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World Fly Fishing Championship 2019

Duckett Ghost Fishing Rods | Bass Fishing

Duckett Ghost Fishing  Rods | Bass Fishing

Hey guys, FLW Tour pro here, Casey Martin. We’re at Icast. Were getting the Duckette booth here, I wanna
talk to you about product we unveiled here at last year at ICAST, is the Duckette Fishing
Ghost rod. They’ve been available on the market for a
couple months now, a lot of guys have been using them. Its a great, economical rod, it still features
the micro magic guides. Its real light, same duck and white color. Its $100 rod, so its a very good, a rod to
start off with til you move up to micro magic, and up to the white ice. But this is probably the best $100 rod on
the market.

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