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World Fly Fishing Championship 2019

Basic Fishing Gear : Monofilament vs. Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Okay, as far as leader material goes, for
most of your inshore fishing, I’d say monofilament gets the call. Less visible, it’s not very
expensive, it’s easy to tie, and fish can’t see it very well. Now, there’s another material
out, it’s called fluorocarbon. Now fluorocarbon is great leader material. The difference between
fluorocarbon and regular monofilament, doesn’t refract light so, so a fish, this almost looks
like water when it’s, when it’s being fished with. Where as with the monofilament, they
can see a little better so there’s basically a, a pretty big advantage in clear water using
a fluorocarbon verses a regular monofilament, but in regular color water where it’s not
super gin clear, either one is a pretty good choice. Now the main, the main thing you want
to concentrate on is, is diameter. The smaller the leader material, the more bites you’re
going to get. So, when you’re, when you’re fishing, you’re going to have to determine
that, you may want to start out a little bit material if you continue to get bit off and
it’s not holding the fish and you got to move up maybe to the next size, maybe go from a
twenty pound line to a thirty pound line until you can get the right size to hold the fish
for you. So this is two basic materials, regular monofilament and your fluorocarbon.

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