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World Fly Fishing Championship 2019

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[Music] Does it get any better, mate? Heading out, no wind, heading out in the boat. Yes, well we got that many. We’ve got the tinnies and the big boat. I like the big boat. I do like the big boat. Mate, this is absolutely glorious. [Music] That’s some scary s***. Holy s***. They need to put up ‘no parking’ signs,
so we don’t park in the wrong spot. That’s the one. We both got a totally different style the
fishing, don’t we? Oh a completely different style of fishing. I catch the big fish. And I catch heaps and heaps of fish. You just catch one big fish with this big
hook and a big piece of meat. That’s it. I persevere. I want the big stuff. Jeepers, mate, that’s some serious hooks. That’s a big fish that takes the bait that
big. Then Simon chucked out the biggest bait you’ve
ever seen. Drag the boat under for a while. Take it, take it, got him! Oh, he’s got some weight. How big you talking? Big man. Look at it go. That’s gold. Look at him hitting the line. Oh, he’s gone. He’s dunny… dunny… dunny. Oh that was a beautiful bait too. I could cry. No way. You like the sports fishing with the light
gear. Yes. And I like to hook it and drag its ass in. That’s pretty much the main difference. Pretty much. You watch me catch him with this hook. There’s the hook and the lead. Now watch. You can’t catch fish like that, mate. Yes, you can. Watch. Like that! Did you see that? I’ll just catch a fish with a hook. No bait. No lure. Nothing. Very flukey. You are the flukiest fishermen that I know. Because seriously, I’m not that good at it. Little bites–we’re chasing some baldies. I don’t even really know what the baldies
look like yet. But I’ve been told they’re baldies. Getting a couple of little bites over this
side, mate. Got a fish? I do. It’s a baldchin grouper. I got my first baldie! Have a go at that for skill. It’s a horse. What a cracker! You’ve got some choppers, don’t you, hey? Yeah, the jewie. Yeah the jewie was pretty epic. That was my biggest jewie. I’ve shot some big jewies in the past, but
that was a cracker jewie. It was. I’ve got colour. What have you got? It’s a jewie. Get the gaff! Get the gaff, man! Just hold on a minute; I’ll get it. Get the gaff! He’s peakin’! If you lose my jewie, that’s it! You are walking home! I’m not ****ing ya. You miss it, you’re walking. I got it! Well done, mate. And look where you hooked him. I know. You foul hooked him. That was a good fish. That was a great fish. A bit like your tuna. That was a good tuna. Yeah that was epic. That was a good catch. We chased that for ages. I’m surprised I caught that. You weren’t exactly encouraging me to to get
that fish. I bet you’re wishing you had that big rod
now, huh? And when it goes POP, the disappointment is
just huge. You know that feeling? Shut up. It’ll be a lot easier to catch if a shark
comes and rips it in half. Don’t talk like that either. No sharks. It’s coming up now. It’ll take some grabbing. He’s a big fish. I don’t know if I’m up for the task. Oh yeah! There’s a fish. That’s a tuna, mate. That’s all-time tuna. Favourite fishing for me is gonna be the big
barra. It’s gotta be the barra. I don’t know what it is. The old barramundi. It’s just–the thing with the barramundi,
it is just… I don’t know. It just does your head in. They’re so finicky, you know, and we could
travel to the most remote locations in this country trying to chase that barra. And that’s got to be my best fish, I reckon. We traveled all the way to the Prince Regent. From Admiralty Gulf to the Prince Regent,
it’s 300 kilometers in one direction, and we did not catch a barramundi at that–do
you remember? I do remember. We caught plenty of sharks. I don’t like the sharks. I hate the sharks. You’ve been eating all of Jase’s fish. Oh, the old 1-metre barra. It’s been very elusive for us, mate. You think the amount of fishing we do, you
and I would have cracked the metre. I reckon I’ve gotten within millimetres of
the metre. That fish up near the cape? Oh yeah. Did you see that? Just sitting in the current and boom! Look at that. He was hooked in good. That big barra I got in that little inflatable
in that little pond. Yeah that was epic! It’s a big barra. Holy crap. It’s a horse. No, he’s gonna run me. No, no, I’ll get–
Oh he’s a horse. Yeah, I see where he is. He’s on the other side. Yeah, I know. What if you get in the tree? Right-o. Where are we? Out the end there. See he swum out. Yeah, I see him. I see him. Let me come around from the front, hey? Yep. No, I’ve got a lure in me foot. Is it right in? Yeah, it’s in. Just cut it off, and we’ll get it out after. Yeah, yeah, just hold on. I’m trying to. Yeah you get it in your hand and just bring
it up real steady and just catch my fish! Take your time. I have him in the grippers. Take your time. Get him in the boat, in the boat, in the boat. Yes! Well done! All time! Is he a metre? Tell me he’s a metre! I don’t know. I think he’s 90. I don’t think he’s gonna go a metre. That’s my personal best barra. That’s a horse. I’m glad that’s not my foot. Gee thanks. Mate, I reckon that’s got to be close to a
metre. That’s a good fish. Nah, that’s 90. That’s a solid fish. We’re gonna put that one on the list: we still
got to catch the metre-y. Oh we do so. It’ll happen. Me first, you second. Okay, me first, you second. Me first, you second. Omigod, omigod, omigod… Holy crap! Me first, you second. Me first, you second. Done. Oh, you’re joking me!

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