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Barbel Fishing for Beginners

Barbel Fishing for Beginners

Hi welcome to the north west carp and
angler’s diary fishing blog for this episode I’m back on the river severn and
we’re gonna take a look at the basics of barbel fishing now barbel fishing isn’t
difficult but if you’ve never done it before
the first question you’re going to ask is where do you place your baits so let’s take a
look at that first ok so I like to divide the river into sections and what
I’m looking for is a nice steady flow so when you get those nice smooth bits of
water which run at a gentle walking pace they’re the kind of areas I’m
looking for I tend to avoid areas that are rough like whitewater very shallow
and rocky they’re not the areas you want to fish but if you find one of them use
it as a section marker and as it deepens out as it goes downstream that’s the
area you want to be looking in and these little shallow areas where the rocks are
I use this dividers so I’ll find one in one point and then further downstream
I’ll find another and I’ll fish the area in between they’re the places you
should be looking for barbel now I’m on a stretch of river here where there’s a
shallow section so let’s take a look okay so what you’re looking at here is a
shallow section of river you can see where it’s deeper here lets put my
finger in front of the camera where are we the section here where my finger is is deeper and then it runs up into a shallow section which is here see where
all the waters rough now the rough water is like a section marker for me and I’ll
avoid those areas if I can but the slower deeper water here on the left here are the kind of areas I’ll target when I’m looking for barbel let’s take a look at another area okay so let’s have a look at this area
this is atcham bridge and this is another area I use as a boundary for a marker there’s shallow water here and it runs into deeper smooth water over
there let’s take a look first at the shallow
water okay as you can see the water here on the far side is really really fast
the river’s got a bit of flow on it at the moment I think it rained yesterday
and the water levels slightly higher than it normally is but you can see just pan around a bit it’s fast and quite shallow okay so as we come off this shallow area
let’s have a look downstream now as you can see the river deepens out as we come
off that fast bit flowing this way it goes into lovely deeper water
and it’s perfect it’s got just the right flow it’s a steady walking pace there’s
no boils on the surface to indicate that there’s boulders or anything like that
down there it’s just nice smooth gravel now this section at Atcham thirty odd years ago it used to be match fished regularly and this is how I learnt about
it by reading the writings of a local guy by the name of Mal Story and he used to
win matches on this section ton up barbel matches the matches are long finished but the barbel are still here okay so this stretch at Atcham here it’s lovely
water down there behind the trees going down its prime barbel water on the middle
severn and it’s well worth a look if you’re new to barbel fishing and you want
to catch your first barbel it’s definitely the place to go now you can get a ticket
from Lymm Angling Club they’re quite expensive to join these days Lymm but they do you do offer a river and canals ticket which just covers the rivers and
the canals so you can have access to this section for 40 quid which is an absolute
bargain so Lymm Angling Club well worth a trip
there is another section of river further up if you’re new to fishing Shrewsbury Angling Club they were good enough to put my videos on their new
Facebook page they are a newly formed club only one or two years old but they’ve
got a section of river called Preston Boats now I’m not a member of Shrewsbury but I do know the Preston Boats section from years of old and it’s a
cracker so their ticket is twenty quid a year and you can search for them on Facebook right I’m gonna find the swim now so once I get settled in we’ll take a
look at some of my gear okay so I’ve settled into a swim let’s have a look at
the rods and reels I’ve got okay so the rod is a Korum
they seem to be the people to go to for barbel gear these days and the rod
itself I don’t know whether you can see that twin tip + is what it says now
it’s a dual tip rod so you’ve got the butt section and then the tip
section there’s two one is 2.2 pound test curve and ones 1.75 pound test curve so you can
swap between the two I’ve got the two point two’s on today I’d rather be over
gunned than undergunned I also use the two point two as a floater rod as well
for my carp fishing so that’s the rod korum twin tip actually really nice
rods and you wouldn’t think so for a twin tip but they’re only £69.99 I was
quite surprised at that you know it’s not gonna break the bank it’s not a
custom build you know it’s a factory standard it’s not perfect but you know as a
barbel rod these are brilliant okay so my reel is a Shimano bait runner now this is the old-style
GT-4500 bait runner it’s one of my old carp reels and you’ll find I do this a lot on
my channel I recycle gear so I might buy it for a specific purpose like carp
fishing for these originally these are 30 years old now but I’ll also use them for other species as
well obviously I’ve got big pit reels these are going spare instead of
spending more money I use these instead of buying new reels but if I was
gonna buy new reels today I would go for the GT’s but I’d go for the 3500 size
because they’re smaller so they’re lighter easier to carry and you know you’re fishing a river you’re not fishing far out so you don’t need a big reel anyway
so the smaller model is more compact and probably better suited to
barbel fishing but I’ll recycle where I can you know save money is my motto and the GT-4500 you know it might be a little bit over gunned but they’re okay and they do the job now the reel line 12 pound now this is pro clear now for
those of you go carp fishing you may recognize pro clear it’s a dedicated
casting line really really thin diameter it’s the stuff I use when I want to
cast over 150 yards and I think the 16 pound comes in at something like 0.34mm it’s really thin and this is the 12 pound version again it’s thin so it doesn’t get caught in the current so
much there’s a little less resistance so it’s lends itself ideally to barbel fishing errm I don’t know many barbel angler’s who use it but for me it was
absolutely perfect so pro clear in 12 pound for my barbel
fishing and that’s what’s on these reels so that’s the rod and reel combination I’ve got a pair ones already fishing this one I’m about
to set up and after that it’s just a cage feeder and the fluorocarbon pellet
rig that I use now I’ll put a link to that at the end of this video and to
another video called barbel fishing on the river severn have a watch of those
because they cover my groundbait and the bait that I use and how I go about
baiting my swim and the rig I use as well they’ve both got the fluorocarbon pellet rig in so have a look at my other videos at the end of this one and you can see
the rig the way I use my bait as well okay but that’s the general setup I’ve
got myself on a nice slow stretch at the moment I’ve found that gentle walking pace water that I like I’ve baited up I’m using pellets today but if you’re new to barbel fishing you know it’s pellets luncheon meat and sweetcorn are
probably the three main baits for barbel take all three with you I’ve not
taken my own advice today I’ve just brought pellets but hopefully
they’ll work they’ve never failed me anywhere I’ve taken them so
hopefully this evening we’ll get a bite or two and I’ll be able to show you a barbel on the bank okay so that’s it for now I’m gonna set this up and I’m
gonna get myself fishing with this rod as well as the one and
then I’m gonna sit back stay quiet and hopefully a barbel will come in and
start feeding on my baits and pick my hook bait up so until later I’ll see you in a bit okay so you’ve seen my rods and reels so
let’s have a look at some of the other tackle I bring with me starting with my bucket okay so this is my bait bucket as you can see loads of pellets in the
bottom usually it’s a bit more full than that but it’s running down at the
moment and also in here I’ll have a layer of pellets and I’ll have a bag of groundbait this is marine halibut groundbait from dynamite which is my favorite barbel groundbait err also in here I’ve got a couple of tubs of hookers these
are spicy sausage pellet o’s and they are 16 mil I think or 14 mil something like
that and smaller 8’s in the same and they go in the bottom also in
the bottom of my bucket goes my bait box which I use for mixing my groundbait I’ve
mixed a load of groundbait up and thrown it in and I’ve mixed another load
and I’m fishing with this at the moment I’ve mixed some into balls so I can put
extra feed in if I think I need it but most of the time I’ll just fill the
feeder with what’s in here and there’s all kinds of pellets mixed in there as well that will go in my box when I’m finished and it’s cleaned out now this is a
ridge monkey bait bucket they’re actually quite expensive as bait
buckets go but what they do have is these top trays as you can see they
fit on there and they have a lid of their own as well that I can put on top and in these I have…that’s a bait
dropper so you tie it to your line put your feed in and it opens out like that you
put your feed and your pellets in there and then you close the lid and close it
like that and you tie your line to there and when you drop it in your swim
the weight at the bottom hit’s the bottom and it opens up and that allows you to get bait down the bottom in the current its great if your fishing under
your feet and you’ve got deep margins it’s worthwhile using one of these instead of a feeder err I’ve got various feeders in here some quite big some smaller different weights and sizes now because I’m fishing the River Severn I’ve got up to four ounces in weight I don’t generally tend to
carry anything heavier than that but you may find on other rivers you may need
to carry something heavier but I’ve just got an assortment of small feeders in
there not many I don’t really want to weigh myself down because I might
have to walk quite a distance so try and keep the gear as light as possible okay
so the other one it’s full of all sorts of
stuff errm superglue for gluing my pellets on that’s superglue gel which is
great because it doesn’t drip everywhere it’s ideal so if you using superglue get
the gel its new out a year or two ago I’ve found it’s really good as well as that Drennan supplex 10lb that’s my fluorocarbon hooklink that I’m
using for tying my rigs there’s a packet of super specialist hooks down there you
can see some PVA mesh in case I want to mesh a bag to cast out and these are
quite useful meat screws from korum you just clip one onto a hair and then you
screw it into a piece of meat and you can be fishing luncheon meat in no time
they’re actually really good them so I put some of them in there as well and the
other thing I’ve got that goes in here is a little fox mini box this is the kind
of thing you get in those fox boxes and it’s only small and if we open it up so
we’ve got a couple of spare beads swivels clips and stuff like that only a
small amount and there’s even spare hook in there I think yeah only small amounts so I’m carrying minimum tackle I can get away with really and that will go in there as well like the feeders that fits in the bucket
now with the lids all slapped on and all the gear put away that’s everything I need to cast out in there you know I can tie rigs put a feeder on errm mix my bait up get my baits out everything I need is in there the only
thing that goes in the ruck sack is the likes of food a flask my scales my
camera some water proofs in case it rains
that’s it really but everything comes out to the bucket and the bucket is really
easy to carry you know you’ve got your rods and your bucket in one hand well
your rods in one hand and your bucket is in the other and everything else is on
your back so it’s very very easy to stay mobile with a system like this which is
why I use it I’ve got one for my carp fishing as well this just happens to be my barbel
one so yeah those ridge monkey buckets for barbel fishers or barbel fishermen they’re actually really good so yeah that’s my tackle as you can see
barbel fishing it’s just about staying simple keeping it nice and easy running
feeder groundbait pellets on the hook or sweetcorn or luncheon meat it’s
nice easy fishing so that’s a look at my gear hopefully I’ll catch something
today and we’ll be back to have a look at the barbel I catch later on well there’s my first barbel of the day damn near ripped the rod of it’s rest they are brilliant sport let’s get him on the
bank and get him weighed there we go first severn barbel of the session from
that nice smooth steady flow I’ve put down a bed of pellets with some groundbait in the feeder and I just sat on it it’s taken a couple of hours just coming
into the evening time I got one indication that there was fish in the
swim I’ve been watching little nods on the rod tip off the small fish one big
massive pullover said something bigger is in the swim and I was just about to
recast and I thought you know what I’ll give it another five minutes and then the rod tip just got from wrenched around by this little fella so barbel fishing on the severn barbel
fishing in general if you’ve never done it before it’s great fun they really really do fight I can’t tell you how much they run on that first run they are incredibly
strong fish for their size I’m gonna get this one back and there’s plenty the
evening left yet so hopefully we’ll be able to bag some more well the lights
slowly starting to fade so I’m gonna give it another 10 or 15 minutes and
then call it a day I think I hope you’ve enjoyed this look a barbel fishing if
you’re thinking have giving it a try don’t forget those slow flow and stretches
nice steady flow it’s all about the flow and if you can find those areas and
within those areas look for any where that might be safe for the fish so
streamer weed a snag in the river overhanging bushes anywhere where there’s a bush gone in the water and there’s slack flow behind it or a back eddy as it
flows backwards anywhere like that will be areas that potentially hold barbel err
the stretch you’ve seen me on today the steady flowing water you’ve just seen
errm I’ve got streamer weed down the inside margin and I’m just fishing over
the back of it so that’s where I’ve caught that fish from err that little
barbel by the way was 5lb 4oz which is a great starter fish so if you
want to give barbel fishing a go by all means check out the clubs I mentioned
before the Lymm river ticket river and canal ticket and shrewsbury angling club errm they’ve both got good stretches water both worth a look so why not give
barbel fishing a try it’s not difficult if anything it’s easier than carp
fishing and it’s great fun so until next time take care of yourself and
I’ll see you soon

29 thoughts on “Barbel Fishing for Beginners

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  2. Nice video mark, very informative!, cant beat shimano reels and certainly with you on recycling reels, my pike reels have taken battering on the bail arm, still great and now loaded with mono for feeder fishing. nice barbel mate, well done top vid πŸ˜‰

  3. 4 pints of hemp and casters will get you Barbel in the summer.Small feeder on a loop,8lb main line,6lb bottom and 2 casters on a size 12.

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  8. Interesting what you say about recycling gear – I have a GT3500 Aero Baitrunner from about 25 years ago. Originally bought for carping, I now use it for barbel/feeder fishing. It's just the job. I agree about Korum rods, too – I have the 1.5 t/c all-rounder, lovely rod, which I picked up for Β£40. Tight lines!

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