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Biologists Electrofish for Huge Trout on the Southfork Holston River

Biologists Electrofish for Huge Trout on the Southfork Holston River

Hi my name is Steve Owens I’m a fisheries biologist with the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. I work in far southwest Virginia the Marion regional Office. Today we’re on the banks of the
South Fork of the Holston River which is a premier trout stream located in Smith
and Washington counties Virginia. It’s a unique watershed and that we have trout
habitat from Sugar Grove and it extends about 30 miles to the headwaters of
South Holston Lake. Okay so today we’re on the South Fork
Holston River here at the Buller Fish Hatchery. We’re conducting an annual fish population survey. We try to get out in the middle of the summer usually
early July and look at a lot of our trout streams throughout the area just
look at overall population numbers. Look at trends fish health and what
we’re doing today is using backpack electro fishing gear we’re able to put a
mild electric current in the water we’re able to collect these trout and it
allows us an opportunity to get links and weight. Today we’re also have our
state veterinarian on site doing some wild fish health monitoring and when we
get done we’re able to release the fish back in the wild for anglers to pursue
another day. Okay so as a trout angler there’s a number of different options
for recreational opportunities on the South Fork of the Holston River. We have
two special regulation areas, one is a two fish over 16 inch single hook
artificial lure only regulation and then we also have a catch and release section
single hook artificial lures only that has found that the Buller fish hatchery.
That section of river we’ve been able to develop it into a trophy fishery through
the use of supplemental feeding. It is primarily wild fish that are found in
that section mostly wild rainbow trout. A few brown
trout but in order to capitalize on increasing productivity we do do some
some feeding on a daily basis it’s allowed rainbow trout to grow up to 4 or
5 pounds and we’ve gotten some brown trout in 7, 8, 9, pound range. We’ve
been able to really provide the opportunity for anglers in this area to
catch a much larger trout than they typically would find in most of our wild
trout streams that are occupied mostly by fish less than 9 or 10 inches in
length. I’d like to encourage folks come visit South West Virginia we have
phenomenal trout fishing there’s opportunities to fish for trout
throughout the summer. We’ve got good flows and
and good populations are both wild fish and hatchery fish that folks can pursue. So come on down to Southwest Virginia & enjoy yourself! you

5 thoughts on “Biologists Electrofish for Huge Trout on the Southfork Holston River

  1. Thanks for sharing this video. My husband stops here almost weekly; he's seen a mama bear and cub here as well as a copperhead ( I think that's what he said). He caught his record rainbow trout here if I remember correctly.

  2. You guys are doing a great job getting these fish bigger especially in Washington county and Smith county I've been fishing there for a little bit now fish that I've caught have been fat and healthy keep up the great job

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