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Boat Leaning or Tilting to One Side

Boat Leaning or Tilting to One Side

Do you own a boat that is leaning or tilting
to one side? Hopefully this short video will help you troubleshoot
your problem. In my case, I noticed that my boat was always
leaning to the starboard side. For those of you that can’t remember that’s
the right side, the driver’s side. At first, I thought it was just me in the
driver’s seat. But recently on a calm day I had an opportunity
to view my boat from behind in the water. It was plain to see that it was leaning to
the right side even though it was sitting empty. I took the boat out of the water and brought
it back home to my laneway. I inspected the bilge area under the engine,
and that area was dry. My curiosity prompted me to remove the screws
that support the swim platform on the side that the boat was leaning. Immediately water started to pour out from
the three little screw holes. The water ran out for about fifteen minutes. I’m not an authority on boats, but it looks
like my bow rider has a cavity area on each side that is not supposed to have water because
it is built to help support the weight of the engine. There is no way that this water can escape
to the bilge area and be automatically pumped out. After the water stopped running, I decided
to drill another hole lower down, closer to the bottom of the boat in that area. I tilted my trailer and boat as high as I
can, and the water continued to drain out. I left the boat in that position for two days
to make sure that no water remained in that cavity area. I went to my local boat supply store, and
they recommended three different products to fill and sand that area. It’s a simple fix if you have the time and
tools. I repaired it myself and had the pleasure
of using my pleasure craft all summer. After my boating season, I’m going to throw
a little money at it and have it redone by a professional.

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