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Best of VIBES Awards – The Bay Fish & Chips

Best of VIBES Awards – The Bay Fish & Chips

So Bay Fish-and-Chips has been here for 13 years now. Core part of his business obviously is fish and chip takeaway, but sustainability and environment is a key part of what we do. So we’ve always looked for any innovative things at the Bay We’ve had apps to show people the pure food miles of every product. We believe in been transparent, nothing to hide so that the shop is open plan so customers can see everything. We tell everyone where the fishes come from, where the potatoes
have come from, every single item is traceable. So the customers feel part of the journey. And I think that’s what it is, you don’t want to hide to people anymore you want to be open I think it’s really good to have good green credentials because well we started doing it it wasn’t something that was really necessary, it was something we wanted to do. Now it’s the way of the world you know, school kids come in – they understand it easier than the older people understand it but the world changed and we have to be moving forward as a whole unit. When 2012, we were winners of the VIBES
business management SME award and which we then went on to be the finalists and
the European and we were the first people to ever do that for the UK. Funny thing for the way that winning a VIBES award we didn’t actually have to do a
great deal: it’s stuff that we already done, but it opened my eyes to things more that we could do and so we looked at their business not with tunnel vision anymore we looked at it with little wider score but it’s made me realize is you’ve got to keep moving forward because everything, there’s new things come along
all the time. So you’ve got to keep moving with the times otherwise you are
left behind and being recognized as one of the Best VIBES companies that there’s
been is a achievement for the staff and there’s is some great businesses out there, actually, some of them are suppliers but there is always forward moving and that’s what we do I think that’s because we’re always on the move, we’ve always looking to improve and lead rather and just sit back and absorb but the VIBES is really good because
it’s a small small small community but over a lot of different sectors so you’re not competing against your own particular industry but it’s a closed community so the information and the networking between people is second to
none really

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