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100 thoughts on “COLOR ENHANCING Tips for Fish!

  1. hi can you give me some websites that I could bye fish from plz as I can't seen to find any good ones with a variety of fish thanks

  2. i see you stepped up your editing! great job! love the content! love the quality you bring in your videos jenny!

  3. Hi Jenny! I have recently moved my one really big fancy goldfish, Gimp, into a 45 gallon tank. Im redoing the decor, substrate, and upgrading equipment. What is the black substrate you use at 3:10 ? Thanks so much for all the advice! I love your videos

  4. I just realized that I am wearing the 100k shirt while I'm watching this! I love the shirt and if you make more in the future I will certainly buy one! I love how It immortalizes clyde and I am so sorry for all of your recent losses.

  5. I like those goldfish they look like real gold what are they called I have been looking everywhere for them I saw them once in a Fish store

  6. i was a beta fish breeder and my favorite fish fred was my spotlight fish a very bright red and he was my go to fish and then i was young and forgot what the disease name is his scales where upright he died 2 days after i noticed it i had given up and moved to reptiles i love them more than fish and I just dont have luck on my side well if the ***** people tell me the right thing to do I would be seen as emo to other people๐Ÿ˜ค

  7. is everything okay with your fish right now i know that you lost Glyde and it was very sad for you and all of your fans

  8. I used New Life Spectrum food for years and Hikari. They are my two top brands. Recently, I mixed the New life Spectrum AlgaeMax and the Saki-Hikari Extreme Color Enhancing (the red bag) as staple diet and the result is just…wow! Even the white part looks like the color of an Oster's pearl. That not just brightly shine, that have this special effect.

  9. Very helpful! Hoping to set up my tank after I move. Still not sure what type of fish to get but watching these videos really helps to get a better understanding on what I should get based on my environment and really taking the fish into account the best environment for them as well. Thank you!

  10. Well that's some interesting stuff!

    I'm a new sub and I rly enjoy your videos ๐Ÿ˜€
    Good luck retstarting the fish room and sry for ur losses, all the best!

  11. Hi Jenny! I'm curious to know if you've ever had problems with any of your goldfish being aggressive… one of my fish seems to have food-related aggression ๐Ÿ˜ž

  12. Just a question is better to keep one or two goldfish at a time? (I have a 20 gallon tank) just getting started with fish help would be much appreciated!

  13. Hi Jennie, I was just wondering what chemicals do you use to sterilise your equipment eg – fish nets & stuff. Love & support all the way from Australia.

    Emily ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I really LOVE the rock cave you have in your betta tank! If you see this, would you mind saying where it's from?

  15. my boesemani rainbows are now showing satisfactory colour. i have 2 pairs of m&f. background is black and soil substrate is light brown. advise.

  16. Wait so if you have black sand does it lower the colors of a goldfish? Or does white sad lower it? Like which one enhances a goldfish color? Black or white?

  17. I love NLS as well, though my fiancee made a frozen blend that my goldies adore as well, and it appears to be making them brighter. I mix it up between the two. Let me know if you'd like me to ask her about the exact recipe. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. animal responses to stress is a fight or flight reaction; when a fish is scared its blood is diverted from the skin to the muscles to supply them with as much oxygen and glucose and possible for it to escape. That's why they go white in bags on their way from the store to your tank

  19. Can you please answer a question for me? My husband and I want to get a 10 gallon aquarium and put my betta fish in with 3 gold fish. Will the betta get along with the goldfish? You seem to know a lot about goldfish and a fair bit about bettas so I would really like your opinion. Thanks so much.

  20. I'm just back from my hols, and I couldn't get over how my neon tetras pretty much lost the blue on there spines and had just a tiny bit of the orange on the tail.yet in ten mins their colour was back.

  21. I never had a fish but I'm thinking about buying some for the kids. I want the water to be blue and I was wondering if it was okay to put some blue food colouring in the water.

  22. Have you ever tried an gold fish aquarium with a mirror background ?

  23. Hey, I hope this finds you well! I found your channel through The King of DIY's channel and I was considering a small (55 long) freshwater tank for discus, peacock, a blue ram or basically some other type of freshwater cichlids that usually give you great color that are a joy to own and aren't quite as grumpy as an oscar lol. If you have a suggestion I'm all ears. I must say, I was absolutely caught off guard and a bit intrigued that there were so many things going on with goldfish and such a variety! I'm not sure how long you've been at it, but you're a wealth of knowledge and clearly have a passion for what you do! Keep the amazing videos coming and thank you for bringing some spunk and personality to this hobby…I love when people are pumped (pun intended :-D) about aquatics…all the best!

  24. I feed all my fish omega one color enhancing food. I know omega one is typically a good staple diet for goldfish. They also receive brine shrimp once a week. Is there any else I should feed them weekly to give them the best diet I can? I was thinking like cucumber or spinach once a week also. Would that help their diet even more or will it not affect it? I just want to make sure my goldfish are getting the best possible diet. I also feed all my other fish the same thing.

  25. what is the best background color and subtrate color for gold fish? actually I can't understand your fast English. I hope you help me..

  26. Really helpful video Jennie! Also that necklace looks awesome, looks like a little capsule made of marble. Got a steam punk look to it haha. I may try to incorporate marble into my aquarium.

  27. Help my goldfish Ian legit losing his color like not in a good way he was gold and now is like a cream orange I just cleaned his tank and I just started

  28. Hi jenny In one of your videos your in front of a mirror, what is that thing you have holding your phone. I would like to get one.

  29. I use to think that northfin was the best but after better research and looking at the ingredients i truly do believe that new life spectrum is the best fish food you can buy. I use them both but i run out of northfin i will only use new life spectrum.Plus nls seem to be a softer food which is great!You just can't beat the ingredients!

  30. Great video! when we enhance the color of the fish by using appropriate background colors, does the enhanced color stay forever or if we move it to another tank the colors will fade? do fry fish get better colors as they grow up or it is just how the fish look in a tank and if we move it the coloration changes?

  31. Hello I'm Riley, I am 11 years old and I was wondering if u have any tips on taking care of salt water tanks. I have 3 salt water fish, a yellow range, a butterfly fish, and a shepard's angel. Hope u reply to this ๐Ÿ™‚ ty for taking ur time to read this. love ur vids

  32. I saw huge difference with my betta when I got him for the store he was just plain white color but after about a month of being in a 5 gallon tank hes a white with a dark blue and black he stunning now

  33. I'm dying to know what's the name of discus is in the video!!
    I bought 2 from a lady (one a dark angel) and one EXACTLY like the yellow one with lines but struggling to figure out the true type!

  34. So would you recommend a lighter substrate for Betta fish like you have? I'm doing a Betta community tank in a 15 gallon, but plan on planting it some.

  35. Hey I have five goldfish and I live in the PHILIPINES can you please tell me where to buy new life spectrum???

  36. I've had one of my goldfish, Vanilla for over seven years now and she hasn't changed much, despite the fact that she grew (well duh) and she used to be plain white with a bright orange spot on her head but lately some the scales on her underside are changing to a light orange/yellow color. I've had her in a 45 gallon tank with another goldfish that is around the same that's pure orange. They lived in the same aquarium for several years now and I haven't really been doing anything different (the lighting, background and everything is the same) Does anybody know what's going on?

  37. I bought a bag that had a chilly pepper on it was for red parrots, Chinese fish store said to give to my fish for color enhancing. All my fancy goldfish fish turn ORANGE!!! … Iโ€™m so mad for false information… Question? What kind of fancy goldfish can i buy that the color is not going to change??

  38. Thanks for sharing the tips. I think that my water is on t so well for the fishes thats why fishies fading their colour

  39. All you need is SPIRULINA. Give it to your fish. Give it to your dog. Give it to your cat. But most importantly… GIVE IT TO YOURSELF. Most nutritious superfood on the planet.

  40. Hi jenny can u tell what are the color enhancing food we get in India OK southern part of india,bcause in normal pet store we don't even get aquarium salt erithromycin.methylene blue.water conditioners,they show some local products which doesn't work even not in good quality.dechroninator its already contaminated they don't have basic knowledge,I mean the pet shop keepers.can u tell how to get original products through online.what aquatics product is good,please refer.thank u an bye,enjoy ur hobby

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