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What´s up riders ?! today we are in Les Gets it was a last minue plan thanks to Elie I could come to Crankworx Les Gets it´s a special stop for me cause it´s my first Crankworx we are going to compete at Speed n Style and Whip Off here I have my YT slopestyle bike and he has his Transition hard tail he also have the DH bike but I will ride all with the slope I flew this morning so early at 5 am to come here and we only have 1 hour of practice so we are going straight to it I will put my number and let´s go 44! we only have 10 minuts to see the course last minute mission man !! I see some little stones, it must be slippery Course controller: Do it fast! We are closing Quick! Quick! I follow you we have cut the flag right? haha or it´s like this? haha there is a lot of speed for the curves and for the jumps I miss a bit some steep curves to push on it and there is a lot of little stones fortunately I have my slopestyle bike for this it´s over let´s go chill So now is lunch time and I will do the course preview I was supposed to do earlier before the ride I did and crashed let´s see how it is from close they are cleaning cause it´s full of stones the terrain is really like a high moutain should be final flags in case you´re too fast and if you don´t know to turn miss them haha the last chance zone to push with the last jump about 7 meters long curves and curves the first jump also about 7 meters and the start let´s see how I do on some proper but short practice so this is it and now I´m going to put my helmet I will try to do some normal laps not eating sh** instead of trying to make fast first tries cause I don´t want to crash again cause it´s not a easy terrain and give some gas, let´s see oh I fall! insane views by the way that deserves to come here I will start the qualifying run to see the racing couples I couldn´t train so much cause it´s been 1 hour I´m here but whatever what you think Tyler?? could you give me an advice? go fast, don´t fall jump, jump, jump !! wish me luck !! good luck !! that´s what happen when you do a race but you don´t have practice at one side what a insane crash !! x2 but hey I´m complete full gas for Whip Off !! it´s so hooot !! all black was a wrong choice so speed n style is done for me but I´m happy so I will be back at it for sure next year cause it´s a fun experience the pressure isn´t the same as the only tricks events it´s more fun, just go and try to go fast without crashing but not trick, trick, wait, wait 30 mins , trick again… and I liked so now I go to the Whip Off I´m arriving at the spot to check the jump it´s in half hour it´s beeing a long day, I woke up so early arrive at 11am , no practice, then send it… for the speed n style is tight cause where I have crashed I have just ride it twice and one was half way so I can be happy about let´s see how the whips go, I can wait for it I see the jump yet, I will show you gas! so thit is the jump look´s like it´s a 10 to 12 meters jump I thought it was going to be bigger I´m feeling better from the crash but hey let´s have fun with the beast I have done a big impact on my helmet kids, use full face for racing this is the jump, about 12 meters yes,a bit flat but let´s go to the final with the SPANK wrist band have some fuuuuuun so riders this is it on the Whip Off now they will say the winners obviously there is so much good guys and with slope bike I will never be at the podium, it´s a big bike event so but I could ride the final and have so much fun I did my lil front flip so it was a good choice to come here so happy, let´s see who wins, I say R dog so riders that was all for this episode, that was a good experience I have learned a lot, like I need better tires for the Alps mountains I also need front brake for this speed n style the next year I want to come back and do more disciplines cause I arrived too late for most of them and it was a late idea now I will watch the slopestyle finals and go back home to edit some videos for you! so stay tuned! gas for everyone!!

44 thoughts on “CRANKWORX LES GETS 2018 // SPEED N STYLE // WHIP OFF // YT INDUSTRIES PLAY – Bienvenido Aguado

  1. Dame un corazón bineve ya que ella me lo robo 😭 buen video crakc +10 lince fiera 🤑

  2. Muy buen video
    Que bicicleta baratita me rocomindas de eslop style un saludo
    Sigue a sí llegarás lejos

  3. Recupera't! Aquests espectacles passen molt desapercebuts, gràcies per fer-nos partícips Una abraçada bro

  4. Ayuda Aguados:Estoy entre la scott genius,ghost sl amr x, o la yt yeffsy…ummla canion …no tengo practica en enduro y saltos pero me chiflan las trialeras y pequeños saltos o caminos empedrados pero, quiero subir bien y algun dia iniciarme en la practica de enduro o disfrutar de un bike park.son2000-3000 persupuesto.

  5. Menudo Maquina estas hecho. Espectacular lo que haces con la bici. Yo no entiendo de saltos ni conozco los nombres, soy un dominguero de esos que llamas tu jajaja, pero he visto el ultimo salto que has hecho justo antes de caerte y he flipado, es el tirabuzon, te lo comente en un video anterior de si lo podias hacer, no se si ya se hacia antes pero queda muy guapo.

  6. Gracias por tanto bienve! En cada video nos llevas a todos tus follower a las competis mas prestigiosas de europa, nos ayudas a verlo todo desde otro punto de vista y sentirlo como si estuvieramos ahi

  7. Flipante!!! El puto BOOOSSSSSSS 💪🏻🤘🏻😎 pedazo video, ee circuito sin freno delantero es matarse que bestia 🤘🏻🤘🏻
    Grande BIENVE 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  8. No hay problema parce hoy se pierde mañana se ganas un dicho! Felicitaciones para mi eres el mejor

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