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BassQuest LIVE from the Summer Ledges | Chickamauga

BassQuest LIVE from the Summer Ledges | Chickamauga

what’s up everybody welcome back to
nother live stream from BassQuest today were doing this out on the water I was
planning on actually being home a lot sooner today so I could do this live
stream with you guys but Cole and I want to take a peek at Cole he’s still up
here wrecking some fish we were catching them too good to leave we’ve got what do
we got cold 25 26 pounds got one fish over ate one fish in the seven pound
range you guys are gonna see you some really cool footage on that but we’re
out here deep fishing some ledges we’re gonna start doing some videos on a
little ledge fishing and then just messing around so you don’t we can what
see what we can see there if anybody wants to message in the live
chat see if I can actually see that I’ve never done this from my phone before so
see what we got here send some messages in there but anyway we’re doing we’re
out here on the Chickamauga here and they’re not pulling any current right
now and so what happened it looks a little a little bit slick right now but
when we were really catching these fish was an afternoon and there was enough
wind there was actually one point there’s some three and four foot waves
out here and we were able to get on these fish and using the wind as the
currents in other words the wind was causing these fish to group up just like
they’re supposed to on these ledges we got out here and put the hammer down on
them pretty good just the standard ledge fishing stuff you know big crank baits
and big worms and jigs and everything in between
still looking we need we need think our smallest fish right now is what a three
and a half maybe so we we could coal one of these three and a half we need leaned
ourselves another six pounder eight pounder get rid of some of these threes
we could be pushing at thirty pounds in a minute Tim Evans asked what kind of
depth range are we targeting right now in the transition well you know we
fished a whole lot of stuff today we fished real shallow we caught a couple
of our good fish and you know six seven foot of water caught some fish that are
in the 12 foot of water range and we’ve caught fish way out and you know typical
summertime ledge fishing 20-plus foot of water as well so seems like they’re
pretty much everywhere right now it looks like most of the spawning activity
is pretty much put on hold at the moment not seeing as much shot spawn activity
right now or a bluegill spawn activity although I’m sure there is some upriver
but whatever it’s just the shadow pushing back out getting on these ledges
and getting on these intermediate points and secondary points and stuff in the
creeks and that seems to be where a lot of the fish are doing their deal any
more questions on there feel free to hit me with them yeah you’d pull out here cold needs to
go ahead and catch me one real quick we were catching pretty much pretty regular
we’ve got we left for a second somebody kind of jumped on her hole over there we
had to go see if the grass was greener on the other side of the fence it wasn’t
quite catch me a 10-pounder Cole 12 pounder like we talked about earlier a good spot right now so I’d say it’s
gonna grace us with the fish catch pretty soon here y’all stick with us
here any more questions we can talk a little bit more about this transition
but basically what those fish do you know a lot of fish push back in the
backwaters they push on to the flats they push into the backs of the creeks
to do their spawning deal and then a lot of them stay there you know like a like
a lot of people will tell you they split you know a lot of fish stay in the backs
there and a lot of fish move out deep and so what we’re keying in on some of
these earlier fish that are moving out deep he’s asked how tight the schools
are right now a lot of them are kind of spread thin right now because again we
don’t have the current really and what I’m seeing also is the Fisher up and
down in the water column as well they’re not glued down to the bottom but there
is enough current to at least position them so there’s some what they’re
grouped up enough that we can really key in on it
we’ve had several doubles now Cole what do you think six six doubles probably
I’m so they’re grouped up tight enough for us to do that Cole had two on at one
time earlier as well so that was pretty neat Oh Cole scared me there I thought
yet to be in he has a big old log or something down there maybe some more questions down there
Heath Jordan she got buddy bill Knowles asks my favorite deep
cranking stick line and reel so what I like my favorite and I’ve actually I’ve
switched this up a little bit my actual favorite is my Lou’s BB one five two one
but I’ve still got heavier line on that dude so my favorite rod this is this
micros mag cranking stick it’s a 7-eleven mag cranking rod I can really
launch it it’s nice because it fishes down those little 6 X DS and stuff like
that but I can also launch I’m fishing eight XD right now launch that sucker
way out there and 10 X DS and things like that fishing that on 12-pound line
because we’re you know some of those fish are a little bit deeper than others
so trying to get down there as far as possible I use that k9 original fluoro
so it’s it’s not a true floor carbon it’s a fluorocarbon with a little bit of
nylon added but it’s pretty much as clear it also syncs so that’s a good
thing that a lot of copolymer type lines do not do but it’s thin diameter it’s
really strong stuff and it’s got some more stretch to it so I really like when
I have trouble hook baits to have a little bit more stretch so I don’t have
any issues with a fish you know breaking me off when they make these really tough
runs at the boat right now I’ve got that team light on there it’s a 6 gear ratio
reel that’s working pretty good but again that BB one with that bigger spool
if I had that on here right now with that 12 to 14 pound line I could really
bomb this thing in the next week still casting what you’re making 55 60 of cast
and stuff right now but I feel like that bb1
a little wider spool I can get out there further more questions here some of these you’ll
have to probably ask me if because the chats popping up and popping back there he’s asked if I was a long line to
cranberry what setup what I use is the exact same setup that I’ve just talked
with you about what’s what we’ve been doing a lot of long lining we’ve been
doing a lot of casting and cranking you know Neil and reel type stuff that same
setup is what I really like what do you like 10 XD I like the extra heavy from
throwing a 660 I like the medium heavier heavy the keys having a longer rod and I
really like called a lot of line I’m asked the main thing and I will say
these witchdoctor rocks down here are absolutely sweet you can see he’s kind
of 10 XD right here and he’s got the 6 XD rod somewhere really cool though if
you’ll notice he they’ve got the eyes turned on this thing for cranking and
it’s just really neat he gets some bomb cast out there but it’s not a hundred
percent class that where is it oh they are yeah they know that you can
see they’ve got some wrapping on there they taped them yeah yeah the X wrap on
there that is really a key thing because I cannot stand a true glass rod an
actual noodle knock you in the back of the head with a you know 5 X D style rod
those rods that he’s got there’s enough body to them they’re not super fitting
down at the end I really like those Blake’s that they use on there I
personally like a rod that’s got some graphite in it for all my cranking
whether it’s mid-range cranking small body cranking or big deep diving plugs
like we use in the summertime here also called a nice fish on that Magnum
or that big sexy dog today – which was awesome
BB one question what is it Jeff Jackson actually good question there he said are
we sitting up on the ledges are we throwing on to him we’re doing both a
lot of times we’re doing that long line and we’re going back and forth we’re
changing angles up on the fish and that’s what keeps those fish fire and
keeps them going so that we’re able to get multiple bites on there give me some
more questions my boys catch me a fish go more questions guys ask him ask him
to idle up we’re gonna idle just for a second here get up to the juice hole
again see if I can block that sign a little bit there we go
hey more questions guys ask away I know you guys I saw some more on there
these questions are disappearing on me because of the way they they run this
app here so if you keep asking I’ll be able to kind of go down the line and
answer as many of them as I can we’re gonna idle up to where these fish are
really stacked now so hopefully Cole can keep us going with some fish catches as
well maybe I’ll have to get a net you can go ahead and catch the some of them
Bacon’s we might break thirty pounds today guys we got our good solid base
right now we really just need one or two more big uns he asked if I change the stock
configuration on the brakes I do not I go in there on the pins I believe
there’s two off colored pins I go in there and I keep those two on I leave
all the other ones off I like a really free spinning reel on my BB one looks
like hey yeah that’s a good point let’s look Cole’s gonna show us here
maybe you guys can see that yeah so here we go there’s a steep ledge couple
stumps right there on that brake they’re pulling current a lot of gonna be
sitting right here on top and that’s why they’re hard to catch when they’re right
there they’re easy to catch hopefully I can see that but right now there’s a
bunch right there in that drop I mean all the way out to you know 23 30 foot
of water but those we should have caught some for some reason they didn’t buy
they probably has been beat all over today but we’re gonna go read to know
spot and try to get a that’s really a good point you know we’ll probably do
some videos this summer I’m real soon on just understanding what things should
look like on a graph what you’re looking for as far as how they set up you know
what you need to see on the graph before you really want to start fishing one sec somebody somebody asked one of the top
shallow baits for this transition here one of them we talked about in that last
video we actually caught some more big fish on that today and that’s that
really lightweight Texas rig we’ve got a lot of emergent grass coming up it’s
coming up into you know it’s maybe a foot two foot and a half long and these
fish will bury down in it when the Sun gets up there in the middle of the day
so what we were doing is using that really light Texas rig I actually put a
peg on both sides of mine so I could take it down there and I could also run
it up as a like a lightweight Carolina rig or mojo rig and and caught a couple
of nice fish on that today Kole caught some nice fish on a light weight Texas
rig as well so that’s one of my favorite ones I like Big Top waters like I’ve
just said you know I caught a couple fish on this mega sexy dog right here I
really like that at a top water bait I like moving baits you know a swim jig a
chatter baits really good if you get some breeze out there and the fish are
really on shad spinner bait can be awesome as well but I like top waters
buzz bait frog is awesome for this transition as well you know it’s just
some gifts that fish a little something different I like to fish them you know
open water as well so on some of my favorite ones oh it Jake we’re not gonna
discount the dig you can use it casting hopping that thing moving it through the
grass you can swim it I mean you can flip of course as well any more
questions hit me up yeah to confirm I do go in there it was
funny because the stock one that I had I’ve got a few of them and sometimes
they have more brakes on sometimes they have more brakes off I keep two brakes
on and the two opposite ones that are miss colored it’s a tea that I keep on somebody asks if I throw glide baits in
the summer I do throw glide baits in the summer and I throw them a lot and you
know backwater areas anytime those fish are shallow around cover you know if
they’re getting around lay downs and stuff where you can flip for them
throwing those glide bass can be fantastic for doing that so that’s one
thing that I do hello from Minnesota what’s up yeah O’Keeffe there yes those areas
where you have you know there’s actually one right over here
Saudi Creek comes out and it creates where Saudi Creek meets the main river
ledge anytime you’ve got a main creek or a secondary channel that meets the main
channel those are typically community hosts because they’re really easy to
find in the fish it’s a major current break major eddy and the fish can easily
set up and you know they’re super easy to target there and a lot of times
there’s mega schools really big schools of fish how far a fish Moo at the current
conditions say 30 versus 13k so what he’s talking about there is the gallons
per second that they’re running out of the dam so the more current you have you
know 30,000 50,000 60,000 what that typically will do is it’ll either suck
those fish down to the bottom and or it’ll push them further up onto the
ledge into shallower water so what you have when you have low current like we
have right now is the fish can comfortably move out and about so they
can suspend off the ledge they can be up on the ledge and they can get super deep
as well and the reason why they do that is because there’s a smaller or eights I
should say a larger window that this bait fish can run and so they have to
get out there and kind of hunt down the bait more so the bait coming to them what else we got gas ah get them cold get them that spoon in their honor
comes about to get us one our lineups a little bit messed up from before we got
some guys we’re trying not to get too close and mess them up but juice hole is
not available at the second I love fishing a big spoon and a lot of times I
fish a medium spoon as well you know the Lake Fork spoons from nickels in that
six to eight inch range I think they’re yeah five and six inch range those are
both awesome I’m caught a lot of fish on those last year caught a lot of fish on
the let’s see here the eight inch version I haven’t thrown the tent as
much I’ve got several of them but it’s not as much of a confidence bait for me
but yeah nickel spoons out here on the Tennessee River guys they they catch the
fish and the reason why I was telling him and he knows he was just about to
pick it up but a lot of times you get these fish you know we’ve gone so now
we’ve come back we’ve got to refire the school there’s probably 200 fish sitting
down there but you still have to get them going enough to where they’re
eating again so he’s gonna throw out there and see if he can refire the
school for us and appreciate that well that was a super fun video to shoot with
gene I’ve got to fish with him quite a few times so you’ll see some more videos
coming down the pipe hopefully he’ll get out here again with me and we can hit
some of those ledges look at the graphs and stuff like that he likes to do a lot
of the same content that I like to do as far as the teaching stuff and things oh yeah Terry asked me if I do any night
fishing I absolutely love to go night fishing now some of the things that I do
you know first all you got to make sure your lights you got to make sure all
your safety equipment everything has to be going really well running really well
if you’re gonna go out fish at night you need some good electronics so you can
run I like to have a spotlight on me so I keep from hitting floating debris and
stuff like that because it does happen out here and you’re not gonna get as
much help when you’re out here at night so that’s something really important but
as far as the actual bass I like to use a lot of times out for moving baits so
top water is of course a factor there big whopper plop or buzzbait big frog
something that makes a lot of noise for top water then moving down into water
column I love a nighttime spinner bait big Colorado blades sometimes I go with
you like an Indiana blade but or double willow blade even it depends on what
kind of bait the fish are on and it’s funny because you know a lot of guys say
you use black and I love using black I like to also have some purple in there
some blue and I really like using white and sartruse at night but I throw swim
baits as well like a you know hollow body swim bait at nighttime but moving
down to the bottom to really catch a lot of those big fish I catch a lot of big
fish at night on a big jig with a big trailer when I say big trailer I’m
talking like a full size missile baits destroyer you know big creature bait as
a trailer something that’s going to move a lot of water big takes this rig we’re
movin CH worms 14-inch worms again you know black color or really vibrant color
seem to be really good for that chatter Bates really good at night – any
other questions boys Colts got the spoon look out now – go time you got bid did an awesome video he
caught a nice fish on a glide weight up here absolute giant Rebecca says she’s
selling my trailer don’t do it don’t do it that’s Alex’s trailer Cole over here we have working that
spoon letting that thing flutter down fishing that thing on the semi
slacklining super important yeah turn camera on Cole I’m working on it I’m
working on working that spoon working that spoon should get bit any second now
Kentucky Lake what would you say aye Kentucky Lake
right now Cole he said it’s a good place to catch carp you know it should be a
whole lot of things going on Kentucky late just like there are here we haven’t
had as much rain so I’m not really sure that’ll how that’ll affect the shallow
bite but I know the water levels have been really stable on all these lakes so
you should be able to get on a shallow bite you know flipping trees and stuff
like that like a lot of guys do but don’t be afraid to go out deep as well
so get out there fish these ledges and it get deeper on the ledges you know get
out here and throw these big plugs around what I would tell you though is
to get out there and spend if you’re gonna spend multiple days there it’s
been a few days idling get out here at idle as many schools as
you can find can get 20 or 30 schools oh we’re on hard to film on this little chicken log you guys I’m gonna catch ten
pounders over ten pounders got fish busting out here too hey how
far did he cast the spoon out making a pretty decently long cast you know you
want to get that thing down there and this school is spread out across this
ledge so he’s able to cover water a lot of times I’ll make a short very accurate
cast though when I’m ledge dishing with a spoon just so that I can keep it right
in the strike zone where those fish are it’s a drop-top bait yeah beautiful that
sunset those guys love it love it love let’s get us another one go more questions my boys more questions
Beckett don’t sell my trailer by the way all right he thought what kind of weight
would I use for my swimbaits not a lot of times when I’m ledge fishing like
this you know this time of year a half ounce is tied on pretty much all the
time because I find a lot of fish are into eight to twelve foot range still
but a lot of times you know right now what do you have on your hollow body
swim bait right now cold one ounce you know 3/4 ounce 1 ounce something
that’s going to get down there and you want to get glued to bottom especially
when we get more current you know a lot of times we have more current so you
want something that’s going to glue down to that bottom and stay down there for
you do I fish lakes in Georgia not really to be honest with you haven’t
made it down there official in the year a few times and caught some nice spotted
bass on it but I’ve got a lot of lakes up here that have big spotted bass teeth
so I don’t really have a need to go down there I want to get down to Georgia
though and catch some shoal bass I think that would be fun I’ve never tried to crawl that crankbait
at night doesn’t get point though talking like a red or methylate orange
are you talking about like a straight-up Brown style crawled Advait crawl or
crankbait I should say that’s pretty interesting I don’t know somebody said you ain’t no
good Co but he’s got another one guys he’s on what we got here oh it’s heavy if it’s a bass I might have to put y’all
down and get in the net let’s put it that way my boss just takes me out let
him and his son will borrow a couple rods from me and they said that they’re
slaying right now in a local pond as well so that’s awesome it seems like the
fish are biting tonight looks like Cole is going to be
indisposed for a minute folks I’m gonna take this here net and I’m gonna slide
it up here FLW Pro stop my buddy no we’re just gonna sit back and enjoy the
show we got whisker fish I said you can catch a 12-pounder now
but I don’t know know if that’s a 12-pounder we’re after here
voila cool this is the second big wall out of that Cola spot here I might have
to get the grease out here oh man oh that’s a big that’s a big sagar oh come
on nice nice nice so what don’t we caught
now we’ve got what’s the second wall I’ve caught a catfish whoo that spoon
was close to my face right there eater I’m no kidding how do I feel about using the jerk bait
on the shallow flats this time of year a jerk bait for me like I use a rip bait
if I’m around some shallow schooling fish that works pretty good but the jerk
bait really starts playing again for me when we get that mayfly hatch that’s
gonna be coming up actually pretty soon here in about three weeks or so we’re
probably gonna get our first night fly hatch and when that happens the fun gets
a going son I love love catch them that way yes we drop sir all the time on
Chickamauga it’s a great way to catch fish a great way to catch finicky fish
but when you can catch them another way you know I prefer to do that it’s such a
pain in the neck to untangle that drop-shot every time
rebecca is trying to sell my trailer here alec is going to be so sad when
that trailer is gone any more questions folks and more
questions probably going to go about to the 30 minute mark and I’m gonna cut it
off so if y’all got any more questions now it’s time to ask me I got to get
back out there and catch some fish all right a rip bait in a jerk bait a rip
bait is typically a bait a lot of times it’s a floating bait as well but it’s
something that cuts a lot side-to-side it doesn’t sit there and suspend doesn’t
have a very it’s a more erratic action so you know the RIP stop from what is
that Rapala rip stop that’s a type of rip bait and there’s a whole lot of them
out there that you can use as a rip bait as well you know something that cuts
really hard side to side that Jack will rearrange is a good one but basically
that’s the difference it’s something that you want to keep in constant motion
a rip bait is versus a jerk bait it’s something that you can sit there and
suspend it in front of those fish arms are getting tired Seville yeah
magic swimmer maybe I don’t know what you’re talking about there heat what
line is best for swim gives in the grass a lot of times when I’m fishing a swim
jig in the grass you know it’s something that the fish is not gonna have time to
really look at they’re gonna ambush it – reactionary bite so what I’ll typically
use for that is I’m gonna use you know some of that canine braid I use a
straight rage forty to fifty pound test 45 pound test braid in a green color is
typically well-liked for swim bait or swim jig fishing sorry if the fish get
really finicky on me and I’m around sparse grass not really heavy grass I’ll
go ahead and you know throw it on fifteen pound test fluorocarbon that’s a
good point O’Keefe asked when we wrote Cole’s on again okay
I just paid rebecca paid two dollars for the trailer there
okay past when you’re idling your ledge you go directly along the ledge or the
zigzag back and forth and the answer to that is a lot of times I run it at an
angle so if I want to really believe this oh my goodness another big walleye
goes I know we have three step while I go
walk Nessus turn three pound wallet he’s
selling jeez anyway yeah I like to run at an angle so it’s kind of like you
parallel a bank you run a 45-degree cast that’s the way I really like to run and
go along the side there I really enjoy that I think that’s one of the best ways
to go ahead and graph across that ledge and I’ll go for you know a lot of times
if I really want to see those fish I’ll run shallow to deep and then deep to
shallow across that ledge it really depends we’ll get out here and do more
in depth video so you can see kind of how the mapping looks but it depends on
the ledge you’re fishing but taking that angle seems to be the best way to
actually see fish on there versus going directly off at 90 s or going directly
along the edge more questions folks we’re t-minus one minute for the live
stream what else we got probably the last question who gets the
last question when’s the best time to fish stump fields well heck fire I love
fishing stump fields all the time some of the best times though shallow stump
fields when the fish are spawning you know a lot of times they’ll spawn up
against those stumps that can be a great time to fish them when they’re coming in
pre spawn when they first push out of those stumps a lot of times will gather
warm water to themselves they’ll pull in those adolescent bluegill that’s a great
time to probably catch the biggest fish you’re gonna catch some stuff that in
the spawning time but also the bluegill will spawn a lot of times on top of the
stump or in the root balls and the shad will spawn on them too so there’s a lot
of different times you can catch fish on stumps that pretty much stayed there all
summer long but the main thing like we always talk about guys it’s looking at
where the fish are and they’re seasonal migration so right now a lot of the fish
are kicked out you know there’s not going to be as many fish on a lot of
those stuff flush there’s got to be something else holding them there Josh yes I would recommend starting
Shiloh in the mornings do some top water fish and have some fun fish fast get out
on the ledges when that Sun gets out that typically it’s the best time you’re
gonna be on the ledges and that’s when we on the Tennessee River when they
start to raise the current level as well which makes it better alright guys that
is all the time we have for today I’m gonna leave you for this beautiful
sunset and I’m gonna get back out here and catch some more fish y’all enjoy it
I hope this week

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  1. We caught some stud walleye today!! had two between 5-10lbs and some smaller ones. They are showing up on the hiwassee too.

  2. Dang it I missed this last night! My question to you is… I want to get offshore and catch them, but I'm not confident in where/what makes a good ledge, such as does it need to be where a creek meets the main river channel? Or turn? And how to position the boat…

  3. How did you guys like the BassQuest LIVE from the lake. Should I do more of these or should I stick to desk? Anymore questions about the Spring to Summer transition and early season Ledge Fishing?

  4. If you use braid as a main line and a 9ft floro leader you will eliminate the line twist when dropshotting.

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