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Castlevania: Whip Crack

Castlevania: Whip Crack

Another minion. I cant have you spoiling my plan You’re castle cannot protect you any longer. Fire! Hurry. Put it out. I’m afraid of fire Dracula is going to be so pissed. Dracula! Your reign of terror ends tonight. Do your worst. Is that the best you can do? I have not felt like this. In a Thousand years. Ohh. Oh, Fu- Why have you stopped. Keep it up. I command you to obey! Burn in Hell! Its over The Lord of Darkness. Is finally vanquished. YOU! Agh! Impossible! No. No, No! Its from Hell. Its the devil reincarnated. oh well… At least I still got my concubines. Roar Eww. Done!

48 thoughts on “Castlevania: Whip Crack

  1. Flash corrupted it a while back. Got a program from newgrounds that made swf files into mp4 and finally got it converted.

  2. Yeah the Double Dragon project was made after this cartoon just never uploaded this until now. I like DD better myself.

  3. I've talked about Super C and how fun it would be to make one about it. Its on the wishlist right now. But yes it has been on my mind on and off. Fingers Crossed

  4. This is so ugly, gross, and baffling; but that's what makes it so great! What is it about this type of art that makes it so fascinating to watch and draw, its hideous 🙂

  5. Its either I suck at drawing or just do not have have time to make it look pretty, lol. Me personally am not a picky person with art in animations. Long as the material is good I'm perfectly fine.

  6. ewwww, king star king dejavu, nice animation and funny at times, but yeah, it was so gross it looked like a nickelodeon show.

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