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Drop Shot In Heavy Cover | Advanced Dropshot | Bubba Shot | Bass Fishing

Drop Shot In Heavy Cover | Advanced Dropshot | Bubba Shot | Bass Fishing

There we go! Come here you. The bubba shot
strikes again. Come here. Look at that! That’s what we want boys and girls. That’s
what the bubba shot can do. I’m gonna show you how to catch fish like this on the bubba
shot. What I’m gonna do, is show you the different rigs, different equipment you can use with
this, and then I’m gonna take you on the water and show you how to fish the bubba shot. Hey folks, Glenn May here with BassResource.com
and today I want to talk to you about an unusual way if you will for fishing a drop shot. It’s
what I call a Bubba shot and maybe there are other people have coined that term, too. I’m
not claiming fame to that, but that’s what I’m calling it, Bubba shot. Basically it’s
heavy duty drop shot using a bait casting outfit and braided line, throwing it into
heavy cover versus a finesse technique in open water that you would use, you know that
is typical of a drop shot rig. So what we’re doing today, I’ve got a quarter
ounce weight, this is just a bullet weight, you don’t need any specialty weight in this
case, it’s a bullet weight and all I’ve done is just tied it and put a knot at the end
of line and I’ve pegged it with a rubber peg in here so you can slide it up and down you
know if you want but it’s on there really good. At any rate, you don’t want that to
move so that’s how I’ve done it. There’s a lot of other ways you can do it. I’m sure
you can buy a specialty weight for it, but I’m all for simplicity. So quarter ounce weight, you can use a three
eighths ounce, even a half ounce weight if you want. And I’ve got braided line. This is 50 pound
braided line so it’s stout. It’s strong line so I’m using a strong hook on here. This is
an extra wide gap, what they call a super line hook. It’s a thick diameter hook, it’s
designed for this heavy line, heavy gear that we’re going to be using today. And I’ve just
got this you know on a Rage Structure Bug here. Perfect bait for this, perfect bait
for this type of thing. All were going to be doing is throwing this into some heavy
gear or heavy brush and cover where the fish are in, you want this a little bit up off
the bottom so that helps them find it a little bit easier and they can hone in on that. So we don’t have a long leader here, about
a 12 inch maybe a 14 inch leader on here. You want to adjust that length based upon
where they are in the structure that you’re fishing. If they’re really high up on there,
they you want to lot longer leader and of course if they’re further, closer to the bottom
shorten it up a little bit. But that’s what we’re using today and because of that you
know were using a real stout rod here. This is a medium heavy action, it’s like a flipping
stick, this is a 7’ 3” strong rod that I’d normally use for flipping and pitching,
it’s perfect for using. Anywhere you would pitch and flip or throw a jig or throw a Texas
rig worm, that’s where you would throw this. Okay it’s a great outfit for that, but it’s
a different look, a different presentation that a lot of anglers don’t use. So it gives
the fish something new so you might be able to catch them where as other anglers don’t. So that’s what we’re doing today, that’s the
equipment we’re using, now let’s go out and fish it. All right, so the Bubba shot, one the beauties
of this is because it’s such heavy duty stuff you can throw it in the weeds. And that’s
what I’m going to do here, but keep in mind anywhere you throw a Texas rig bait or a jig,
you can also throw the Bubba shot. So flipping and pitching into a bush pile, shrubs, into
weeds, trees, up in the shore line, any kind of cover, you can also throw the Bubba shot. But here’s what I’m going to show you that’s
a little bit different from those. I’ve got some weeds right here, some milfoil that’s
coming up just under the surface, it’s about 10 to 15 fifteen feet of water. And what I’m
going to do is I’m just going to pitch it out here in those weeds and let it drop right
down in there and get to those fish that are hiding down in those weeds, just let it sit
and once it hits the bottom I’m just going to lift up and I’m going to hold onto it.
That’s it, I’m just going to hold it steady and not move it. Now it may seem like I’m not doing anything
at all, but actually I am. Now if you take your hand and move it, hold it in front of
your face, hold it as steady as you can for 30 seconds and you’ll notice you can’t hold
it perfectly still. You’re not a mannequin. So all those little movements that you’re
doing are being transmitted down the rod, down the line, right to the bait. Very subtle,
subtle movements. In addition, any body of water has current in it. All of them do, even
if it’s a lake. There’s still wind driven current, there’s wake driven current, there’s
you know different things that can move that water, it’s always moving, it’s not stagnant.
So that’s going to move the bait as well. Plus you’ve got wind on the water, little
ripples, they come up and they’re lapping against your line and that’s going to be transmitted
to your bait as well. So all those things, that bait is wiggling down there, it’s looking
alive. So I’m just holding it here as the fish move
around those weeds and they’re feeding, they’re going to come across that and I’m just waiting
for a bite. Now, you can do that forever or another thing I want to do, every once in
a while is you just take the rod tip and you shake it, just a little bit, just like that,
it’s not much, real subtle movement and then let it sit. And that’s it, just to get their
attention in case they’re you know out there searching for those baits, bait fish, you
just give it a little jiggle and let it sit in that weed again. It’s very straight forward
and can be very boring. But you know, this is something that you don’t
use to cover a lot of water. It’s not a search bait, it’s something to do once you’ve targeted
the fish, in this case once we’ve determined that they’re in these weeds so here you’ve
just got to dig them out, you’ve got to in after them, and you’ve got to be patient.
The Bubba shot rig is all about patience so you’re not going to be moving a whole heck
of a lot. I’m gonna lift it up out of some of those weeds and drop it back down into
another spot and start all over again. Great way to dig fish out of cover especially
when they’re lethargic, you know cold front conditions, or when it’s cold out, you know
sudden temperature drops, something like that when the fish aren’t actively feeding, it’s
the perfect way to go after them. And again, if you like fishing plastics, and flipping
and pitching them, and jigs, that sort of thing, you can certainly do it this way too,
give the fish a little bit different look, you might catch a lot of fish that other anglers
are missing. I hope those tips help. For more tips and
tricks like that visit BassResource.com.

100 thoughts on “Drop Shot In Heavy Cover | Advanced Dropshot | Bubba Shot | Bass Fishing

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  2. what a neat right. I like the strength of the setup as I personally haven't gotten the subtle touch for drop shot as fish tend to catch me off guard when they strike and I get broke off or hung up. Thank you for this video 🙂 #KeepBassin

  3. My local lakes have a TON of weed and grass. I cant get anything through it besides a punch rig. I wonder if this would work with a Vile Craw or something similar.

  4. I'm going to a place with tall weeds in deeper water this weekend on the kayak, was wondering how I could get in there a bit more easily. This looks to be worth a try for some of the plastics I would have not considered to throw.

  5. The Bubba Shot is a great way to fish a finesse technique in heavy cover that is normally difficult to do without breaking lite line.  I am going to try this technique.  Thank you.

  6. haven't really fished a whole lot for bass in past but with and the videos and tips you have posted and shown makes me want to start fishing for bass more than ever. thanks for all the tips and I will definitely have to try out this Bubba shot.

  7. More outstanding tips…that realy works…Thx…I had realy good luck doing the bubba shot with a Dominater Sweet Craw., I got from Jan,s Netcraft catalog.

  8. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This helped me out tremendously. I caught a big 5lber the next day after watching this video. The Bubba Shot really works.

  9. I am new to fishing for bass and think new techniques are always a help. I enjoy your videos and you always give us the How To part of fishing. Thank you…..

  10. Found the video to be very informative and enjoyed it very much. We have some great bass fishing up here in Canada and am always looking for new ideas on how to catch them. Love fishing bass. Would love to try some of your bait.

  11. Just caught mad fish yesterday following a drop off covered in submerged weeds on bottom. Killed it with a zoom finesse worm 4 inch for clear water

  12. I just watched about three of your drop shot videos and wanted to thank you for posting them. Great detail and I'm looking forward to fishing my drop shot rigs tomorrow morning! Thanks!

  13. I think white brush hogs because it can represent a dying shiner/shad and it will be hard or a fish to miss the white in the water.

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