35th Wffc Bih 2015

World Fly Fishing Championship 2019

Basic Fishing Gear : Snap Fishing Swivels

One swivel that needs to be talked about which
is very common is a snap swivel; it, it really is a combination of a barrel swivel. As you
can see the line off of this plainer is tied to one end of that and on the other end there’s
actually a, a snap. It’s now in the open position but what this does is it allows you to place
baits on here without retying each time; see now just close it up. So if I want to put
a particular lure on here or I want to put a leader on here I can do so and I can make
many many changes without having to cut the line each time. And also the; the swivel also
takes the tangle out of the monofilament, say if you were trolling for instance; well
if you’re trolling say a spoon or a; or a plug and it gets fouled, and; and starts to
turn and spin, this snap swivel in combination with the barrel swivel takes take spin out
of your line so your line doesn’t get all tangled up. So there’s a lot of necessity
using a snap swivel particularly in a trolling situation but it makes a great joint particularly
if you want to put a lure on or put this like on the end of a plainer; makes a great connection
for that.

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