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Colorado Fly Fishing Video Blog, April 3, 2012

Colorado Fly Fishing Video Blog,  April 3, 2012

Welcome back everybody. Trying a couple new
things this week. One is, I got a new action cam! So we’ll just see how this goes and
hopefully it’s a little bit of fun. Oh yeah, it’s a lot of fun.
Taking a quick sample of the river bugs is still showing good amounts of blue winged
olives. So even though that still means fishing some
smaller flies, I pulled out one of my old favorites, a size fourteen hot wire prince.
This fly is one of my favorite attractor patterns, and represents a lot of the stoneflies that
are getting active in the river now. So if you ever make a bad cast, like I just
did right there with my flies landing short, let them drift out. So when you make your
second cast, the fish aren’t spooked, and you have a shot at them.
Good luck, and tight lines everybody.

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