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Fast & Fun Flit around the Islands – Ep 70 Sail Trim on Luckyfish

Fast & Fun Flit around the Islands – Ep 70 Sail Trim on Luckyfish

Wow. What is this? This week on Luckyfish we visit a
U-boat hideout catch a remarkable fish snorkel with a shark find an easy way to catch bone fish and share what we’ve learned about sail trim when going upwind We left Williams Cay this morning and we
just motored and motor sailed north We have just come up to a place called Darby Island and there is a castle or a wooden building of some description they call the castle that was built here in the 1930’s by some eccentric German fellow by the sounds of it and he built a U-boat base here it’s questionable whether any u-boats actually came here during the war we are going to go in and have a look at the little harbor that he built maybe anchor there tonight The Island is private We might go and have a look at the castle, if we can get away with it I think it’s this little opening here, on the right about 1 o’clock Yeah, thats crazy What is a U-boat? oh, a submarine… small…, well actually quite a big submarine werent they? Thats the castle This is the closest we can show it to you What do you think? I think we can do better. They are not letting us get on the land so yeah, its not too attractive. I think I’d rather be off a beach I’m not sure about you? Yeah… We will go to Rudder Cut Rudder Cut? or Rudder Cay, yeah… OK We are at Rudder Cut Cay. We are going to take a look at this cave It looks pretty neat. Oh, it doesn’t go back very far though [LAUGHS] That’s it? Look, there is a hole up there? up in the front…. can you see that? what do you think of this place It echoes It echoes after spending a pleasant evening anchored off Rudder Cut Cay we set out in the morning for a look at the hurricane
hole just for future reference we’ve come in to look at this anchoring hole It’s got a narrow channel entrance Its fairly deep its got a couple of meters and the entrance as we go through the channel and there’s a little bit of an opening inside that they reckon you can anchor 6 to 8 yachts in here well there’s no one in here today but it would be a good spot to bolt to if there is a northerly or a westerly blowing up two meters under the keel from Rudder Cut Cay we had a pleasant afternoon sail past Musha Cay before anchoring off Black Point for the
night It’s gone under the boat for protection Is he moving? he is under the boat on the advice of a local fishermen we set a line in the morning and hooked
this remarkable fish Yeah, he has gone under the boat and I think I have got the hook caught in the keel for a while there, I though it had somehow got the hook caught on the keel no, no its right there.. the hook is right under the boat drag him to the back…. what do we do with a shark? its not a shark Its a shark honey Its a good sized fish It’s a shark honey It just seemed to be stuck there we think we’ve caught a shark well a small shark but he’s kind of sticking himself to the hull oo, there he goes. Orrrr, he is off again There he is. But he might be a sucker fish We think he is a sucker fish, yeah he is. He is a remora. Look at that. See the sucker plate on his head? Look, he’s stuck. See that? Look he is stuck to the hull again. So yeah. They look a lot like a shark but they are a sucker fish I dont know what we are going to do with him. They probably have got teeth, so…. he is a fair size… pull it up pull what up? does that disturb him? Yay! Oh, what a catch! Oh what a catch! [LAUGHS] There he goes, he is off again awww, I’ve got to keep him away from the blasted boat he sticks like glue. Hey don’t Oh he is off again He is getting tired. There he goes. Sorry honey I don’t want to gaff him in case we can save him I can’t hold him… Oh you got him. Beautiful. Bring him back. I got him. OK Alright. Today’s marine biology lesson…. Have they got teeth? now, dont you flip around too much. I am trying to save you mate. You are upside down. It is supposed to be good for fish It’s supposed to calm them down Do people eat them? probably probably quite good feed, eating
they look very much like sharks and sharks are really good eating Chomp. Going to bite you! That’s really good. Hold that up yeah, yeah. Come on where is the hook? Have you swallowed the whole damn thing you You dont seem to have teeth Yeah, that’s good I can feel the hook, I think Oh, come on now There we go Alright OK buster show the fish to the camera nice hey we’ll get him back in the
water quick He swam off We got out bait back as well Good morning Well, I mean, you know… if we didn’t have a freezer full of meat at the moment that would be food righto, now we need the jib sheet when you are ready move the block out to the end of the track we left Black Point this morning and
we’ve just come in to what little big majors spot to go and check on the pigs
we caught a Remora it wasn’t gonna feed all of us so we’ve decided we come in and get some pork instead One of the neat things about the Wharram, even in a crowded anchorage like this we’re gonna be able to pull up pretty much right in front of the attraction shallow-draft all the keel boats are hanging well back and that’s been the case time and time
again in most of the anchorage’s we’ve been in. There’s always a bit of
room to squeeze in between the rest of the anchorage and the beach something I’ve certainly miss with any other boat. It’s rather neat . Excited to see some pigs today? [Flute] [LAUGHS] What is that? What’s wrong with a carrot? It’s a perfectly good carrot. it’s OK ahhh, you have got to throw it in…. yeah nice here, don’t think about that, just come here…. [PIG GROWLS] He couldn’t open his mouth ‘cos he is not standing up right? oh, good one…. shooting! [THROAT SINGING] we didn’t stay long with the pigs. the
main takeaways were that these were extremely well cared for animals run by
very very smart local farmers whose cost and revenue model would likely be the
envy of pig farmers and pigs the world over we tucked in behind this delightful
little cay to hoist sail for the 17-mile leg to the headquarters of the Exuma
land and sea park alright nice one it was compulsory to use a mooring here there’s Joe we made a booking so we could return
again in a couple of days we’d be able to moor next to boo-boo hill where thanks to Joe we had a special appointment here’s something I made for you guys there’s a place called boo boo Hill where you can either keep it or throw it on a hill beautiful [LAUGHS] before we left the park we made a visit
to Emerald Rock for a snorkel now we are going to go snorkeling …. what are you reading Three Ways to Capsize a Boat Is it funny? yeah, it’s really funny after a night at Emerald Bay with the wind still in the southeast we set off for a
30 mile sail to Highborne Cay and called in to the marina That’s amazing eh? Check that out… Sharky sharks… We got a few little things…. and it was a hundred and twenty bucks!… [LAUGHS] while Joe and Zaya went up to the shop and had a look around I wonder if these guys are why the sharks are hanging around the point back there Go on brother, hook something yeah that’s a very nice fish that’s a very nice fish That’s conch bait eh? Conch yeah? what would you call that fish? what would you call that fish? This one here? Bone Fish What do you call it? Bone Fish Broad Fish? Bone, bone, bone Oh that’s a bone fish? truly! are they good eating very good yeah? well done sir brilliant I thought people went crazy with flies and they were
really hard to catch and they like easy to get scared and all that stuff you
know but you just threw a bit of our conch and a hook and then it’s kind of
ruining the myth you know they really do love the conch well done beautiful so you kept an eye on your bait real close right because that shark would have been onto that bait to wouldn’t he? and you don’t want him he’s Oh, I will get him too… he’s a bit big to handle he shook it off… bad luck just caught a beautiful bone fish straight off here just straight under here with a bit of
conch on a hook and it’s having to watch pretty closely because the sharks
hanging around Yeah. That’s a beautiful fish. We have got an ice cream for you thank you I got one i got another one… Yeah, nice work. you are turning conch into bone fish really fast Hey Stew, look at stern side…. you see that fish out there? yeah that’s a big garfish He is chasing that Ballyhoo…. That things like 7 feet long! Yeah, thats a big shark I got my fish.. you end up buying one of the bone fish OMG its alive OK kill it…. we better put him out of his misery and
then we’ll pop him in the fridge shall we? yeah, yeah, should do… we’ve been told, a bit of rum in the gills puts them to sleep or it gets them drunk… the story is they don’t feel a thing after that bait? sure he said if I want conch… I’m going to go get some OK? it will be fun to throw that stuff in the
water yeah yeah exactly what I was thinking you need a bucket to rinse off? Yeah, I just get a bucket and then I can work here… look what I did traded a few hooks by conch keep that in the fridge. we might use that tonight it’s nice bait… We don’t have anyone coming in to use the fuel pontoon so we will just clean our fish right here… Do you think they fish here and give some to the restaurant? yeah, yeah. The conch was for the restaurant I think. I dont think we wasted much there Joe no that looks great Oh, there he is.. he is deep there he is he is so big I couldn’t believe it I thought he was gonna just lift his head out of the water Like those pigs. Open his mouth and expect us to dangle something in it Well were just sailing out from Highborn Cay heading the south towards Norman’s Cay and we’re fairly hard on the wind. It’s about 13 to 15 knots beautiful sailing quite flat protected waters it’s a
really good chance to test the boat out going to windward which is something
that’s proved quite problematic for us in the past cool being a bit of
guesswork with trimming sails and working out momentum and boat
speed in order to have enough power on to be able to climb over seas and so
forth but since we put the Telltale’s on the sail on all three sails the working
sails now we can we can trim the sails properly using all the control lines you know the two main sheets on the foresail different sheeting positions on the jib and using the main sheet on the mainsail along with a I guess you call it a double main sheet system although it’s really just one single piece of line lead through one of the spinnaker blocks to the winch in order to control the position of the clew on the main and then we can tension the gaffs as well so all of these adjustments we have found that it’s possible to get most of the Telltale’s streaming really well windward and leeward ones across the sails and the leech telltales, the best we can do with those is just to get them lifting a little
it often they’re stalled but you know if we can get them
just to lift a little bit that’s about the best we can do with the leech on all
three sails but you know you’ve makes such a world of difference we’re getting
a lot more power out of the boat now we’re finding just small adjustments to
get those Telltale’s working properly translate into big changes in speed maybe certainly half a knot easily and up to one for one and a half knots the boat really comes to life when when this not surprisingly when the sails are set properly so on this water which is pretty flat we’re looking at tacking angles conservatively we’d be able to tack through about 110 degrees at the moment in a 13
to 15 knot wind we’re pointing probably around 50 to 55 degrees to the true wind and around 30 to 35, 40 degrees to the apparent wind and our boat speed is between five and a half to six knots occasionally up to six and a half knots so you know all in all I’m pretty wrapt now I feel like we are getting the most out of the boat we’re applying quite a lot of tension to all of the control lines in order to get these sails set and working properly but it’s well worth it wee! Well everyone we hope you enjoyed this
episode we’d like to give a special thank you to our patrons it’s because of
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  1. Great video. Really challenging rig to get the best out of but to your comment really rewarding when they get in the “groove”. Love the relaxed feel to the cruising.

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  4. Excellent episode, Big Thumbs Up. As entertainment it's as good as anything available, but spiked with informative shots
    Thanks Zaya & Stew.

  5. I remember some French guys built one of these boats in America and sailed it across the Atlantic, they achieved about 16 knots at one point. So they can get a move on.

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  7. Really cool video….lots of memories coming back from previous Bahama adventures…and soon to be adventures. Enjoyed seeing you using your telltales and efforts to improve trim…..one more….you might loose 4# of drag, gain half a knot (kidding) if you eliminated the ss snap shackles on your clews for a dyneema soft closed loop that you could make easily…..looking forward to next weeks episode! Well done! (I have marked the safety/ norther pocket on my charts, maybe catch you there!) andrew

  8. "Lift his head out of the water" indeed. When I was ten I stood by the pier railing in Panama City (or was it Pensacola) admiring a king mackerel someone had hung there, its head just by my toes. A hammerhead erupted from the water below, emerged tail and all, and took the mackerel off right behind the gills, slipping back into the Gulf with hardly a ripple. I didn't even have time to curl my toes. No one else saw this, and there was some argument as to what had happened to the fish, with meaningful glances in my direction, till some old geezer looked at the grooved cut and pronounced me a truth-teller.

  9. For Sale About Big Darby Island
    This island is a very special one: it lies in one of the most beautiful parts of the Bahamas and boasts white sandy beaches and the potential for an airstrip. It has all the basic essentials for development. It is situated very near well-known island resorts and existing airstrips.
    Big Darby Island is located about 95 miles from Nassau, 14 miles from Great Exuma and 250 miles from Miami. It lies almost in the centre of the chain of some 360 islands known as the Exuma Cays -the yachting, sailing and fishing paradise of the Bahamas. The nearest islands are Rudder Cut Cay (with airstrip) and Musha Cay, both owned by illusionist David Copperfield.

    This island is surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters and features several white sandy beaches -in all approx. 21,650 ft. of water frontage. The highest elevation is approx. 80 ft. which is exceptionally high for the Bahamas.

    The island can support a 3,000 ft. to 5,000 ft. runway and is adjacent to a deep protected natural harbour.

    An imposing 7,000-square-foot castle built by an Englishman, Sir Baxter, in 1938 is located on the island. The castle could be rebuilt into a spectacular home or clubhouse. A survey of a proposed development plan is available.

    A network of paths and walkways extends in southerly and westerly directions for a distance of 1.8 miles.

    This is a great opportunity to own a large island island in The Exuma Cays.

  10. I noticed you are using full face snorkeling masks you may want to do some research about them, there have been several deaths related to using them, just do a google search ( deaths related to using full face snorkeling mask) I just want you guys to be safe

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    pigs are amazing animals with a bad reputation…the original thug life hero chilling on a carribean island being hand fed by rich white folks (plus the odd Mongolian x kiwi)…
    and I thought I had it good lol
    …but of course, like all good things, it comes at a price!
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