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Destination Temagami | Tight Lines & Tailing Loops – Virgin Brook Trout

Destination Temagami | Tight Lines & Tailing Loops – Virgin Brook Trout

Welcome everybody to Tight Lines aand
Tailing loops – my name’s Marc Melnyck I’m here at the drift outfitters fly shop
with my very good friend in Toronto with my very good friend Eric Fenkell Eric
thanks for joining us this week I do apologize right out of the gate I do
have a cold I got sick for the first time in about ten years
bound to happen and I’m really excited to be able to talk to Eric here in
Toronto during the offseason for you on on what what what your business is and
and how fly fishing plays into it well very soon to be the on season yeah we’re
about to go up there so we’re opening up April 30th
and I think I think it’s gonna be really good and in May and June you know where
we were last year we’re gonna head out there again in the early spring and see
what it’s like in super high water the one thing that we’re we’re thinking
about is it’s been such a snowy winter up there there’s over over five feet of
snow in the bush it’s a snowy winter in Temagami since 1977 Wow if you can
believe that so I don’t know what that does to water levels but I’m gonna guess
it really raises them and we’ll see what it’s like sitting in some of those pools
yeah typically I think what you’re gonna see is is you know as depending on how
warm it gets and how quickly you’re gonna see the water levels come up
dramatically and then it’ll be either if it’s a fast melt
it’ll don’t slough off really quickly or it’ll just sort of gradually gradually
don’t I mean you’ve got so much water up there yeah and and and possibilities for
fly-fishing that I mean I know you’re gonna have places to go yeah well and
like we were talking about earlier looking at some of the the post burn
from the fires last last one summer and see what what those areas are like and
if if the fishings been affected right right
that’ll be interesting to see if the pH the pH of the waters changed with all
the ash entirely so Eric is the owner Eric and his wife Karen are the owners
of a fantastic canoe culture shop in Temagami Ontario which is about was
seven hours north of Toronto six hours on four hundred and thirty kilometers
four hundred and thirty kilometers four hours north of Toronto Ontario and they
run and fitting shop that services people that
want to get into the area to go back country canoeing and now you’ve just
adopted a fly-fishing program tell me about it well the area we were always
curious about it so the first year we were running the business we had a few
people come up from New York and Boston and they had fly equipment with them as
well where you going and they told us and they caught a few pike over 40
inches in length and that was the third week in Maine
yeah so we got pretty excited about it and we posted some of those pictures on
our website and social media channels and and then you know you just start to
realize that there are there are areas up there with names like the trout
streams and and you know some pretty some pretty famous areas for trout
fishing but you really don’t hear very much about people actually fishing them
and they’re difficult to get to and you kind of have to you know canoe trip into
them with your gear and then and then once you’re there the opportunities are
pretty much endless but we just got really excited about it is a really good
shoulder season opportunity for us to get people up there get them in canoes
and get them doing something where that that weather and those seasons are
really perfect for that activities right we got into it so for those of you who
may not know we did a new fly fisher episode in the Temagami region based out
of the Temagami outfitting company last september that’s what we were and we
three of us four of us including Jeremy Kennedy our cameraman spent a week in
the backcountry camping canoeing and fly-fishing for what you’re telling me
our brook trout that probably had never seen humans before well you know the
people that go through there too that go through that area are typically
either whitewater paddling or their canoe tripping through Bryan to fish in
those the places where we were fishing if you’re in a canoe
you’d have to Eddie out and rig up and you know try to stay balanced and so
those people aren’t getting out of their canoes and stopping to fish the pools
that we were so I don’t think it’s been fished in a long time the way we fished
it yeah I think a lot of people will fish the big tributaries and the you
know the lakes yeah but the actual rivers and streams I
don’t see they think they see a lot of action to be honest which is which is
fantastic is fantastic for people who are conservation minded and in in
fly-fishing which is ninety seven percent of us and I mean we were there
for an entire weekend we didn’t see a single soul not a person we didn’t hear
a plane we were three hours to get to the put in and then a 20-minute paddle
to our first our first pool and then a week of just fun yeah the frilly and
fixture was fantastic yeah it’s it was funny though because the very first cast
of that show you you put one on the other that’s always a good sign when
that happens so yeah yeah I really liked that first run too but that is probably
the most exciting one of the most exciting parts of the trip just to see
what’s going on and all of a sudden everyone’s hooking into fish so so for
those of you who haven’t seen the episode on WFMU world fishing network
whore on sportsman channel canada you can pardon me you can see it on our
YouTube page at the new fly fisher TV it’s up there now it’s posted all our
new shows are posted on saturday mornings so you can check that out now
let’s talk about specifics on species in the area when we fished that stretch of
Temagami we actually didn’t see another species of fish other than wild native
brook shirt why do you think that is you know what I I’m not sure I know that at
the beginning of that trip there’s a there’s some stopped places that that
holds splake yeah at the you recall we fished that Beaver Dam for a bit I have
caught a perch there before okay but I don’t think there are bass or Pike there
we didn’t see anything we’re on there and and I don’t think you’d have rookies
and numbers like that if there were pike sort of
you know sitting sitting around waiting for them to screw up and yeah get eaten
so I’m not sure why that is it’s an it’s an interesting phenomenon in it and it’s
fantastic for Brookshire Tanglers because there are lots of fish there we
didn’t catch any Giants but I’m sure that there are a big fish in that system
we the fish that we were catching or you know the north side of 12 to 15 17
inches long up to 19 actually which is which is a fantastic fish on any rate
and what I like about them is that they’re super fright fly friendly in
that they really really aren’t shy in any way are they no and and did we
actually catch any on streamers I think it was mostly dry Philippe yeah we’d cut
them all on trust rolls actually you know which makes it a lot of fun the
chernobyl ain’t it’s that’s in my box now burglars Hopper’s while we were
waiting for fin O’Hara to join us on the trip he paddled up from another put in I
found a boulder garden and had the opportunity to to poke around in there
and I bet you I released 35 fish in two hours and it was just it was absolutely
heavenly so so tell me a little bit about your business and what you offer
for fly anglers and we’ll get into that so well tamaki outfitting is one of the
oldest outfitting companies in Canada it was founded in 1926 my wife Karen and I
are new owners of the business two years in in terms of fly fishing we we offer a
package a five-day package where we take groups of up to five people to the st.
doing the same trip that we did with the new fly Fisher mm-hm
and it’s a five-day trip first night in our building and then the next three
nights in the bush staying at home pool like right it’s very similar to what we
did and it’s fully outfitted all the gears provided except the the fly
fishing gear it is guided as well so the food is cooked for you
agnostic the tents are put up even if you need help on some of those Portage’s
if if instead if you’re if you’re gonna stream line your canoes down you know
the guide will help you guide or help get
that poor Tosh so it’s it’ll be less strenuous than say you’re your typical
canoe trip where you’re hauling gear all over the place
so what I like about that about what the trip that we did is we actually made the
conscious decision to stay at what Eric referred to as home pool which is a
fantastic camp site that has a waterfall and at a great place to swim
it’s very mu C super musiah and we were doing day trips from that from that home
pool to go upriver downriver and explore the tributaries of this system so
there’s really whatever your you’re interested in doing you can custom
create a trip to to to cater to that yeah and if people you know you gage the
group if the group is is very fit and they’re they’re into that sort of thing
we can even continue down the system all the way and and do a pickup in another
spot right so it kind of depends on the group but the trip that we did and our
our marquee trip is sort of more than enough to suffice for a really good for
five days of fly-fishing so Brian Whipple Whip excuse me has commented in
today’s world of Google Maps you have to think outside the box I fully agree with
you on that fish the hard to get to spots as no place is a hidden spot
anymore that is true and it’s it’s indicative to what you do as a business
operator to be able to supply people who the ability to get into those spots
because talk to me about the accessibility of fly fishing for Brooke
transponder well you know to Brian’s point Google’s wrecked fishing you know
people say that the beauty of the beauty of where we fish is and you can almost
tell people where it is because it’s still super hard to get to you know
everybody knows that you can go fish on the Etowah pass cat river yeah
but you know you got to get there yeah we’re our situation is is not dissimilar
from that in that you’ve got to go down some pretty gnarly access roads and
you’ve got to drive north of Toronto you got to get far away it’s not it’s not
like driving to to Alaura or something like that so I’m not too concerned of
people really knowing where it is and you also have to have the mindset to to
go down a whitewater river and go fishing in it yeah yeah that said I mean
when we were there the water was low yeah it was you know I’m we’re both in
relatively alright shape I mean we’re no slouches and we’re a Donis as me so yes
a horse well with the haircut like that yeah absolutely but it was it was I mean
at the end of the day you were tired you know oh yes at the end of the day you
die we were done and it was it was a fantastic opportunity to sit down have a
sip of whiskey smoke a cigar and and just enjoy the the natural stars and the
food tastes better when you when you’re tired like that no we’d be lying if we
said it’s not a bit of a workout but it’s not so much of a workout that it’s
it’s it’s not enjoyable right there there’s some activity that’s
for sure okay so one of the things that strikes me as valuable to anybody who
wants to experience the Temagami region in north eastern ontario is the fact
that you’re not a stupid businessperson you know that you can in order to get
people involved in our sport you can get them in early you can get them in
affordable and you can get them into places where they are going to have
success time to me about your 25 and on broke 25 and under 25 program so I
remember when my wife and I used to go on on canoe trips when we were younger
and even a 40 45 dollar a day canoe seemed like an expensive thing you have
to go buy tents and food and all these sort of things so the price can actually
add up so what so what we decided to do last year was create a program called
the 25 and broke program so what we basically do is if you’re 25 or under
and you convince me you’re broke you don’t really have to convince me you’re
broke but if you’re 25 and under for 30 dollars a day per person you get all the
gear you get your canoe tent stove tarps you don’t have to buy anything you show
up with the clothes on your back basically
a good attitude and a good attitude and you can go it on a trip for you know for
four days five days 120 150 dollars a person you go on a trip like that which
would normally be you know five or six hundred dollars a person so you get you
actually get a the opportunity to go on a canoe trip and and coincidentally that
can also mean a fly-fishing trip so it’s not it’s not an expensive proposition
for someone to go out and do some of the things that we did on the show for those
kind of prices if they’re 25 min broken right and it’s that kind of food – it
doesn’t come with food but you know you can pretty much in a conduce in a canoe
situation if you’re really on the cheap you can figure out how to feed yourself
for about ten bucks a day or if you really have to if you were really broke
right now the other cool thing is that when you’re not in the bush and you’re
not working at the shop and you’re not doing all the wearing all that different
hats that you wear you’re pretty darn good cook and you can actually have your
food pre-ordered back in pack and ready for you to go for that trip so you don’t
have to you don’t have to stop at the grocery store so we have full-service
outfitting and meal outfitting as well three meals a day plus snacks and and
we’ve never had anyone complain about that include either so it worked out
what we had that guy was fantastic trip so he’s absolutely good
rod Murray better late than never always go out to see rod thanks for tuning in
we are at Drift outfitting and fly shop here in downtown Toronto on Queen Street
today and to recap we were talking to Eric Finkel the owner co-owner with his
lovely wife Karen of the Temagami outfitting company we did a wonderful
week long canoe trip into Mogami fishing for unpressurized eastern brook trout
last summer Tony hello from sue st. Marie are we filming near the zoo this
year absolutely we love fishing the st. Marys Rapids even even if we’re not
shooting I can guarantee you that representatives from the new fly Fisher
will be stopping in the zoo on the way through to North Northern Ontario tell
Goma country – northwestern Ontario and the east that fishery is absolutely
unbelievable world-class st. Mary’s Rapids in Sioux st. Marie on
Terry let’s talk a little bit about flies Eric let’s talk about equipment
needed for for what you offer you do not have you do not supply fly gear for your
clients not yet not yet we’re investigating to see what would be
involved doing something like that we sort of have to figure out what the
demand is on our product that we’re offering to people so that’s how
brand-new this is brand-new if you want a fish virgin territory’ this is the guy
to get in touch with because dab from the the shop here was went down with his
so fly crew last year we went down there was one other trip that went out plus
last summer right after we did and they had massive success yeah so we did it
trip again you know the three trips that we sent down there we lost count of all
the rookies yes yeah and with gas script we only went down to that second Beaver
Dam guys we were there on it on a day long trip so just a scout mission yeah
so we I think we probably caught ten or fifteen that morning do you have do you
have a quarter do you have plans to do further exploration in the area
absolutely so I think if anyone was following what was going on in Temagami
last summer we had actually the largest forest fire in Canada in the park where
where we were shot that episode the lady Evelyn and grades Macomb provincial
parks thirty-six thousand hectares so that was apparently the largest forest
fire in Canada the issue that you probably didn’t hear that much about it
was because there was nothing in its way there’s no property destroyed and we had
a few other fires in the area so we’re gonna go up there and look at some of
the streams that got burnt over last year and I’ve spoken to the Park
Superintendent so we know and get down some of these roads and we’re gonna do
some some day trips and some overnight trips to see what effect those fires had
on the streams especially some of those some of the rivers we know where there
are brook trout and that have traditionally been brook trout rivers
we’re gonna go have a look at those and take some pictures and see what’s going
on there fantastic fantastic Sean York from Maui Hawaii could show
last year thank you very much Sean for that
did you hit some water with 16 inch plus fish yes we did and in that system years
before when the new fly fisher just started getting going i believe called
and colin mchugh actually poked a 7-pound brook trout and out of there as
well that’s what he told me yeah so let’s talk about equipment what what
equipment do you recommend to bring in to the bush on a remote backcountry
canoe style brick road trip do you mean fishing gear yeah yeah well I’d go with
light stuff yeah so anywhere from three weights up to five weights or six
weights the rivers are not big enough that you need to consider a switch rod
or a two handed rod they’re very accessible with with single-handed rods
the fish can get big so bring a mid arbor to a you know mid arbor real will
be fun you’re not gonna get many fish if any fish that’ll take you into your
backing unless they unless they’re in some heavy current your rule casting a
lot as well like it’s a lot of short casting and that sort of thing yeah so
that bring that brings me to a good point is that you know these are canoe
routes there are campsites that have been identified by the parks to be able
to stay there however what I noticed and what I really appreciated was that there
weren’t any Portage’s Portage’s other than moose trails and very very light
traffic kind of trails to get by so you’re really going into the wild you’re
really going into the roughing it all and what I really enjoyed was the
ability to line our canoes down yeah number one it saves a massive risk of
breaking a fly rod yeah in the bush because it is virgin territory and
number two you just tuck the tip under under that front seat and you’re and
you’re good to go all day now you recall you’re the only one with the spikes on
your boots yeah you had the least amount of difficulty on some of those slippery
rocks idea it’s a good a good gear tip is to have the the steel
pegs yeah your see we’re seeing a real a real
change in in footwear for fly anglers especially with companies like Orbis
that have you know partnered with Michelin yeah the tire company to
actually to have a fantastic set of grippy boots and I personally have moved
away from felt you know with all the traveling we do for the new fly fisher
getting have it not having to worry about the regulations have felt in
certain in certain states and provinces is key so studded boots definitely were
the way to go and i was able to rock hop no problem yeah you had the least amount
of slippage I would say rod Murray hoping to do a quick Algonquin ice-out
trip this spring and Lady Evelyn in the summertime that’s your territory mm-hmm
we should come by the store where we’re in the bustling downtown village of
tomorrow yeah it’s it’s it’s right so flies let’s talk about flies we fish
primarily with terrestrials oh that entire trip but don’t discount bringing
smaller streamers wooly buggers cone headed bunny leeches things like that
there are pike in the system so in in Temagami if you if you so choose to fish
for pike or bass you know consider a six weight or an eight weight weight rod and
it’s the kind of place where you can you can bring flies that you wanted
experiment with because these fish don’t see flies in any way well the trip after
when we we took a client down the river the week after we were there
johnny caught us some fish on salmon flies so oh really yeah like replicating
the mountain surface just trying to mow so that that worked out for him
cool cool so let’s talk about how people can get in touch with you urgh so you
can contact us through our website tamale outfitting dot CA and we have a
little form you can fill out there telling us what you’re interested in and
we get that email right away very good too very quick it responding
and getting back and forth or you can call call me anytime if
one six eight three five zero nine six three and we love to talk about brook
trout and canoeing and you’re never bothering us if you do that so yeah it’s
an absolutely wonderful opportunity for people that are 25 and broke or under 25
and broke that want to get into the the fly-fishing world to have nearly
guaranteed success at catching one of my if not my favorite freshwater fish to
catch on fly being brook trout come down to shops like like Rob cestas here at
drift and you can get hooked up set up for a wonderful fly-fishing career by
buying a premade kit a kit that’s ready to go right outside the fly shop so that
you don’t need to invest a whole heaps ton of money figure out if you like it
enjoy bring some friends you know for 30 bucks or less a day plus food I mean you
can’t go wrong with that no it’s a good deal well it’s smart because you I mean
you get them hooked early and you know that there’s people that are gonna be
coming back you’re over here yeah all right
any also want talk about no I just I’m really excited to get up there and it’s
gonna be an interesting season because the parks were closed last year from
July 8th to August 15th right so we’re looking at a big season there’s a lot of
bookings that have already come in and I think people are chomping at the bit to
get out into tomorrow me Northeastern Ontario is open for business the the the
the fires that were portrayed in the media we’re not nearly as I mean they’re
bad don’t get me wrong but they weren’t nearly as bad as as as they were
portrayed to be you know that’s true very little damage was done there’s you
know many times forest fires are natural natural part of the ecosystem on
Northeastern Ontario is open Temagami will be open the season
you run you said you’re going up here in the middle of April and we’re opening up
shop April 30th we’re gonna be up there full time we’re opening this winter for
specific groups and we run a winter camp up there as well but we’re open full
time April 30th moving forward our first trip goes out May 2nd fantastic so and
I’ll tell you what it’s such a fantastic trip it’s such a great trip that I’m
taking my wife and my kids up for florally home guys there and just to
unplug get out of get out of the rat race and and get to meet some fantastic
worker okay so for people that want to watch the show the new fly fisher series
you can check it out on youtube it also airs on wfn in the united states world
fishing network as well as sportsman channel canada check your local listings
for broadcast times and all of our new episodes premiere on youtube saturday
mornings at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time thank you everybody for watching you can check
this out this will be this video podcast will be uploaded on YouTube on Sunday
and if you have any questions about anything feel free to reach out to us at
the new fly fisher check out Temagami over-fitting CA and of course the new
fly fisher car thanks man thank you alright

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