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Built-In MEGA Down Imaging Trolling Motor Advantages | Minn Kota

Built-In MEGA Down Imaging Trolling Motor Advantages | Minn Kota

Whether I’m fishing bass or walleyes, pan
fish or even Muskies my Minn Kota Ulterra with Built-In MEGA Down Imaging gives me
advantages that no other trolling motor can provide. Let’s start by talking about sonar. Beginning with the Built-in MEGA Down Imaging source. With MEGA down imaging, I never have to guess about the identity of objects beneath the trolling
motor. Weeds look like weeds, wood looks like wood and rocks, well, they look like
rocks. Fish, of course, appear as bright spots in my
MEGA Down Imaging view. Because of MEGA down Imaging’s best-in-class
resolution and target separation It’s easy for me to count fish in a school
and to clearly see fish that are hugging the bottom. My Minn Kota is integrated
transducer not only provides me with mega down imaging but it also includes a
Dual Spectrum CHIRP element for unmatched 2d sonar. The dual spectrum
CHIRP source gives me a clear clutter-free 2d sonar view with textbook
fish arches. Dual spectrum CHIRP sonar is also the technique of choice for
vertical jigging allowing me to see my lure and the fish responding to it in
real-time. Let’s not forget the mind Minn Kota trolling motor
with built-in MEGA down imaging is an integral component of my One-Boat Network where it interfaces
seamlessly with my Humminbird HELIX and SOLIX fish finders. This lets me control basic and advanced motor functions right from my fish finder and to tap into the
navigational power of i-Pilot LINK to support and enhance my boat control. All
of these real world benefits come in an explicitly engineered package backed by
the reliability of Minn Kota. The MEGA Down Imaging transducer is well
protected and there are no loose connect external mounts or cables that I have to
worry about while I’m on the water. Minn Kota’s bow mount trolling motors with
mega down imaging transducers are invaluable components of your fishing
arsenal and will help you to find and catch more fish.

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  1. Please update so helix gen 2's get DI. 2D is what my old Maxxum had (built in), feels like I wasted some money without an update for the Helix.

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