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Alpha Angler Top Water Special – 7′ Medium Fast TopHammer Bass Fishing Rod

Alpha Angler Top Water Special – 7′ Medium Fast TopHammer Bass Fishing Rod

hey guys I’m Jake boomer with Alpha
Angler and I’m here to introduce the rod of the month. This is a 7-foot medium
fast top water special we’re calling the TopHammer. So let me give you the story
behind this particular rod. We originally designed this rod for Joe Labarbera for
topwater fishing in the Northeast. We made an extra one of them after we sent
him his and Gerald Spohore, MLF Pro ended up with it.He fell in love with it
not only did he think it was an amazing top water rod but he also thought it was
perfect for senkos, light line, anywhere you would think a 7-foot medium would
work this is a great rod. It’s an all graphite design with high modulus, but it
still is a great top water rod. During our media event
Gerald actually brought the rod with him and Brandon Palaniuk stole it. Now Gerald is call me wanting another rod. So let’s talk about why it’s such a great topwater rod. First, when Joe designed it he wanted a 9 inch handle, perfect for
walking baits, but you also get a full Eva handle so that you can grab this
baby and start heavin’ stuff. Top water is all about launching things. It’s still 7
feet long so it gives you a little bit more power than our Slasher which a lot
of guys are using, but one of the main difference is we added size 5 guides.
We did that so that you could have braid on your top water. I know some people
don’t believe in it but we have figured out two major reasons that you should
think about braid on your top water rods. Obviously we put 5 size 5 guides
on there so that you can run a mono leader that keeps the line from getting
wrapped around your hooks when you cast. When you use brain as your main line
sometimes the braid will get wrapped around the hooks and it’s really hard to
get off, so you want to use like a 2 foot mono leader. The size 5 guides will help to pass the braid to mono knot. but here’s one of the main
The second, and most important thing that we realized when we designed this rod is that braid allows you to
throw a really large top water. A lot of guys, when they get to these big topwaters like this Evergreen SB 150, will up-size their rod which causes
fatigue because you’ve got to move more mass. You have to move a longer heavier
rod back and forth and twitch it all day long. Most guys will end up switching
away from that bigger top water because it’s harder to work it.
Well when you use braid as your mainline, like for instance on this TopHammer, the
braid allows you to work that big bait and this particular rod will still heave
this bait. But here’s the main benefit… if you use a 7-3 medium heavy rod to throw a big bait, you might overpower these treble hooks on one of those warm
day smallmouth. The problem with summer smallmouth, and largemouth, is their metabolism is at its highest level. Rick Clunn used to say that he
would never throw treble hooks for smallmouth in water temperatures over
60 degrees because he believed that you’re landing percentage dropped under
50%. The cool thing about this particular rod is if you hook them with braid on
one of these bigger baits you don’t have a 7-3 medium-heavy that overpowers those hooks. So you can use all sizes of topwater with this particular rod. That’s why we designed it size 5 guides the 9″ handle length. It’s design is based off of our beloved Slasher, but it’s 2 inches longer. Not overbearingly
long so you can walk a bait all day long but it also has a little bit more power
to work those bigger baits and to land those fish on the long cast. So that’s our Rod of the Month fo you guys. Thank you for watching. The link to this rod is below.
We’re gonna do a limited run of this model. God Bless you guys thanks for watching and happy fishin!!!

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