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Big Lake Trout on the Aqua-Vu!!

Big Lake Trout on the Aqua-Vu!!

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100 thoughts on “Big Lake Trout on the Aqua-Vu!!

  1. I was just about to go to bed, and I see you dropped a new video. Guess sleep can wait for a little while longer.

  2. Lol all these people talking about sleep… What is that? I am either Fishing, Filming Fishing, Editing, Playing with Fishing Gear or Watching Fishing… Clayton is that to much fishing or did I miss something lol Nice Fish Big GUY!

  3. You sure love those longer more expensive rods…. I have been using cheaper rods, Dock Demon, Dock Demon (Dulux) and Dock Runner, all the are like 17 bucks and I think deserve a look at, could be the subject of a video or 3…

  4. Great video clayton. Do you think you could go in depth on you snowmachine and how you set it up for icefishing?


  6. Excellent Video as always!!! One question, how do you get such nice underwater video in 65ft. of water?? Must be clear water, i can't get that with my aquavu. 3 ft ice and 2 ft of snow on top doesn't help. LOL Thanks

  7. I don't understand how you don't have 10k subs yet Clayton. The content you have been putting out this winter is almost on the same level and the kind of videos Aaron puts out, but on a more regular basis. You definitely deserve a bigger following. Maybe because your videos aren't clickbait, immature content like some cough cough the googans cough cough so your videos attract an older more mature viewer base. Anyway, love the content man, keep up the awesome work!

  8. Awesome video man! love seeing the videos pop up with the notifications and watching them right away even in school! the tips and tricks you give with all species have gotten me to catch more fish!!

  9. So entertaining Clayton. Unbelievable lakers! Great rod information too. Thank you so much for taking us with you fishing. Your a master of your craft sir.

  10. What I actually do is put my pro resort hub in my second sled and then set up the pro resort and put the flip over inside the resort

  11. Great job Clayton!! Awesome Laker Action!! Something I've tried once but never have hooked into. Bucket list fish!!

  12. I like the idea of a pro and con video for hub and flip shelters. I've wanted to get an insulated flip, but unsure as I don't know anyone that has had one before and they are much heavier… Darn nice trout too Clayton, great video!

  13. Awesome video Clayton, as usual. Hoping to go up to Baker's next winter. Once again, great tips on different jigs to use.

  14. Your videos have it all man! Awesome camera angles, explain the gear you use, and catch giants! Keep up the amazing work!

  15. Your 8k subscribers are the luckiest and happiest on YouTube. People don’t know what they are missing out on. Another great video again Clayton!!

  16. Dude, watching you’re vids with my daughter is making us sooo excited for this summer. Taking her to NW Ontario for her first trip. Because of your show, our excitement level is through the roof!

  17. This was exactly what I needed this weekend. Lake Superior ice got trashed with the warm temps and rain so no more Lake Trout for me.

  18. Stellar video👍 check that leader for nick's every few fish i imagine a professional line yourself does but when that 60 plus pounder eats it ya want it in good shape🤪

  19. Excellent content and video. I love the double hole for the fish and you fight the transducer cord every time. Cheers!

  20. Althapap is AWESOME. Favorite lake in that area behind some of the portage lakes out of Cranberry! Its a bucket list thing for me to go up there in the winter!

  21. Another great video!! What brand of tube jigs do you use? You said 1-2 oz. and 6" in this video. Just wondering where to purchase some?

  22. I fish exactly like this but in 45 feet and the average laker is 17-22inces these lakers look like sharks on your camera lol I wish for fishing like that.

  23. Great video. Would you consider doing a video on tips of what to bring on a Northern Saskatchewan fly in fishing trip?

  24. I know how much work goes into your setup Clayton. The amount of time and labor is not lost on me. I sure do appreciate you going thru all this work, and your quality is the best! Your audio and lighting are way above everybody doing Outdoor Programming! I sure do enjoy your work and I hope any revenue you make partially satisfies the sweat and mental gymnastics of preparation you put into these videos!

  25. Stellar video and content as always. Laker fishing without all the camera gear can be a lot of work, can only imagine what your set up is like. Sure hope I'm able to make it to Clearwater, Athapap or Kississing early April, all these laker vids making me jealous. Need to hear that drag scream again!

  26. A bunch of different camera angles, acqua view with dope underwater shots and big fish. A lot of work, gear, set up and time went into This video. I Just subbed

  27. I LOVE lake trout. So fun to catch. Many people here in the niagara region don’t appreciate them as much as they should.

  28. Great fish ! Another gem camera shot bud. Great content for sure, I love watching you fish lakes close to me.
    I made a floor for my otter hub, sets up easy and very mobile on skis. I have a vid on my channel check it out. cheers !

  29. I have never fished for Lakers before but after viewing this video – I sure would like to try someday – looks like big fun. Another great video, Clayton. But, hey – your videos always are.

  30. Very cool video! You're channel is great for entertaining and learning! You're a very knowledgeable fisherman and the fact that your videos are insane makes it all the more enjoyable to watch. Keep it up!

  31. I love it. Big fish and real reactions. I can tell you do this because you love the fishing, and the passion shows in your videos.

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