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(upbeat music) – There are a few things
that I absolutely love about our sport, the
sport of fly fishing. Number one is
obviously the fish. Number two are the
people that you meet along the journey,
and number three is the journey itself. We boarded a train out
of White River, Ontario, deep in Algoma Country,
we’re on our way to Loch Island Lodge
chasing giants. (upbeat music) – Fly anglers the world
over are generally an adventurous bunch,
whether you’re driving to your favorite
stream or jet setting to an exotic locale on the
other side of the world. For many, getting there
is really half the fun. Well, in Ontario’s Algoma
Country there’s a unique way to access many back country
remote fishing lodges. By rail, take the train. A short hour and a half
rail ride from White River, Ontario brings you to mile
68 where upon request, you disembark and continue
your Loch Island adventure in search of trophy angler. Loch Island Lodge is located in the Chapleau
Crown Game Preserve on Wabatongushi Lake
and is very well known for its populations
of big northern pike, walleye, and jumbo perch. Adventurous anglers can
venture into the bush in search of smallmouth
bass and the jewels of Algoma’s crown,
eastern brooktrout. The weather at Loch Island
has been hot of late, and the temperatures
have, ironically today, dropped just above freezing, so we load up and hit a
small nearby kettle pot lake. With me is guide Ryan Biro and we’re in search of brookies. (gentle music) For those of you who are up
for a little bit of adventure, Loch Island Lodge
has it in spades. What do you think about
a 6-weight fly rod, streamers, and some
unbelievable brooktrout fishing? Fishing intimate
lakes such as this with extremely limited
angler access can pay in spades with high
numbers of quality trout. And things start
off with a bang! Fish. – [Ryan] Yeah? Nice. – Sweet!
– Nice, nice, that’s a good one, too.
– All right. – [Ryan] That’s a good one. Nice. – So we just talked about
paring down the size of this fly because I thought
that these brooktrout were just nipping at the tail. – Ooh!
– Whoa! And not getting into the hook ’cause the hook is a
relatively short shank hook, but I’ve made a couple of casts and this guy came
in and just whoop! Brooktrout boogie. – [Ryan] There she is. – [Mark] So how’s
that for size based on a lake like this, oh look, the fly just popped out.
– The fly’s out, the fly’s out. That’s above average, for sure. – That’s above average.
– Above average, for sure. Well, they have beauty. (gentle music) – Fish, this is, oh, let go. You know, I’m a firm believer
that the weather is having a major effect on our day
of brooktrout fishing today. This morning it was cold,
three degrees Centigrade or 38, 39 degrees Fahrenheit
and windy, windy, windy, foggy, rainy, just
completely gross. And as you can seen now,
it’s probably low 60s or 15 degrees, the sun is out, it’s been like that
for about an hour or so and I think that that’s
the reason, maybe two, I think that’s the reason
why these fish are turning on is that things
are stabling out and they’re getting
the feedbag on. (gentle music) Fish. – [Ryan] Yep, nice. – [Mark] This might be
the big one of the day. Good one. – [Ryan] Oh, yeah. – Oh, what a fish,
this is great! You gotta watch this light
tippet with these brookies ’cause they may be medium
size to 12, 14 inches, 16 inches, but they
put on quite a fight, oh, as you can clearly see. Nice!
– Nice! Look at that. – [Mark] Let’s
take a look, yeah. All right, and the best
parts about these jewels of the north is letting ’em go. Thanks, pal. There’s nothing,
nothing like brooktrout, whether they’re 12
inches or eight pounds. They are just so special up
here, (sighs) moving, actually. (gentle music) – When they get off the train, we’re gonna meet ’em
there and then we’re gonna transport them
through Camp Lochalsh, which is our mainland facility. We offer housekeeping
services down at Camp Lochalsh and
then we have Loch Island up the lake where people
can go to eat the meals, the meal plan, and then
we have various outposts around the lake as well. Yeah, the whole lake is in the
Chapleau Crown Game Preserve, which is almost
two million acres. It hasn’t been hunted
or trapped since 1925, so you do see a lot of
wildlife around the shoreline of the lake, which
is kinda unique. Fishing is very good, it’s walleye, northern pike, whitefish and perch
in the main lake, and then we offer
brooktrout fishing in both a stream
and a portage lake and smallmouth fishing
in two portage lakes. – Loch Island Lodge consists
of a fantastic main lodge with all the amenities
including wifi, a games room, and tackle shop. A spacious dining room
allows for intimate meals or can accommodate large
parties of anglers. Loch Island’s three large
three-bedroom cabin, six-person duplex, and a
spacious two-bedroom unit offer all the comforts of home. Each cabin features 24/7
electricity and is a short walk to both the lodge and the docks. What a difference a day makes. Slick calm, slightly
raining, and you know what? Feels like a very brookie day. (peaceful guitar music) There he is, got him! – [Ryan] That’s
a good one, nice! Nice. – Now I pinch the barb
down on this hook, so we gotta be really careful. Now that was really cool
because I cast it twice and that fish followed
me in to the boat twice. I change my retrieving to a
strip, strip, strip, strip, boom, right away, he
hooked it, he grabbed it. Oh look at that, beautiful fish! Rod tip high so that
his barb does not have a chance to come loose. Doing the brooktrout boogie,
as you can see. (laughs) Oh, Ryan, they’re so strong! (Ryan laughs) Sweet! What I caught that fish on was an Olive Zuddler
with a cone head. Little bit of weight,
pinched-down barb, olive color, did the trick. Okay, let’s take a look. Look at that jewel. 14, 15 inches of brooktrout. (upbeat guitar music) All right, fish, sweet! So we switched positions, whoa! Switched spots. There’s an island out
here, running at me! There’s an island
out here and we just, the first cast
right to this corner of this little bay and
boom, this guy came up and just whacking. No shortage of fun, eh, Ryan? – [Ryan] (laughs) Oh, no at all! (laughs) Oh! – [Mark] This might be the male that we’re looking for.
– That, yeah. That is. – [Mark] Sweet! That is fantastic. What I love about these
early June fish is the colors of them
are just remarkable, the pink dots with
the blue halos, and the white leading edge
on the fin, just beautiful. (peaceful guitar music) Fish! – [Ryan] Oh, that’s even bigger! – Oh, this one’s great! Oh, what a fish.
– That’s a big fish. Oh man, that’s a big fish! – Oh, what a great brookie!
– That’s what we came here for. – I mean, we don’t
have this fish in the, yeah we do, now it is.
– Here it is, that’s the, okay!
– Fit it in the net! – [Ryan] Fish. – [Mark] That’s bigger
than the last one! – [Ryan] Let’s get that to you. – Thanks, man.
– That’s a chunker. Oh, my lord! – Now I know why
you choose to guide up here at Loch Island, man! (Ryan laughs) And we’ve come down here again on that white Zonker
and we’ve come down here and that’s two casts. – [Ryan] Back to back to back. – Back to back fish and big males, big
strong brookie males. I’ll show this to you quickly. – [Ryan] Show me the fish. – You know the best part
about catching brooktrout like this is getting
to let them go. (peaceful guitar music) (upbeat music) Back country brooktrout are
fantastic adversaries on fly. As with their river
dwelling cousins, they can be considered
an all or not fish, meaning they will
eat voraciously or you may really have
to work to catch them. They can be quite tolerant
to weather changes and having access to
reliable populations of feisty brookies
can be the ticket. They are wonderful to catch
and release in Ontario. Fish! Oh! – [Ryan] Oh, nice! – Oh, it’s a good one.
– That’s a good one. (Ryan laughs) – So on our final day here
at this amazing little lake, we just launched the boat and this was literally
my first catch. – [Ryan] Didn’t even
let the boat launch. Oh my god.
– Oh, it’s a good fish. – [Ryan] It’s one
of our best fish. – Oh, it’s long!
– Oh, my god. Fly’s out, too. Fly’s already out. – [Mark] Perfect. Awesome. Now, on our final day
here at Loch Island Lodge, you cannot ask for
anything better. On the first cast! That’s a big girl.
– (laughs) Oh my god! – That is a big fish, fantastic. Here, let me give her a breath and I’ll show you the
fly they breathe in. Again, first cast of the day. It’s an olive
Zuddler, cone headed, hopefully it’s a good indication of what’s to come. (peaceful music) This is a fantastic fish. Oh, it’s a big one. He came out, again,
from the undercut bank, those bushes there. This might be an 18, close. – [Ryan] Beautiful fish. – [Mark] Oh, it is. Whoo, wow!
– That’s a good fish. – That’s fantastic. Fish. (laughs) It’s a walleye! Just remembered. All right, walleye on fly. It doesn’t happen a lot, oh, he just remembered. There we go. Nice shore launcher,
but the cool thing is is that this little lake is
a catch and release lake, so everything we
catch outta here, you have to put back. Here’s a fly. It’s a white elongated Zonker, no weight on the head,
there’s the business. They’re fiery walleyes. That’s finer, all right buddy. We decide to take a short break from fishing brooktrout
and hit the main lake for fresh caught
walleye shore lunch. (gentle music) I had the chance to try
something very unique, and the people at Loch Island
Lodge prepared it beautifully. I wanna introduce
you to walleye wings. Now walleye wings
are the pectoral fins of the fish and you
cook them the same way that you would a
filet or a cheek. You batter them
and deep fry them. And they are
absolutely delicious. (upbeat guitar music) The equipment we use
catching brooktrout in Algoma Country in Ontario,
Canada is very simple. 9 foot, 6-weight
fly rod, a fast tip, it’s the 3D, which means
it’s designed for distance, the reel is a mid-arbor
reel, great drag system, you really only need this
reel to hold your line, the brooktrout are
not gonna take you that far into your backing, but it does do a good job
if you do get a big one. On the business end, we’ve
got a nine foot leader with 2x and 3x tippet, so tippet in the 10 to eight pound range, and that’s all you need
when you target brooktrout at these pot lakes
at Algoma Country. (peaceful music) Fish. – [Ryan] Somewhat long. – Yeah, you called it,
Ryan, right off that point. Good fish. Ah, this might be the
big one of the day. Big one of the trip! Came out and just
whacked it right from underneath those
overhanging bushes. Oh, good one. Fantastic brooktrout. You know, now that
the weather’s changed and played a little
bit into our hand, it’s really livened things up. We’ve had a blast the
time that we’ve been here, but today’s just, man,
it’s off the charts! All right! That is a good fish. Now that is what you come
to Loch Island Lodge for, these wonderful
little small inland pot kettle lakes to catch perfect specimens of brooktrout. I wanna take this
opportunity to thank Andy and Amy Wilson
from Loch Island Lodge as well as Ryan,
my fabulous guide. It’s been an unbelievable week. The weather has been a
challenge, but we did persevere. Thanks for watching
The New Fly Fisher. My name is Mark Melnyk
and I hope to see you in the backage, remember
adventure’s out there! And what better way to do it than with a fly
rod in your hand. Thanks for watching,
see you down the river.- (gentle guitar music) Hi! I’m Mark Melnyck from the
New Fly Fisher Television Show I really hope you enjoyed that
full length episode. If you did, do me a favour and
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  1. What is great about the New Fly Fisher is you're always releasing fish. Being a big brookie hunter I see the results of what catch and release can do for a water system.

    I'm including an interview I did a couple years ago with Wilderness Obsession. I hope anyone who reads it will find something that will add to their success on the water.


    I'll also include a video of my brother and I chasing pre-spawn brookies from a few years ago.


    Tight lines!

  2. Thanks Mark and your team…..these quality videos are so important to keep our little sport alive. Brook trout, especially larger ones are very exciting. I was lucky to be able to go to Labrador to Coppers Minipi to Anne Marie lake once for big Brookies on dry flies.

  3. Check into Lake Esnagami in the Nakina area,it also has Pike bass Walleye and some spectacular Brook trout fishing too.

  4. Mark — These programs are wonderful to view, but I would also appreciate some programs about where I might be able to fish. I can't afford a guide or a lodge; I just have a car, a kayak, and tackle. I understand that you couldn't tell the names of good fisheries available to the modest economic classes. A general idea of the area, maybe the name of the township, something like that would suffice.

    I am very grateful that you demonstrate catch-and-release. I realise that Canadians are not on-board yet, but if people want to be able to have good action at accessible locations, no alternative exists.

  5. This is the first time I have watched Mark and he presented an excellent fishing adventure. Bravo. 5 weeks til fishing season.

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