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Basic Fishing Gear : Identifying Fishing Rod & Reel Problems

Basic Fishing Gear : Identifying Fishing Rod & Reel Problems

Alright. Now, something that I often encounter
everyday at the store is people bringing rods and reels that actually have a problem that
they can’t seem to resolve. And, usually it starts with either a frayed line or as they
cast out the lure keeps sailing through the water. Well, generally speaking what you’ve
got to do is you’ve got to check your guides on these rods. These are ceramic guides. It’s
like hard glass and they’re subject to chips and cracks. So, you’ve got to check each one
of them and make sure there’s no cracks or abrasions. Now, probably the biggest culprit
of a rod and reel is the tip. Because, tips always get beat banged and slammed around
a lot. I probably put fifteen tips on a day. So, you always check your tip and make sure
it’s not frayed up. Because, if it’s frayed up you’ll be able to tell. When you wind your
line back in you’ll actually feel fray on the line. That’s something you don’t want
when you’re out there fishing. You want your line to be as rigid and strong as possible.
Then, the second thing that you want to check. Check down here in the line roller area and
make sure that your line roller is not froze or there’s not a crack or split in the line
roller bracket. Ok.

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