister dude freakin followed it in
dang it right here like 3 feet a song yeah I saw they’re really close they’re really
close Golden Hour guys it was like right here
yeah I would I would I saw you cast you’re probably good
you’re like 10 feet 15 feet yeah they’re sweet they’re cruising around dang man
whoo come on fish on public TV I’m good Oh God off catch-and-release golden hour guys it’s gold now right now fish on let’s go
change the color guys that’s what’s up to that on the strata
and the phoenix elixir feels like feels like butter guys feels like butter
look at-at Hooksett all right on the lip huh actually got him in a tongue as anyone on the other side caught any
have you seen have you seen anybody pulling fish out let’s go number four guys this is a fatty two pound tests what’s up buddy what’s
up let’s go number four you guys want this gun let’s go through six you guys want them
I’ll beat him right here guys guys what’s up man
number six for the day hook this guy on the spoon little guy feels like a pound
and a half but we’re on the scoreboard for number six guys what’s up bro what is that on a spoon or lure I got
that same real no you got you on dude are you on
you’re on don’t let him jump there you go there you go it tire them out tire
them out just let him run let him run let him run let him run but check your
drag yeah let him run let him tire them out keep them pinned oh you got them
nice dude keep that tip bent dude you got it excuse me nice view
nice on the assist on to assist yeah bro give yourself a shout-out what’s your
Instagram bro Instagram is si X and s that is Abby’s
bro I’m pretty new at this still yeah right on have a good night man guys guys Lake Shabo 2019 they plan it
about two days ago let’s see if we can get on this fish here let’s go guys hey if you guys haven’t subscribed to
Instagram yet check me out on Instagram I’m doing shout outs over there so
definitely subscribe to that and follow me on there if I don’t catch too many
fish I usually post it up on Instagram check that out and follow me bro fishing always a fad you do yell baby check that out guys right on
the lip lip this dude that’s a fatty freakin fatty here we go whoo right on
the lips I let him go I think we might have to keep this guy yo what’s up guys
we’re in Oakland Hills we left Lake Shabo and now we’re at Lake time ask
Alan the Oakland Hills guys it’s a to Lake kind of day got one fish over there
we’re gonna get another one here let’s go let’s go fishing guys let’s go really
you mind if I toss a few right here bro is it cool thank you I just came from
both you went there I like that spot that’s that’s where I buy all my stuff
that’s where I get my my brought my Phoenix you by the way Oh Cass Master Shawn let’s go hold you hold on hon you’re gonna net him I told
you hold on hold on hold on it’s to contest to compound to pound hold on let
him Glenn one I told you that maybe you gonna get fired
you’re gonna get tired you trying to go into business hold it hold it hold it
hold it hold it here comes walking in there you go whoo
yeah baby what’s up guys what’s up guys check it out man look at
this hook set right on the lips that’s a beautiful lass and shout man
this is like what a couple of pounds – three pounds guys guys guys we’re on the
scoreboard Blake I’m a scow through the to Lake Point a day and yeah we’re gonna
make the best of this day there’s that keeper number two for the day guys and
his puppy okay welcome in he’s not done yet he’s not done yeah hey double up on SuperDuper what’s up
what’s up hey double up SuperDuper hey what’s up bro hey yo my
Instagram regular selfish one-way watermelon Instagram there you go fish
on bro let’s go let’s go let’s go no no your cool cool let him welcome welcome to you welcome
to you walk walk backwards walk backwards to walk backwards there you go hey holding up let’s go guys yeah super
duper yo what’s up guys we are here in the Oakland Hills Lake Thomas Cal
Oakland California they haven’t planted in a few weeks so
let’s see if we can get on to fish guys let’s go man I may have missed that first one I
may have missed our first one on the GoPro dang it
I just looked down and it wasn’t like blinking it was on but it wasn’t
blinking God dang it too excited freakin I got a plate I got a plan get him get him get him yeah boy
what’s up as I keep it row I’m keeping that Thank You Man yo what’s up guys
check that out whoo laughs some trout right here bro that’s a beautiful one
right here man check that out check out the colors on this baby it’s gotta be at
least 3 plus pounds 3 3 3 and a half yeah let’s go get that on your spoon can
hey my show your spoon let’s just show the lip here like all nice Hooksett
there it’s a teeny one but you know what that’s eat the bird and let’s check out
your spoon here really quick that’s a beautiful yeah nice oh yeah the decoys yep yep don’t uh the
fish could just swim right under it that’s the problem you worry about that
later right all the big ones yeah just a few yeah
but it got fish on can I come over here thank you this one’s a good one this guy’s got
spoons here his spoons candy right here
ok-hee she’s tough yeah he’s tough dude he’s tough yeah yeah yeah yeah I gotta
play this guy my drag is working beautifully though
yeah just drag a silk oh yeah let’s go let’s go here we go he’s done oh maybe
not yeah baby nice nice I’m keeping this one – what a
beautiful fish right on the lip look at that hook set guys look at this hook set
nice hook set there’s a beautiful fish guys check this out there you go
laughing trout man just feels like a couple of pounds at least two or three
pounds fish on and with a second page no I
lifted lipstick again look at that nice Hooksett loving that red spoon here you
go guys safely released next so what’s up guys
stop limit today I think I missed a couple on the on the GoPro but man kept
the bigger ones at a good day today that’s the tongue and yeah man we’re
gonna go home and fry these up and have them for dere guys thank you for
watching this video appreciate you guys subscribe leave a
comment below let me know what’s up man Happy New Year and catch you guys out on
the waters let’s go

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  1. At 17:32…that cracked me up! The fish was saying "Here I am"!😂 Just two questions, what type and size was the weight you were trolling with? Thanks!

  2. I never understood using anything less than 4lb. test for trout….. no real advantage to use 2lb. test on anything other than small pan-fish species. I've tried it several times to no avail…. lots of broken lines and birds nests.

  3. i was the 1,000 subscriber yassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  4. Hi I came across your chanel great content Cool video! I just subscribed and hit the 🔔,hit mi back if you get a chance. Tight lines!🤘😉🎣🎣🎣

  5. Ur always standing up and walking around ur kayak. Dunno how u do it. I woulda fell in a long time ago. Good to see ur videos again.

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