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Daytona Beach Fly Fishing Charters & Fishing Guide

Daytona Beach Fly Fishing Charters & Fishing Guide

Hey this is Capt. Chris Myers of Central Florida
Sight Fishing Charters and if you’re looking for a fly fishing charter or a fly fishing
guide near Daytona Beach or New Smyrna Beach let me show you what we have to offer. I’m setup today with my 7 weight Sage One
rod and Sage reel, and a floating fly line with a 10 foot leader and we’re gonna make
a cast at these fish right up here. What we got hooked up here is a redfish. This one is running right at the boat. I do know if he knows that he’s hooked yet. He’s gonna try to hide under the boat. We’re fishing right now is less than two feet
of water. You could see those fish pushing a little
bit of a wave as they were coming by. Just cast right out in front of them and stripped
it a couple time. I’m using one of my redfish worm flies ina
n olive color. And our fish out here range frm two pounds
to over forty pounds. This isn’t one of the biggest ones but he
was one that was willing to eat for us. That’s always the good kind. And this guy you could certainly catch on
a 5 weight rod. Let’s see if I can get him up real quick and
show you what he looks like and get him back in the water. Here he is and you can see the little redfish
worm fly we were using today. It’s a two spot Mosquito Lagoon redfish. If you would like to book a charter, give
me a call 321-229-2848 or visit my website at flatsfishingtrips.com

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