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Easy Trout Recipe Organic Homegrown Veggies || Sarap na Masustansya Pa!

Easy Trout Recipe   Organic Homegrown Veggies || Sarap na Masustansya Pa!

Hello Guys, Jazz Me & U in FL. USA here This is the trout fillet from the other video entitled “The Way It Is Here + Masarap na Haul” So this it guys.. I will cook this big trout fillet into two different recipes. Bake for my husband while Fish Stew (Filipnio Style ) for me. Instead of using fresh rosemary leaves, I will use fresh sliced organic basil leaves from my garden. This basil smells so good. Sorry if I won’t be doing the way it should be, but uhm I will just do this the way I like to do it. I will just call it my version of this recipe. In this case, I will use a small baking pan and bake it in a small oven, and not in that big oven there. So there, it is seasoned already. It is ready to be baked. The other part of hte fish will be cooked for my fish stew (Filipino Style) or we call it “Sinigang na Isda” Ok now I start boiling two cups of water for my fish stew. I seasoned the water with 1/2 tbsp of himalayan salt and ginger powder. I will be going outside to pick some organic sweet potato vines. Ok I start boil the two cups of water, then I will go outside to pick some organic sweet potato vines. Ok everything is almost ready to start the baking and the cooking of the fish stew. The oven is already pre-heated.., let’s get the fish and start baking it. I just bake it for 20 mins, then will just check it later if it is cooked all the way through, otherwise I have to bake it for few minutes more. Guys, I’m ready to go outside to pick some potato leaves/vines. I got my cap because it is drizzling outside. Ok guys, I’m on my way out to the sweet potato planter. It’s good it is not drizzling anymore. But look at this, huh it’s my guava!!! It is still dripping from the rain water. Here it is guys, my purple sweet potato vine! I also have green variety of this but it is at the other side of the yard. I should have picked or harvested last time os as to have more vines or sprouts at this time, otherwise I’m good. I have enough for my supply right now. Picking time…. Check it out guys! Purple sweet potato leaves, yummy! Saying hello to my friends in the neighborhood. I often walk with them with my dogs in the afternoon. That is a job that is still waiting for me. Yessss!!! Look guys, my freshly picked organic sweet potato vines. Opps please let me enjoy my selfies hehehe! Hmm maybe for thumbnail, what do u think guys? Ok let’s go see my basil plants.. Feeling bad for my pepper plants.. I have not really had the time to take care of them lately. I’ve been busy as a bee… It feels good to have foods that can only pick in the garden especially if they are organic. Wow it’s free veggies for my fish stew! Having freshly picked organic veggies is really exciting. Yes, they are edible and nutritous! another basil plant My husband is always amazed with my harvest. We don’t have a lot of it, but we have enough for what we need. Disclaimer: Sili means pepper Husband: She picks purple leaves and thinks she has a purple heart. …former military men… The fish has been boiling.. I will now add the tomatoes and the onion. This is how I prepare the sweet potato leaves for my fish stew. Just cut the leaves off from the vines. I’m also going to add spice in this recipe by adding red cow hot pepper. This pepper will give a little spice or kick and will add more flavor to the stew. Ok, wash these purple sweet potato leaves thoroughly and add to the stew. After I added the sweet potato leaves, I turned off the stove after 20 seconds. It should no be overcooked, otherwise, it will not be that nutritious anymore. Hmmm that red cow hot pepper and ginger flavors are really increasing my appetite. Feeling hungry now… Taste test time…mmmm delicious, rice please! Masarap, pahingi pong kanin! Sabaw-broth THANK YOU GUYS!

34 thoughts on “Easy Trout Recipe Organic Homegrown Veggies || Sarap na Masustansya Pa!

  1. ang tawag sa talbos na yan tapak manok..ang kapal ng talbos mo sis yung akin sampung tangkay lang..kaya mas gusto ko sa florida tumira ehh daming pwedeng itanim dito limitado,,at may bayabas ka pa,,sinigang sa kamatis sarap ng sabaw nyan.

  2. Maganda daw yang Himalayan Salt. Sarap sa panshare ng iyong recipe..Bongga dami nakuha na gulay sa backyard

  3. Nkita ko may bayabas karin pala ang sarap mamitas ng talbos nakaka inggit talaga ang galing kase khit nasa ibang bansa ka May mga organic kang tanim…sarap din ng niluto mo sis basta fish Ayos kay hubby ano khit anong luto payan hehe

  4. Yummy!sabi po sakin ng fiance ko kahit ano pa lutuin mo kakainin ko kasi nagbigay ka ng effort diyan kaya ok lang po luto lang ng luto.Bagong tagasubaybay po

  5. Wow! Buti p kau jan sis maganda Ang weather Kaya natatanim nyo lahat. My oinsan din ako jan. Dami din nyang mga tanim

  6. Sis masarap yan kahit asin again at pepper lang prito nga lang ayus na basta may kanin lol salmon po yan d iba?

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