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Berry Compote and Wood Sorrel Whipped Cream – CookIN’ Gone Wild S2 E4.5 | Indiana DNR

Berry Compote and Wood Sorrel Whipped Cream – CookIN’ Gone Wild S2 E4.5 | Indiana DNR

Welcome to CookIN’ Gone Wild field to table.
I’m your host, Michelle Cain and today we will be making a berry compote with a wood
sorrel whipped cream. We found our wood sorrel at Lieber State Recreation Area where we went
out with Summer Cooper and she showed us around and how to forage. Our berries we just bought
at the store, but if you go a bit later in the summer you can probably forage your own
berries as well whether that is raspberries, mulberries, whatever. They all will kind of
substitute. The other things we have our cream cheese, heavy cream, sugar, orange juice,
macadamia nuts, vanilla, and some butter. The first step is to take all of your berries
and go ahead and put them in the sauce pan. This is really simple, try not to miss the
pan. Add in some orange juice. I like to use orange juice instead of water because the
acidity helps break down the berries a little bit more. And some sugar. I’m going to stir
that around and we are on low to medium heat. We don’t want it to be too hot because we
want it to slowly reduce down and just kind of let that cook together. While that is cooking
down we are going to candy our macadamia nuts. Just a little bit of butter. Throw in our
macadamia nuts. Little bit of vanilla in there. Oh that smells good. And of course some sugar.
And you really just stir this around to coat them. These macadamia nuts were already roasted
so this is to just give them that extra flavor. That is it for those, so that is super easy.
We are going to set those aside and wait for our berries to cook down. To make your wood
sorrel whipped cream, the first thing that you are going to do is take all of the roots
off of your wood sorrel, which I already did. And then I laid some to the side for garnish.
You are going to garnish the top of your dessert with that. And just go ahead and chop this
real fine. Then go ahead and put all of that in our mixing bowl. And then we just add in
our other ingredients. So this is about half a block of regular cream cheese, our heavy
whipping cream, little bit of vanilla, some sugar, and then we are going to go ahead and
beat it until it’s all thoroughly mixed and nice and fluffy. Now our dessert is all
put together and it’s time to give it a try. Mmm sweet, crunchy, a little tart from the
wood sorrel, overall really, really good. If you would like more recipes you can subscribe
to our YouTube channel. If you would like to find out more about Fish and Wildlife programs
you can follow us on Facebook. Can’t wait to see you next time on CookIN’ Gone Wild.

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