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ANIMALS GOT TALENT! Intelligent Animals From Around The World! | Top Talent

It’s my knife come on hey say something no What why not it’s fantastic come on it’s a present see dirge yes Oh my god… Now now listen in English see Spanish oui France ok Hey Wendy listen to me you think I am stupid yes So well you don’t want to speak anymore no okay, and now oh yes, I want You know you know how to sing know, what yes, yes Well we listen to you – meoww It’s Bow Wow and you understand Music plays we’re gonna sing something for you all right. Okay, don’t look at me look at me audience turn except feelings come on Nothing more Trying to forget All together okay, no. Please come on you say. It’s pretty thing good talent. Okay. Go get that feeling feelings oh my god I’m excited. This is your big moment That looks someone you know is you might want doing you’ll never clean your face before you go out there What you gonna do with that hand now that you got snot all on it. He’s gonna. Wipe that on your jeans, huh? That’s what my momma taught me Welcome to America’s Got Talent, what is your name? my name is John Vincent, John Vincent, and this is this is mud slinger a mud singer and How long have you been doing this I’ve been working with pigs for 22 years doing trick pigs Trick pigs you’ve always made a living No, I’m actually an aerospace engineer by day hick trainer by night Are you really you’re employed by like NASA and and um actually we’re working on a project for NASA the Orion project That replaced a space shuttle You’re working on replacing the space shuttle during the day and at night you teach tricks to pigs What made you do that I’ve always had a love for animals and I met pigs you know where does one meet a pig? Well how do you like this one hopefully this pig doesn’t cry wee wee all the way home Let’s see what you ready you ready mud slinger? okay before we start we need to have the traditional raising of the flag Mud slinger would you do the honors? What Slayer Would love to be a professional athlete Then what would be more fun than being a professional Golfer okay much winner see I’m gonna put the hole right here come right over here You know what if you practice really hard, maybe someday. You’ll be as good as Tiger Woods Here goes hog woods Mart pig It is time for some soccer, but we’re not going to ask mud slinger just to shoot a soccer goal we’re gonna actually ask him to demonstrate his dribbling skills by weaving through three cones and put in I want to see your best moves Mug slinger: the Einstein of course sir! Very good That was I gotta be honest with you. That is adorable. It’s fun. It’s a crowd-pleaser. I actually loved it It was really funny. You should give up the whole space thing We have a thing for peaks in our house in fact my eldest Trying to convince me to buy a pig a few months ago So I’m already in love with your ax I’m already in love with your baby Yeah, and look at how adorable Thank You Mel. Thank you I must tell you that I too absolutely love your act. I love your story I love that you’re a guy working on a really important job who now at night works with pigs you love animals That the whole thing’s just beautiful. I think America’s gonna. Love this. I really do How can you say no to the pig and in a weird way I want to give the pig a kiss Anyone evolve a kiss from Heidi I hide you know he won’t even tell If you put this in your Channel is possible a little more very good come on much longer much finger Slinger don’t leave me hanging Yes you were a great sport Heidi, thank you Whether the risk adjustment Goodness me Olivia. It’s wrap round her head who’s Lucy Right okay when you’re ready Come on. Don’t you have a heart You don’t want these animals to depart But get the X Factor and the top ten singing chart Look at the most endangered animals and the poison dart the armored leopard Siberian tiger and polar bear They’re so gorgeous It is just not bear if I say they’re Latin names. We do little more. Oh Louie Please don’t say this is a bore These sweet scumbags Komodo dragon by the way why does man have to take them all away Man, you’re such a fool Snakeskin to life a handbag that is just not cool Please listen to my passion although it may not be in fashion. I cannot sing it you might laugh I cannot dance. You’d say that I staffed, but I am seven and I want these animals to last But after I clean up wipe down and camera chicks Everything’s ready to go for a double Dan horsemanship mate We are excited like we’re just two ordinary Aussie flakes couple of horses want to get a month to get out in four hours and Estrella What are you guys calls Double dare horsemanship. What are you gonna? Do it’s a range of tricks of course? We’re limited a little bit inside here because obviously we’re not used to doing it on the stage but outside It’s Australian, and it said it’s gonna be new okay. Well you must show us that I talked you up Roli I wrote a bag like it’s a trickle Bodies in town in this town ain’t never gonna be the same Which my truck bed as always together Not all so bad country road we were fine Hi How are you? I’m fine. Good right introduce me. Please. I’m Ashley and this is my dog pussy Pudsey He’s gorgeous. How old is he he’s six. Okay, so tell me about the two of you Where did you first meet and my mom gave him to me for my 11th birthday? Okay, and how old are you? I’m 16, okay, so you’re at school Yeah, okay, so where do you see the two of yourself if you were to win this show in a few years time? I’m looking for Oscars. Do you think your dog and you could win an Oscar yes? We just picked up monopoly he’s like yeah, good best of luck. Thank you Good boy it was a cute little thing Deep breath What’s your name my name is Sarah huffed this here, this is echo How old is he he’s a 15 year old double yellow headed Amazon all right well good luck echo What’s your name? Can you say? How about hi? and Spanish hola hola Anke pasa And we don’t go fast enough you want to hurry All right, we’re gonna sing okay, okay, can we do old? Very good talent we have a lot of animals. What do we have there? Did you see a chicken a chicken? How about a rooster Did you see a sheep a sheep ah his favorite animals a kitty yeah a kitty yeah, and you do a chihuahua He has a couple impressions he does an excellent sneeze, huh? And everybody thinks you’re pretty funny Grand finale songs and we’re gonna do a little warm-up. You ready Very good echo, honey. Where do bluebirds fly I? Love that one give everyone big kiss My name is Alan Pixley, and I am an official Guinness World Records adjudicator Tonight live on Britain’s Got Talent Mitch and Kali the wonder dog will attempt the Guinness World Records title for Fastest time to pop a hundred balloons by a dog Remember time will start as soon as Kelly first fir first bloom and Kelly can burst the blues with any part of her body the Current records of beats is 44 points for nine seconds and is held by an American dog called Anastasia We just we need to verify that Allen can you Confirm for us was that a new Guinness World Record. I confirmed There was a valid attempt and Cali the wonder dog scored 41 went six seven seconds, which means she’s a new Running away You’ve got He’s better the whole tuna You

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