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Backyard Fishing for Smallies! (Smallmouth Bass)

Backyard Fishing for Smallies! (Smallmouth Bass)

What is up dudes welcome back to another exciting episode of 616 Fishing! Today is my day off from work and i’m going to take it easy today and go fishing behind my parents house pond the water level is really high right now so the pond is getting bigger and bigger compared to last year So i am going to throw a rod in there with a night crawler and a bobber and what i see what i can catch. Stay tuned! Alright guys we are at the spot right now the pond behind my parents house im just going throw in the bobber and a nightcrawler and see what happens. Nice little smallie. Where is your mother? I want to catch the big one Let’s go catch your mother The heck? Oh baby Let’s go Oh baby Woo! Oh baby Smallmouth Bass Let’s go! 17 inches 2 pounds 5 ounces Smallmouth Bass baby. Let’s go. 2.5. I’m going to call it a day. Pretty good so far. Caught a smallmouth Bass. I never caught a smallmouth bass in here before. I caught a pan fish and largemouth but i never caught a smallmouth in here before so thats awesome. if you guys can please let me know what you think of the video and comment below and please click on the subscribe button and hit the bell thanks for watching we will see you next time!

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