35th Wffc Bih 2015

World Fly Fishing Championship 2019

Advantages of 360 Imaging for Bass Fishing | Humminbird

This point looks perfect. Isolated boulders nothing else around,
hard top, big prominent point. All the ingredients for big
spotted bass. Got the boat in the perfect position,
I’ve hit Spot-Lock on the Ultrex and the 360 is showing the exact position the way the boat is facing so I know that this brush pile is just over left. These increments 21 feet so I
know it’s about 23 24 feet and I can make that perfect pitch from the front
of the boat to that brush pile the start of the rocks over here the very peak of
it is at about 25 feet and then they build up on to that point so I know
directly to my left now if I fire a cast here I can work I’m a little swimbait,
drop shot, ned rig all up in those rocks and try and catch it the big
spotted bass. If I cast directly behind the boat I’m gonna be bringing it up
that ledge up that big drop-off or I can fire up around here and see if there’s
any fish tucked in up on that that this big front point so everything around me
is in the exact position my boat’s postion forward and then I can make
particular casts to every location and super accurate and no guesswork involved. So I’ll position the boat where I want it. I’ve got Spot-Lock on the Ultrex and the beauty about 360 is it still works in Spot-Lock it doesn’t have to be in the direction of the motor. I want to see everything around the boat
at all times and it’s giving me a continual update and view of what’s down
there so I can I can look up all the time I can fish my bait I can see the
line and then I can glance down see where that brush pile where that fish is
where those rocks are located and then make another cast I don’t have to be
continually looking at it because it’s giving me an update all the time. That was awesome! Started moving around just started
moving around that point and the fish came up on straight DI (Down Imaging)
I’m using the 360 to see those little rock piles little brush
piles and these spots when it’s sunny like this they’ll just hang right on the
outsides of those brush piles so I’m moving the trolling motor I’m moving
around the point that I can still see 360 all around the boat so this fish
come up below straight below the trolling motor on straight DI, dropped to
him, watched him follow the bait down knew he was done I shook it on the
bottom and he bit it

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