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Angry Moon Cafe | Check, Please! South Florida

Angry Moon Cafe | Check, Please! South Florida

Now, author and choreographer Lenaure Batista
recommends you get on your feet and make your way to her favorite eatery, where every bite
is always delicious. Dine al fresco and people watch at the marina,
where you just might feel like you’re in Europe. And that’s exactly the point! Located in the heart of Palm Beach Gardens,
it’s called Angry Moon Cafe. Angry Moon Cafe is breakfast and lunch place. We are Latvians, and basically we took ideas
from home food, little bit from French, from German. We make crepes, our mom made crepes, so we
had a feeling that crepes is a must for breakfast, and we are really trying hard to make a difference. We build a place ourselves. Me, my brother, and our younger brother. We all worked and our wives worked and we
kinda design it, put it on paper, and then we build everything right here ourselves. This feeling when you come here, it’s almost
when you sit outside in our patio facing all the boats and marina. This is like a family place. You eat, you eat healthy, become friends with
the regulars. We try to create something special. Angry Moon Cafe is not your usual breakfast
place. You come here, you have quality food, you
become a regular, you meet friends, you enjoy, and life is better with Angry Moon Cafe. So they have wine everywhere. Yes. Tell me a little bit about this place when
you first walk in. Well it’s in this plaza, Carmine’s Plaza,
right on Prosperity, and so you don’t really notice too much on the outside and I was very
curious about this place called Angry Moon. Like what kind of food would they serve there? And so you walk in and it looks like an Old
World glamorous kind of cruise ship atmosphere. There’s a lot of dark wood and there’s wine
everywhere and there’s maritime symbols just in strategic places. And then you make your way to the back and
it’s this beautiful open air marina backyard, with nice picnic tables and then tables for
two, tables for four. So it’s just a lovely little surprise when
you walk in. So I’m a brunch girl, so I’m always looking
for a great brunch, and I happen to love French food. I didn’t know it was French food when I first
went there. Well the name would never make you think that
it was anywhere close to being French. Yes and then they have this incredible menu
with quiches, and French baguettes, and awesome crepes. Every taste, every bite, was an explosion
of Frenchness. It was great. I’ve eaten at some good bistros in Paris,
and they are masters of layering flavors and textures, and this place is right there with
the best of the French restaurants. So what did you have this last time you went
in? [Lenaure] I had the Happy Goat Quiche, which
is a spinach and goat cheese quiche. Was it creamy? Oh it was delicious. [Michelle] Good pastry shell on the bottom? [Lenaure] It was perfect texture. The egg was perfectly fluffy and not dry. [Michelle] There’s just nothing like a fluffy
quiche. And it was freshly made. You can tell because it was warm, it was fluffy,
there was no staleness to it. You know sometimes quiche sits for a while. Oh, yeah I know. And it’s not enjoyable. This was the opposite of that. It was delicious. Amazing. Danny? I had the salmon benedict. Is it a smoked salmon or a hot salmon? No, smoked salmon. Delicious. Perfectly cooked poached eggs, the salmon
was fresh. [Michelle] Was it Hollandaise sauce? Yes, it was. And you can taste the, like she says, the
French flavors, the butter. Everything is really, it was excellent. I really loved it. Lovely! Did you have anything else? [Danny] Oh also a crepe. A crepe filled with spinach. It was good, it was good. So I really enjoyed it. It was very good. What’d you think? I loved it! I was pleasantly surprised. I actually work right down the street and
I go to Carmine’s all the time. And I’ve seen Angry Moon Cafe and I think
that there’s a cigar bar right next door, which I have been to before at night, which
is really nice. I went at lunch time, and I went by myself
so I sat at the bar. I ordered the prosciutto with the mozzarella
sandwich. It was delicious. I mean it came out, and it was on a warm baguette,
which I was surprised, I thought it was gonna… [Michelle] You’ve got me already, there. If you have a sandwich with a warm baguette… I was surprised that it came on a warm baguette,
first. I was like, oh! And then I got the salad, and it was just
mixed greens but the mixed greens were really good. The flavor, the vinegarette that they used
was really good. And I wanted to try dessert too, so I got
a crepe. And I got the caramelized apples with the… [Michelle] Ooh. [Maria] It was amazing. It was so good. It had ice cream on top and delicious. And I had a glass of Cab, red wine, with my
meal. But the coffees looked delicious. It sounds like you were sitting in France
in a little bistro, enjoying yourself. It was really nice! If I go somewhere by myself, I like sitting
at the bar and ordering food. It’s my favorite place to be sat. Lenaure you also had another, you had a crepe. Yes, I had the Nutella, banana, and strawberry
crepe. [Maria] I almost got that one. [Lenaure] With creme fraiche. And it was wow. It was perfect! The flavor layering, again. It was really good. You also had a mimosa, right? Yes, delicious. Perfectly balanced. Fresh squeezed orange juice and a nice champagne
in there. Lovely! Danny, what’d you think of the service? Very good. Everything was excellent. I sat outside, the outdoor seating, you watch
the boats. Very nice, beautiful day so it was the perfect
afternoon. Well Lenaure, Angry Moon Cafe was your choice. Please sum it up for us. Angry Moon is a hidden little secret gem in
the heart of Palm Beach Gardens. If you love French food and you love brunch
and lunch, you should go there for sure. Danny? Very good. Love the place. Nice afternoon, like I said. Great brunch place. I would go back. Maria? A nice, simple place to have a great lunch
or brunch. Good coffee. I would definitely go back. Well eat your way to happiness at Angry Moon
Cafe, located at 2401 PGA Boulevard in Palm Beach Gardens. Open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Check their website for summertime hours. Reservations are accepted, and the average
price for dinner without drinks is about 40 dollars.

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