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Camp and Cook Steak Oscar On The Firebox Stove | Solo Canoe Trip

Camp and Cook Steak Oscar On The Firebox Stove | Solo Canoe Trip

everyone welcome back to Baum Grillin’z
today we’ve got something exciting going on for you guys we’re heading out to do
another camping cook oh yeah so it’s just me a canoe and some food we’ve got
this Creek that we got to go up that’s about a mile up a creek we’ll get to the
lake look at that lake there’s a little island what we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna camp on there overnight cook up some really good food and then
just enjoy ourselves stay tuned everyone despite the little creek lot to it it’s
very very narrow as you can tell it’s like that all the way up but it sure is
fun I mean you can’t beat the scenery and the end result is a nice beautiful
lake full of bass trout crappie anything you want can I have a workout today
gotta get rid of some of this fat this is the craziest Creek ever it’s so much
fun though look at those rocks up there they’re
really cool you can see where the water is used to erode them big old arch up
there that’s really neat should be getting pretty close to the inlet of the
lake got a little ways to go still I’m sure but I’ve been paddling for quite a
while can’t even see my car now yeah look at that
that is so cool up there mine just heard the cows yeah we’ll do a
little bit of fishing probably target some bass that’s mainly what I want to
do I just want to catch for fun I don’t want to catch and cook this time but I
do need to do another trout video cook it properly maybe almost there almost
there there she is huh finally not sure what time it is but probably took me a
good 45 minutes probably slower pace you know wow there’s a cool hawk over there there’s the lake but still got a ways to
go we got to go way out there around that corner to get to the island okay there’s the island way out there
you got some paddling to do stopping now I’m gonna skip the brakes beautiful stars I wanna drive faster
park and I think break nothing all right we made it to the island
now I’m gonna unload the canoe here and then I’ll show you guys camp all right camps all set up I’ll show you
guys what I did canoes way down there you’re gonna hike
all the way up here not too bad though you know it’s beautiful out here right
now here we go here’s the campsite for the night got a nice fire pit right
there got my tent set up rocking and rolling here in a minute awesome love it such a nice place alright let’s get to cooking our steak no bushcraft today okay while that fire
is going getting ready go ahead and prep our steak here I’ve got a top loin New
York strip steak should be good oh yes look at that that’s gonna be heavenly gonna go ahead
and hit it with that answer espresso because I’m in love with it duster again okay oh yes give her a
proper flip it’s been about four minutes or so oh that looks so good oh yes all
right that thing is where I want it got a little crispy my fire was a little
warm wish I would have tamed down but still looks really good I mean the ancho
espresso is gonna kind of you know darken up a bit – all right
that steak looks excellent now we’re gonna let it sit and rest and we’re
gonna make up some asparagus go ahead and get this off of here go set a couple
of fire sticks on okay get our pan add some butter get
that nice and melted gonna add a little bit of salt and some pepper and it is
just beautiful out here the lake is like calm down you can see
some fish jumping out there cooking a delicious meal I mean this is awesome
you guys I really really hope that you guys get out and do something like this
get off the couch stop playing the video games get outdoors do something fun you
know there’s just nothing like it you can’t beat it
oh I’m so hungry right now – come on let’s go okay that asparagus is good we’re just
gonna kind of stage it on top of our steak here and then we’ll get to the
next step that didn’t work come on ooh slippery slippery little
guys steak Oscar never had it all right we’ll continue to let that thing rest
and cook up our shrimp all right for our shrimp got to add some more butter so we
can saute them they’re gonna be good shrimp go ahead and get them things soft
and we’re gonna go ahead and hit it with some old bays and crushed red pepper
we’re getting a kick tonight and then we’re gonna squeeze a little bit of
lemon on there that shrimp is ready to go so we’re
gonna stack it on top come here you little slippery Bend thing man this
smells so good you guys look at that okay so we have one more
thing to do make that hollandaise sauce alright so
for hollandaise sauce what you need is you need the egg yolk so we’re gonna go
ahead and separate this real quick I’m gonna do it into the fire pit real quick okay got Aria Gilgal separated I’m gonna
put that into work up that thing now what I need to do is add some lemon to
it something like that lemon hear that owl yeah basically in the middle of
nowhere with nobody but my out friends okay right now we’re gonna let that sit
for just a second we need to get some butter going now I already went ahead
and cleaned out this got rid of the shrimp oil and all that melt that butter
up okay got that Milton alright so now that the butter is melting we’re gonna
take and we’re gonna whisk our yolk and our lemon juice I’m gonna want to whisk
it up real good don’t you love that noise okay now that that’s there we’re
gonna take our butter and we’re gonna whisk it in there to nice and slowly now that that’s all whisked together
we’re gonna add a little bit of salt to it and a little bit of cayenne salt and
cayenne now I’m not really sure if this is supposed to be like a thick
consistency or not I don’t know I’m just gonna try it all right there we go we’re
gonna add our little hollandaise sauce to it we’re gonna give her a shot oh it
smells so good mmm dab a little bit of that on top of there
well something like that looks pretty good what do you say all right there you
go steak Oscar this thing looks amazing and
it smells super delicious oh man steak asparagus shrimp I don’t even know
what to say look at this – it’s just beautiful out here
and I’m having a meal like this okay enough enough enough I gotta try it here
we go oh yeah that’s a good cut of meat right there get some steak
get some shrimp get some asparagus oh there we go right there let’s try it out
Oh oh that is amazing that’s the best thing
I’ve had holy cow that’s good mmm oh wow the hollandaise sauce is really good
excuse me what’s wrong the hollandaise sauce is are actually really good it’s
got the lemon in it ma’am I mean it’s it’s delicious it really is Wow I just I
can’t get over it this is such a good combination steak aspera grass shrimp dice of gum so beautiful out here just me fire and
my thoughts no one Oh uh-huh very peaceful and quiet
out here gummi bears I like to sit around and
tell jokes around a fire I honestly just wanted to kind of have some peace and
quiet in this time ya know you don’t like scary you don’t like to tell
stories around the fire no not stories oh no one else cares go
ahead jokes okay all right hit me with a joke then I guess okay what do you call
a magic dog al abracadabra door okay got any better okay I got a really good
one what day of the week the chickens hide Friday what kind of
jokes are these not funny you got any jokes then tell me your
jokes yeah I got a joke for you you ready why’d the chicken cross the road why to
get to the idiots house huh doesn’t really make any sense knock knock who’s
there the chicken whatever man I’m out of here all right I can say good morning now
what a beautiful morning it is do I’ve been watching the fish jump they’re all
over the place I’m gonna have to do some fishing later but first breakfast after
I have a little bit more on my coffee all right first thing we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna get some bacon going all right that bacon is good to go it’s
nice and crispy we’re gonna pull it off and then we’re gonna prep other
ingredients here we’re making an omelet today or at least we’re gonna try to if
not it’ll turn into a scramble back on okay so we’re gonna chop up some of our
fresh vegetable so we’ve got onion here oh yeah let’s chop that up and just just
slice and dice okay we got our onion green bell pepper then we got some
mushrooms hmm probably don’t even need that much mushroom man now we’ll chop up
that bacon all right there’s our ingredients now we’ll get to going on
our eggs okay get to scrambling these eggs here
use all four of them all right we’re gonna leave that bacon fat in there it’s
gonna make it taste better we’ll get our egg in here I’m gonna add some garlic
salt and some black pepper okay I think I’ve changed my mind I’m
not going to be able to do an omelet I just can’t get an even cook around this
area it’s just gonna start in the center there and I’ll get it all ruined so
we’re just gonna make a scramble now so we’ll add in our onions green bell
peppers bacon just add it all in there and I also forgot an ingredient I forgot
cheese can you believe it I forgot the cheese oh well I’m just worried that
it’s not gonna cook it evenly last thing I need is burned breakfast yeah I was
working we’re pretty good there I can’t believe I forgot the cheese just about there smells so good very hungry
all right them eggs are ready we’re gonna pull them off and play them up oh yeah what a great way to start off the
day this will give me some energy to get back all right breakfast is served that
looks delicious let’s give her a shot just as expected
delicious what a beautiful day alright I’m gonna finish this off oh he’s so good all right guys thank you so much for
watching you enjoyed this video make sure you subscribe and hit that Bell
button so you can be notified every time I upload a new video or go alive thank
you guys so much for sticking with me through this adventure hopefully there
will be more to come if you guys enjoy this make sure you give it a thumbs up
and I will see you guys on the next video Baum Grillin’z out let’s see if
there’s any bass over here

29 thoughts on “Camp and Cook Steak Oscar On The Firebox Stove | Solo Canoe Trip

  1. Pretty country 🇺🇸
    What ya dippin?

    Working man here. Dad of 3 girls with another coming end of October. Living life through you man. Keep up the great vids. Many blessingz 🙏

  2. Kenny, I don't know where to start. I can't imagine the amount of effort and planning it took to pull this video off. You are to be appreciated for even trying dude. Was anybody along in the background helping you? I don't know if you're getting any cinematography advice, but it's well put together man. Nice camping gear too. Steak looked really good…attempting hollandaise sauce in the middle of nowhere, who the hell does that? Nobody! I'm sorry the omelette didn't work. I was cringing at the amount of stuffing you were going to put in there. The scramble obviously was the way to go. It that was me, I'd be too tired after paddling and setting up camp to do much more than crack open the bourbon! Loved the nighttime segment with your double, hilarious! Great job as usual, looking forward to the next adventure. I'm sharing this one.

  3. I would LOVE to go on a little trip like this. Get out of the city and tutn off the computer and Xbox. Not sure I could go alone though. Biggest fear/phobia I have is being broken down/stranded in the middle of nowhere. But, I want to go hang out and grill just like this.

  4. Ouffff…. C’est vraiment une bonne vidéo. Je n’ai jamais fait de vidéo mais j’imagine tout l’effort que tu as mis dans celle-ci… Aller porter la caméra sur l’île, retourner plus loin, filmer l’arrivée sur l’île, etc… La vue du haut des airs était aussi superbe… Très bien fait. La touche d’humour toujours présente, des recettes intéressantes… Je me suis ennuyé de tes vidéos parce que Baumz est l’un de mes channel préférés sur YouTube. Bravo encore… I wrote it in french cause i am not sure how to said all that in english but it means about this : good job… Great vidéo… Keep up your superb channel.

  5. Wow what a great video – loved everything about it Chris – can’t wait for your next adventure

  6. Best looking dish I’ve ever seen made while camping… amazing job on the hollandaise it does need to be cooked to thicken… with steak I would have thrown in some tarragon and some tarragon vinegar… good job buddy!

  7. Pro tip: cut the bacon up (into lardons) before cooking makes cooking faster and a more even cook!😉👍

  8. Epic camp and cook! I hope everybody is enjoying these as much as I am. This trip had it all…amazing scenery, canoeing, steak and shrimp. Skit was hilarious too 😂! Keep up the good work buddy!!

  9. Hello, i think it was one of the Best grilling videos i have ever seen. Camping, griling, jokes, Island, everything. Like movie. You have equipment for everything there. Perfect. Hope next video Will be simular to this one. Some adventure.

  10. What a great video!! The food looks amazing, the editing was great as well. All the way around this video was just amazing. I am glad your Firebox stove is along with you on these adventures, thanks for the support. Cheers!!

  11. Nice video. I really appreciate the outdoors, adventure, grilling, and humor. I would like to get the firebox stove in the near future.

  12. I enjoyed the video!
    Never take away from the Americans their guns and their steaks! 🙂

    Greetings from Germany, I have the same Firebox.
    Best stove, love it a lot!

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