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Bassin’ in All Sorts of Weather

Bassin’ in All Sorts of Weather

– [Announcer] From CarecoTV, one of the longest-running
outdoor programs on television today. Exploring the country,
and the coast, in search of adventure. From the mountains of
the great Northwest, to the shores of
the Atlantic Ocean, this is Americana Outdoors,
presented by Garmin. (pop/rock music) Today, Americana
Outdoors’ Wade Middleton is launching his Ranger Boat at the legendary Kentucky Lake for a bass-fishing
adventure on a rainy day. – [Wade] We literally just
launched our boat here. We’re in Paris, Tennessee at Paris Landing State Park. This is one of my
favorite places to go and the reason why
is that it’s just got that great fishing feeling. Kentucky Lake is always one of
the great bass-fishing lakes as well as crappie, that you’re gonna
find in the nation. And people come here from
all directions to catch fish. And we’re gonna
piddle around today. There’s a lot of
storms in the area. We’re gonna talk about fishing when the weather’s kinda bad. Things that we do, and see
if we can’t catch a few fish while we’re at it, ’cause
this lake’s absolutely loaded, but that means we just
gotta go find them or we’re gonna be embarrassed
if we don’t catch them. There he is right there. There’s bite number one, here in Paris. Nice little chunker. I just, every time I see this
little stretch right here I feel like I
ought to be able to come behind here and catch one. I’ve never had a
chance to fish it. He ate it. Love it when they get
it right like that. You know when you’re out
fishing in weather like this, sometimes the simplest
place to unload where you can be protected
is a good thing that if you’re comfortable
with the conditions you can run around,
in any type of fishing-scenario like this. Usually have low pressure when
you’ve got storms like this. In my experience,
you get low pressure, you catch a lot of bass. You get out here and
it starts raining, I like to keep a couple
sets of rain-gear with me. I usually have one
real heavy-duty set, and one light-weight set, depending on the conditions. And it looks like it’s getting
ready to rain pretty hard. I’m gonna gear up with the
heavy-duty one real fast. Guys that get prepared for
these types of conditions can get out here and enjoy it, and they can fish it. Determined anglers
really are specialists at being able to handle this. Because a lot of guys
that aren’t geared-up and ready for this
kind of conditions, they’re out of the game. They’re gonna be
too cold or too wet and they just can’t fish. When you have the right gear that allows you to be in
these types of conditions that’s when you’ve got an
advantage over the competition. Get a few extra fish,
you’re gonna get paid at the end of the day. We’re just kinda
cranking along here, enjoying an
afternoon of fishing. And that’s what’s
most fun about it. This little bait right here, perfect for bouncing
around sand drops, brush piles, rock piles. I had this guy turned
every direction there was. It really has a great wiggle. The water color’s only about
a foot-and-a-half right now so I’m kinda looking
at it from a scenario that I like that
fire-tiger color when I get in this type
of fishing conditions ’cause I really think
it shows up better. The fish can be drawn
into that wiggle and the action, and
the noise of the bait coming through there and
when they get close to it at the end they can see that
fire-tiger and just fire on it. There he is right there. I had made about 15
casts through there. And that’s a little bitty guy. Right off that little rock pile before I got that bite. He just as well
could’ve been a giant. It’s amazing to me sometimes how many times you
have to make it cast before you can trigger a strike. And obviously that was
not what I was expecting. It got real deep back here too. I might catch a giant. This just looks right. I love to fish around marinas, I like to fish
anywhere obviously. Marinas with rocks in
a scenario like this, just feels like a great
place to catch one right now. The lake is way
down where we’re at. You gotta work a little
bit a lot of times to get back behind places and maneuver around them. But if you take your time
and not make too much noise and respect the folks property
that are all around it you can get back into
some of these and really catch some great fish. Not a very big one. I imagine that’s
what I’ve had bite it the last couple times. I’ve missed a couple of them about that size probably that were just kind
of slapping at it in this darker colored water. Didn’t miss that little guy. What I’ve got here. Whatever I’ve got
is maybe a drum, or, I don’t know what it is. It’s kind of
spinning down there. (laughing) Hope he doesn’t snag something. Mister Whiskers! (groans) I knew I didn’t have
a bass that time. Let you go back. – [Announcer] For any additional
information on this show, or any previous shows, visit Americanaoutdoors.com. Americana Outdoors
presented by Garmin is brought to you by: Welcome back to
Americana Outdoors. You know, it’s not uncommon
when you go fishing and the weather
changes all the time. Sometimes it’s hot,
sometimes it’s windy, or sometimes temperature
drops drastically. You have to be ready
for any situation. And Wade knows that very well. – [Wade] A buddy
of mine, years ago, literally fall out of the boat, I remember it well,
it was Lake Amistad. We were practicing for a
tournament and it was cold. Water temperatures in
the upper 40’s, low 50’s and you hit the trolling motor
and the next thing I know he was swimming. Scared me to death, and
he was just turning blue, and we were about 20
miles to the boat ramp. And by the time
we got back there it seemed like his teeth was… (imitates teeth chattering) Like that. You know, we didn’t have
extra clothes in there, didn’t have the right stuff that ever since then I’ve really
kind of gone out of my way to make sure I always
have an extra rain-gear. If we’d had extra rain-gear, we could put him
in dry rain-gear. Little things like that, they don’t sound like
they’re that important, they really are. Just being geared up and ready, really make a difference. Most of the fish
that we’re catching are way in the back. There’s a lot of bait-fish all the way in the
backs of these pockets, so we’re just covering
as much water as we can. It’d be the same thing
somebody could do at home on their lake,
you know when it gets down ad it’s kind of cold like that, in fishing pockets that have
a lot of bait-fish in them. Fish right there just smoked it. All of these pockets
are just full of big thread-fin shad. And we’re just trying
to match the hatch, for lack of a better word. That’s a nice one right there. And throwing it out
there and pumping it, and we’re mimicking exactly
what these fish are feeding on. Those shad that we’re seeing, we know thread-fin
shad look just like what’s sticking out of the
mouth of that fish right there. And with the water
temperatures being cold those shad will die and when
they die or they struggle they just kind of flicker down, and these fish are
biting it on the pause. And the baits just falling down and they’re, pow. A pair of gloves like this,
in a fishing situation that we’re dealing
with right now, the temperatures dropping. You know, these are gonna
give you some protection against the elements,
allow you to be able to fish a little longer. For tournament anglers
out there, to me, something like this or
something similar to it is gonna absolutely be a must. And I like to wear
mine very tight. So I actually buy them
generally a size small and just kind of deal with them. Some people wear
the gloves where they’ll actually
flip over like that, I’ve worn some of those,
they’ll work as well. But I’ve really found
these to be phenomenal because they’re a
great wind-stopper, I can get them a little wet, they don’t retain the moisture like a lot of the
gloves do out there, so my hands aren’t gonna
get necessarily as cold. You know, when you’re
covering a lot of water, and you begin to
get bites on a lake, one of the coolest
things right now to me is okay I got a bite
in three foot of water and I got those bites
in the backs of pockets. Well I can go to my Garmin, and I can set my
unit up to highlight the depth range that
I’m getting them in. And I’ve really gotten
big about doing that, and I’ve got three colors
right now set up in there that are gonna be
like zero to five and five to ten, and it’s
gonna highlight the entire lake that’s gonna be water that’s
gonna be zero to five foot. Well, what’s amazing to me
is when I’m running around on these lakes now and
you’re out in the middle, and you see these
little high spots or you see these little islands
that are gonna light up, and you can see these
pockets that’ll actually kinda outline where
some of that is. How that gives me
an instantaneous
peace and confidence that I can pull in there and go right to what
I call the nuts, and possibly find the
cover I’m looking for and hopefully catch
some bass there. And that’s a tool that I
didn’t have before, you know. I just kinda run down
and it’s hard to maybe look at all the
contour lines and digest the information there. And now, it’s all
color coded for me. That’s a good one right there. Fat, sassy, pre-spawn. Kentucky lake good one. You get out here
twitching around jerking them around,
cranking them around on these ledges and drops that
this lake is so famous for. A lot of the times
you had both hooks in there at the beginning. Hey this fish here’s been cold. He’s got a color ring marking and that’s always so cool to me when you catch one
that’s been cold. I like the dumb ones though too. Oh yeah! There’s you a Kentucky
lake stud right there. That is a stud right there. Two-and-a-half, three foot
of water right on drop. That’s fun. – [Announcer] Well up
next, it’s a beautiful day on Wilson Lake, Alabama. We’ll join Wade and
Clark on their favorite summertime shallow
water fishing. Americana Outdoors
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Americana Outdoors. We now head to
Wilson Lake Alabama to meet up with Wade
Middleton and Clark Wendlant for an early-summer fishing. – [Wade] We’ve had good
luck in Alabama before but what do you… Alabama’s known for
a lot of good lakes. – [Clark] It’s got great
fishing all over it. We’re on Wilson
Lake this morning. We’re getting started early. I mean, we’re kinda hoping
the shad are spawning. You and I like fishing shallow so we’re starting off shallow. – [Wade] You know, we’ve
fished down at Smith before, and obviously we do the
college event on Pickwick, but there’s Guntersville, there’s a lot of
good bodies of water. – [Clark] A lot of
great places to fish. Alabama’s always been great. They’ve brought a lot
of tournaments there. So I’ve had a lot of
opportunities there. You’ve fished all
over the state. Great, great fishing
all over Alabama. – [Wade] Let’s go catch some. – [Clark] Let’s do it. – [Wade] Want me to go down
here so you can go that way? – [Clark] Maybe go to that side, ’cause then the next
patch is right here and we can just shoot
right across there. – [Wade] There’s a bass. Good one right there. Little topwater action. There’s your sign, when
we saw the other one both of us didn’t take any
time to grab a topwater. – [Clark] That’s exactly right. That’s why we start
early in the morning a lot of the times,
catch one on topwater. That’s a good, chunky fish. – [Wade] One thing about
Clark, he makes fast moves. When something doesn’t go
right right off the bat he’s not afraid to make
a quick move in there and grab something different. – [Clark] I just
gotta get in it. I’ve already seen
two blow up in it. So you’re flipping it,
and I’m gonna get a bait in the middle of it. – [Wade] I flipped right back
in there on top of that fish. He didn’t want any part of it. Didn’t hesitate did I? – [Clark] No, you
didn’t hesitate a bit. – [Wade] There’s what
bit you probably. That was awesome. I about got the cameraman
back right there, did you notice that? I about got him back, I’ve
never done that in my life. But I’ve never had my
glasses knocked off either, when I’ve been fishing. So we’re going
for another first. I probably wouldn’t
even have been sad. I probably would’ve
giggled on that one. – [Clark] Little bitty guy. That’s awesome to see though. Aggressive. The middle of the back
of these is real shallow. And there was bluegill
spawning in them. When we were here I figured
there’d be plenty of bluegill. I called this
stuff water-willow, basically what it is
is it actually comes up out of the water, it
looks like willow leaves, grows in three to
five feet of water. Holds lots of bait. There’s gonna be brim in
it, there can be shad in it, and what we’re doing is actually
going along flipping it. You can topwater it, you
can throw a swim-jig in, there’s a lot of different
ways you can fish it. When you’re thinking about putting your boat in the
water early in the morning, you just don’t
really have any idea. We both like starting shallow. So we’re gonna start shallow. But then, kind of
the sky’s the limit. – [Wade] Yes it is. You gotta go where they
wanna be as the day goes on. I’m gonna go shallow
until I can’t get a bite. That’s just my mentality. And then I’ll go, okay,
gotta get the deep stuff. But these lakes
are known for that. – [Clark] Yeah, they got
tons of deep water on it, some schooling white
bass right there. That’s some big old shad. – [Wade] That was a big shad. You wanna catch him? – [Wade] Well, I don’t know. We’re gonna go back in there. – [Announcer] Americana
Outdoors Wade and Clark continue their search for big
bass in Wilson Lake, Alabama. We’ll be right back
after these messages. Americana Outdoors,
presented by Garmin, has been
brought to you by: Welcome back to
Americana Outdoors. Wilson Lake is the reservoir
created by Wilson Dam, as part of the Tennessee
Valley Authority, or TVA. The lake stretches from
Wilson Dam, to Wheeler Dam. – [Clark] You know,
Wilson’s a Tennessee River impoundment that’s just
a little different than the rest of them. It’s got tail-race,
which all of them have a good tail-race on them where right at the
base of the dam the water comes out
that creates current. A lot of shad go up in there. You can catch a lot
of bass in that. But then other than that,
it’s a little different than most of the TVA lakes. It actually is a deep lake,
it’s got lots of deep water. It’s got lots and
lots of bass in it. The way this lake sets up, there isn’t very many
bars out in the middle. Most TVA lakes have a lot
of what we call ledges. There’s a couple big
ledges on this lake. We may go fish
them after a while. But for the most part, this
lake has got deep water so there’s a lot of
bluffs, there’s a lot of quick diving points,
and then there’s a lot of shoreline cover. There’s a ton of wood
here, plenty of docks. So you can fish shallow
cover on this lake whereas a lot of the TVA lakes it’s a little bit harder to do. – [Wade] At least I caught one. Captured one. I actually caught one, I’ve been watching you
catch them up until now. Not a great big one,
but pretty fish. Healthy fish. You’ve gotten a little heavier
weight punched into this. Which is really what
I need to be doing. I’m not penetrating,
and you’re being able to make those pitches
into that thicker cover. – [Clark] Yeah, and one
thing I think happens, we’re out here today,
there’s no breeze, there’s no nothing. You can kind of tell
everything’s kind of stagnant. You don’t feel like
they’re going to be up, you know, we’re gonna catch
a lot of fish on moving bait. We’ve noticed that
right off the bat. You kind of started
flipping right off the bat. Well, what I think now is I need something that’ll
sink down there fast to get a reaction bite. And so we’ll see if it works. – [Wade] I’m kind of
planking on the edges. You’ve had three bites up in
the thicker stuff already. And you can’t with
this lightweight, get into that. – [Clark] It just
won’t get in there ’cause it just
won’t go over that. – [Wade] Fish on! – [Clark] The thing
I’ve noticed is, we haven’t been
out here very long, not a big one at all but, they bite it as soon
as it goes in there cause I think the heavy
weight gets them to… – [Wade] React to
it as it goes by. – [Clark] Just one of those,
just kind of a reaction deal. But the right one, you
know you pitch in there and the right one
will bite it too. So you just gotta
get him to bite it. You look at this water willow
that we’re fishing right now and you can kind of tell
what we’re keying on. We’re trying to get in the
middle of it to get a bite. When we stay around the outside or if we kind of fish winding
baits or topwater on it, we hadn’t had very many bites. We feel like we kinda
gotta have a heavy rod, we’re fishing a tournament
ZX flipping rod, and if you try to get in the
middle of that braided line something that you can
actually get a bass out when he bites, we’re hoping
we can catch some big fish. So far it’s just
been little ones. – [Wade] He hit it swimming. – [Clark] Did he really? – [Wade] Yeah. (both laughing) – [Clark] You know, Alabama
just has so much to offer. I mean as far as fishing goes. You’ve got deep water,
you got shallow water. You got plenty of cover. They care about their fisheries. They know it’s something
that can draw people. People wanna come to this part
of the world to catch bass and it’s got good quality fish. It’s a fun state to fish. – [Wade] We like to do
this when we’re shallow. This suits our desires,
that’s for sure. – [Clark] One thing about it is, one of these times
we’re gonna jerk and it’s gonna be a good one. – [Wade] Be a big one. – [Announcer] Don’t
forget to visit us at Americanaoutdoors.com for in
depth stories from the fields. Hey thank you for watching, and we’ll see you next
time on Americana Outdoors. Americana Outdoors is
a CareCoTV production.

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