35th Wffc Bih 2015

World Fly Fishing Championship 2019

Bomber Brook Trout

the fish were very active at this time
and Wayne suggested I try a dry flight I eagerly tight on an orange bomber the
fly was purposely dragged across the surface of the water causing a wake to
form behind it this seemed to excite the fish and resulted in many vicious
strikes got it oh yes oh my god yes oh my goodness this is absolutely fantastic
brook trout large brook trout like this on dry flies he’s not gonna be ready
he’s gonna go for a run I know it yeah he’s got the bomber in his mouth and I
think you know what we got I think we got a tagged fish Gail Liam doing yes sir fish tank fish league male oh
yes oh yes six and a quarter six and a quarter not quite as big as that first
one but 42 inches six in the quarter male and we’ll find the number and we’ll
compare 3862 here’s our tag what a fish what a fish now I’m gonna start off we
see in some rising fish here and Wayne told me to start with the bummer I just
had a rise right here to me at a bomber is an Atlantic salmon fly but he says it
works very well on the brook trout well I’m gonna find out now we work them a
little bit differently than you do on a stream where you want a dead drift here
we’re gonna actually retrieve them in and try to make a little wake on the
water and see what happens got him got him yes sir not as big as the other ones actually
this compared to the other ones this quite tiny two and a half pounds maybe
it’s still a beautiful fish though lovely hi I’m Tom Rosenbauer hope you enjoyed
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