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Don’t get SCAMMED WISH.COM -Biggest fishing rod FAIL!

Don’t get SCAMMED WISH.COM -Biggest fishing rod FAIL!

What’s going on guys? Senko skipper here back at you with another crazy product review today we are reviewing this product I got from wish.com, It’s a collapsible Fishing rod reel combo with the fishing reel built into it extends to four feet long and uh, this is truly one of the most unique rods I’ve ever seen Today, I’m gonna show you guys how it works So I got this rod from wish.com for about thirty-five dollars From the pictures it looked just so strange that I had to try it myself The way you cast this thing is you have a trigger right here when you push this trigger it lets the line go But when you hold on to it, it keeps the line right there You cast it, let go the trigger finger and when you put your finger down again, it’ll stop the line So it’s a pretty cool rod, pretty cool reel cheap materials though the guides look bad Plastic but interesting concept and I like to test out these weird products so you could decide if you want it for yourself or not So the game plan today catch some little perch, catch some little spot and we’re gonna live line it out on this same rod And see if we catch a striper or a catfish or something like that. I know something’s gonna bite it Wow Look at this nice wall I bet there’s a bunch of fish stacked right here I bet [strange southern accent] I’ll bet I bet I bet [southern accent] I’ll be it [old-time new-york accent] fish everywhere [cockney accent] as far as the eye can see This looks good here for some spot We’re home I’m home You want to go to the battleship? alright Right here? okay. Let’s tie up to the landing? Well guys just broke literally just broke on a fish My rod broke, Erin! [Erin] What?
[Brendon] Yeah… I was standing the hook on something it just broke Piece of crap…. and I didn’t even record it [Erin] What….
[Brendon] Yeah Piece of crap Well guys it literally just broke on my first hook set didn’t even record it. So that’s the end of the episode Thank you guys for watching like and subscribe. See you guys next week [Erin] Oh my gosh…. [Brendon laughing] It literally just broke when I was I set the hook on my first fish and it broke so I don’t know what to do about this can’t make an episode [Erin] Well you could just keep fishing but it’s just unfortunate, it’s not your fault, right? Like, how did it snap? [Brendon] I set it on a perch right here it was something small biting and I set it and it just snapped as I was fishing [Erin] So do you think it’s because the rod is really flimsy-? [Brendon] Yes, because this rod is really bad quality and I kind of knew it when I first saw it, but I liked how it Casted, I like the function of it, but it’s just very very poor material snapped instantly darn Well, we’re going to keep fishing [Erin] That’s the way the cookie crumbles…

72 thoughts on “Don’t get SCAMMED WISH.COM -Biggest fishing rod FAIL!

  1. I know this video was a fail, but you know why I subscribed so long ago, it was because of these types of videos. Keep'em coming.

  2. Senior skipper I tried fishing every day on the beach this summer with the results of 3 5 inch fluke and one huge cow nose ray wich was so fun

  3. You should put a gopro under your kayak. Would be fun to se what's happening under the surface. If the water is clear enough though .

  4. This is funny as you commented in you video of this you did sitting in your house of how good a quality it was. You are becoming a good comedian.

  5. Looks like a knock off of the instant fisherman.
    The instant fisherman looks a lot stronger if you like the concept, though I haven't tried it .

  6. Extendable rods are all crap. It's not Wishs fault. Wish is only a platform for sellers to sell products. Many products made in china are poorly made. But,like you said in other comments it's hit and miss.

  7. I must admit I have bought a few things from wish and a lot of the stuff is a load of rubbish! The is a reason why everything is so cheap on wish because it's shite!

  8. Hi guys.. Am from india n am a beginner… Can you pls suggest me the best rod n reel combo under 50$ for salt water fishing

  9. That rod is probably a piece of crap, however what is the rod rated for weight wise? That weight you had on the rod looked rather heavy for a small rod like that.

  10. that sucks it broke like that. any chance you can call the company and get a new one. retractable poles if even the smallest chip or crack can make them fail. wish in general has alot of super good fishing products. some things can be a gamble tho. hope you can at least sort out a replacement. 35$ is 35$

  11. Your product reviews are awesome. Very funny. Some work, some don’t. All in all traditional rod & reel still best.

  12. I don't believe it broke because the fish, something tells me you hit that wall next to you with the rod… Mmmmm

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