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Fieldsports Britain – We try to destroy €1000 binoculars

Fieldsports Britain – We try to destroy €1000 binoculars

[Music] Welcome to Fieldsports Britain. Coming to
you this week from a grouse moor in Cumbria. Coming up – Hole in one! – Roy Lupton is out
on a golf course to see if he can do that to a fox. First destruction test we put Dom
Holtam against a pair of Zeiss binoculars, and see who cracks first. We got a copy of Passion magazine in the office
the other day and in it was a story about how the guys from Zeiss tried to destruction
test one of their conquest HD binoculars. The kind of thing that might go wrong in the
field. Dropping them from a high seat, running over them with a 4 x 4. They even shot the
binoculars and they still survived. But can that really be true. Actually it works, take a look. These are still crystal clear the focus wheel
works, a little bit gritty, but people would probably consider a procedure optical instrument
they are going to think they are actually not capable of this kind of punishment. We were surprised as well to be honest. To
shoot at it was our last torture and it was no problem actually. The shot pellets they
got stuck in the rubber surface, but that was it. So we were surprised as well. Ok. You work in marketing. You are bound to
say nice things about your own product. So we have come over to find out whether or not
they really are as tough as you say. You are absolutely welcome to test it on your
own. So we are prepared and we have got a bino, so go for it. Yes, this is your victim for the day, so do
me one favour, please don’t be gentle. I’ll try, I’ll try. I am sure. So here we are then. Kid at Christmas time
with my factory fresh box, Conquest HD binoculars, worth about 1000 Euros and apparently I have
got to try and break them. Not looking forward to this. Take it out of the box Dom. The box is pretty sturdy but apparently I
am not going to get away with it that easily. It just feels so wrong to take something which
normally we would be cherishing and looking after and taking good care of to last us a
life time and to treat it like this. I know what you are thinking, how likely is
that you are going to drop your binoculars from a high seat. Well actually it is surprisingly
easy. Oh, oh, the things you see. So test one complete. I have chucked these things
out of the high stand 20 times for various shots and so far so good. The eye cups are
still working, focus wheel is still working. I think we will have to try a bit harder. So we are going to stop for a quick lunch
break now and wait for the Zeiss guys to come and join us. Give the binoculars a bit of
a rest, just put them here out the way and then I think time for a quick bite to eat.
So we haven’t really made much of an impression on these yet. No not at all. And to be fair, bit of fun that was, but not
a real test because there is some very serious packaging in there, padding, a big cardboard
box, but what kind of scenario are we trying to recreate now? You are in a rush, you need to be back home
early. You drop them out of your pocket or just out of the backpack and you keep on going
and you simply drive over it with your 4 x 4. This is a situation which can happen. Well
let’s do so. If you don’t trust us running over it in a box then we do it without. No
worries. And we have got a 1.7 tonne Isuzu D-Max which
is Rudiger’s personal vehicle and we are not on soft mud here. This is a rock hard track
so this is going to be taking the full weight of the vehicle. Yes. Ok let’s do it. I will get behind the steering wheel and you
give me the instructions. This is going to break my heart to do this
but let’s find out if it breaks the binoculars. Keep coming, keep coming, bit more, bit more,
stop. I think it is safe to say they are squashed. Umm well they were fairly comprehensively
crushed by that. We have got lots of dust, lots of tyre marks, but the hinge still works
perfectly, the eye cups still work perfectly, the focus wheel still works perfectly, there
is a little bit of resistance about there. Let’s see what they look like through the
lense. Crystal. The only thing I can feel is different to when they were brought out
of the box is there is a slight stiffness in the focus wheel, but other than that pretty
much perfect. One thing putting them on the floor, running them over, what happens if
you leave on the roof of your truck and they get clattered down the road. We have a few
signs of minor physical damage now. Got a bit of chipping to the metal work here and
this little plastic bit on the side which is where your strap would go, that has been
crushed, but still we have got a little bit of stiffness in that eye cup, but it still
works. That one feels fine, the optic adjustment fine,
focus wheel is fine. Optics are pin sharp. Right so now we are going to try and simulate
a life time crawling through the undergrowth. Having it hanging from your neck, dangling
from the rock. We haven’t got a life time to do it, but we are going to try and simulate
that in about ten seconds with the help of a rope and a pick up truck. It is safe to say that they are now showing
signs of wear, but then they have just done about a kilometre up this tarmac forest track
up to speeds of about 40 km an hour which is pretty serious let’s be honest. Like I
say this is not a mud track. We have got some issues now with the eye cups, they are feeling
a little bit stiff. The optic adjustment is still working, the focus wheel is still working
and I have got a little dust on the lense, but I can still see ok through them. They
are still sharp. I can still focus. I can’t actually believe that. Do you treat your binoculars
like this? It is very nice, very good. Oy. A bit of slobber. I think we need to check
their water proofing capabilities a little more seriously than just a bit of spit. We
have found this lovely tranquil fishing lake in the forest. Apparently it is very good
there is carp, zander, pike in here. Sadly we haven’t brought any fishing gear, but we
are going to give the Conquest a swim. See if we can clean them up a bit and find out
whether they still retain their water proof properties. So here we go. Not liking how
much gas is coming up. Let’s see if we have got a bite. I reckon they have survived that.
Try again. No water inside. Clear picture, focus wheel
is working. Works. They are cleaner now. Now they are clean actually. That is good. Another test passed with flying colours. Amazing.
Absolutely amazing. So we have put these binoculars through a right hammering today. When the
Zeiss guys originally did the story they found as we have found today that even though they
have punished them incredibly hard the binoculars still survived. They thought what can we do
that is above and beyond the call of duty so they actually decided to shoot the binocular.
It is not something we would recommend you try at home, but we have got a selection of
hunting cartridges here. We have got our trusted binoculars here which are still going strong
and we are going to blast them. Let’s go, have fun. Ear protection, safety
glasses … check, talent. We are going to start with a Rottweil steel game number four
and move our way up from there. If it was a pigeon it would be looking a bit second
hand. No broken glass The focus wheel still works despite having a pellet in it. Right
let’s shoot it again. Take two. We are going to step up to a pokier cartridge this is a
number three Weihlmans high velocity traditional German hunting cartridge. This packs a fair
bit of umpgh apparently. The number four steel wasn’t gutsy enough so hopefully this one
will do the business. Ok so here is the wad. That made it to the target. The binoculars
have been blown off the stump. Well so we have had a direct hit on the hinge here, no
sign of breakage on the glass but a lot more shots … I think we are actually going to
have to go for something even more heavy duty than this. Hann have you got any explosives.
When you did this, this isn’t part of your normal test programme is it? No. You didn’t know what the result was going
to be. No definitely not. The testing got worse and worse. We ended
up shooting on it because we had no clue what to do. You had taken everything you thought could
happen in the real world Exactly And survived. So you had to get more extreme
and creative to try and destroy the product. That was the idea. So I guess the idea for you guys is to make
people understand the level of engineering that goes into a Zeiss product and how tough
they are in the real world. Especially in comparison with other low priced
binoculars. So this product for a 1000 Euros more or less can stand way more than any thing
else in that price range. So we are very proud of it. It is good to know that we survive
once again. So it is the question of people reassessing
what they are actually buying here. They are not buying it for this year, next year … They are buying it for generations. I do have one question though. If somebody
brings in a binocular to the customer services department with shot gun pellets on what do
you say? Well the clear message of all that happened
today is don’t try this at home. So don’t try this at home. As shooting journalists we get sent an awful
lot of kit during the course of the year and we do test it in the field. We do take it
out shooting, we do get it wet, we get it muddy, but ultimately we have to show it a
bit of respect and we have to send it back. So it has been a fairly unique experience
to be given a top end binocular and told to go out and try to destroy it and obviously
there is a serious message in there somewhere about their faith in the product to the level
of engineering that goes into one of these bits of kit. But let’s also be honest it was
a lot of fun. Bring on the bang. Well Zeiss have kindly donated those binoculars
to us and we are auctioning them for charity on Ebay. If you would like them they come
with no warranty and a delightful stippled effect from the shot pellets in them. Search
Ebay for Zeiss Conquest HD destruction test and the link should be appearing on the screen. [Music] This is Fieldsports Britain News. The head of the Church of England is a �reasonable
shot’ according to Lambeth Palace. The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Justin Welby went on a pheasant
shoot in the mid-1980s, when he worked as an oil company executive, and recently went
clay pigeon shooting while visiting Texas for a meeting of the American House of Bishops.
Dr Welby turned down the offer of becoming patron of the RSPCA, which many believe has
given up its role as an animal welfare charity in order to campaign for animal rights. Would you like to try wildfowling in the UK?
Well opportunity knocks. The best place to look is the BASC Wildfowling Permit Scheme
booklet for 2013/ 2014. BASC members who want to give it a go, or experienced wildfowlers
who want to find new shooting opportunities, can obtain the booklet from the organisation.
We used the scheme to go shooting with the Grange wildfowlers in Cumbria. Click on the
link on the screen to watch the film. The antis at last have a conviction against
a real live hunt under the UK ban on hunting with hounds. Up to now, almost everyone convicted
under the Hunting Act could also have been convicted under poaching laws. Members of
the Middleton Hunt in Yorkshire admitted they let hounds catch a fox instead of shooting
it. Three men were fined between �100 and �200 each with a �20 surcharge and �85
costs. You can earn serious money as a pro angler
on the US competition circuit. Over four days, Randall Tharp of Port St Joe, Florida, caught
20 bass weighing 53lb to win US$500,000 in the Forrest Wood Cup, sponsored by Walmart.
Second prize of just US$75,000 went to reigning champion Jacob Wheeler of Indianapolis 20
bass weighing 49lb And finally, it was two mayors versus a salmon
at a recent fishing competition in Canada. The 92-year-old mayor of Mississauga, Hazel
McCallion, hooked a 16lb Chinook salmon during the Great Ontario Salmon Derby. Toronto Mayor
Rob Ford stepped in to save the day after the tiny mayor was nearly yanked into the
waters by the big fish. You are now up to date with Fieldsports Britain
News. Stalking the stories. Fishing for facts. [Music] Thank you David. And don’t forget Roy is shooting
foxes later in the programme. In the meantime it’s Hallo Charlie. [Music] Here is what the world is up to this week. Hallo Charlie. Hallo Charlie. Shooting pigeons
over a standing wheat crop. This is our bag 123 pigeons. Bye Charlie. Bye Charlie. Hallo Charlie. Hallo Charlie. Me and my mate
are out on a peas field in Kent. Hoping for a good day on the pigeons. Hallo Charlie. Hallo Charlie. We are coming
to you today from a very hot and sunny France. Where we have been fly fishing for black bass
for the last two weeks. Just like this one. Au Revoir Charlie. Hallo Charlie I am out hunting with my Dad
in my Dad’s hide. Hallo Charlie I am Attia in my husband’s hide ready for the ducks to
come in. Hallo Charlie this is Woody the wood pigeon
I am a test pilot for Flightline Decoys and today we are going to be looking at the new
FF4 to see what it looks like from above powering the Silosox flapper. Hold on. You can do a Hallo Charlie just now Dad. Send us your own Hallo Charlie. Film yourself
on your own mobile phone and just a sentence saying Hallo Charlie who you are and what
you are up to. Then share it or email it via Youtube, Facebook, Dropbox or Yousendit, Younameit
to [email protected] Thank you for those keep em coming. Now golf
might seem terribly sedate, but even golf courses have vermin problems. Roy Lupton is
out foxing on the fairways. It’s going to be tough to keep the golfing
references to a minimum but we’ll try: well-known falconer Roy has left his birdies at home,
well the eagle anyway, so we can knock some holes in the local fox population. They’re making a right mess of the greens,
fairways and the benches, and it’s Roy’s job to clean it up. Many people would think that if you have a
golf course you would want as many foxes as you could possibly get to keep the rabbit
population down. But in actual fact the foxes can still cause a lot of damage by digging
up the greens defecating all over the place and they are actually jumping up on the benches
and pooing all over the benches as well. Not ideal for a day out with your clubs. Personally
that wouldn’t really bother me because golf is certainly not my game and I really don’t
quite understand it. We will kick off and end up on the 19th hole old chap. We start with the front nine holes – We have
to be careful not to make more mess than the foxes so we drag along Darren and his gator.
We had wanted to have some fun in the golf buggies but they charge up over night and
the club doesn’t want members cutting up rough in the morning about flat batteries. Cutting up rough – see what we did there. The foxes shouldn’t be lamp shy so we’ve got
a couple of Nightmaster 800s with the red and green LEDs. The beam travels as far as
we can see, but unfortunately we don’t see much. A couple of likely spots deliver nothing.
The champion bogeys holes 1, 2 and 3. The Western Rivers call is taking the strain
again tonight and finally a fox takes the bait, but only as we start to move off. There
are actually two of them around and with the call already back in the gator Roy uses the
Silva Fox call. It’s hard work but a shot presents itself and our evening suddenly starts
waking up. We have just come over the top of the rise
and we have just see a fox disappear into the wood here. He came out of the bottom but
as soon as the lamp was on him he tucked back in and then he was starting to work his way
back across. Luckily he stopped just long enough for us to get the shot. We know there
is another fox which came into our right hand side just above us. I am hoping he has just
worked his way over to the other side of the course and hopefully we will catch up with
him in a second. For our next stand – Roy mixes it up a bit
and starts with the mouth call. Low and behold a fox pops out for a look and Roy has his
chance. Change of tactics we reverted straight onto
the mouth call and straight away we got a fantastic response. Just came straight out
of that wood there. Number two in the bag. I think that is what we might do just have
a bit of a trawl around and a few more mouth squeaks and see how we get on. I will just
carry on a second just in case. Here we go another one is coming in. Have you got it. Yes. Sometimes one call works, other times another
call works. You never know so it is always worth having a run through. Because we actually
called previously on this spot and gone through a hole plethora of different calls on the
electronic caller with no avail, but I really thought this area was quite foxy. So I just
wanted to give it another go so we gave it another go with one of the mouth callers and
all of a sudden everything started to happen within a few seconds. So you have always got
to change your tactics and just be prepared to change off the course of what you have
decided to do and experiment a little bit. Another night it could have been one of the
calls off the electronic caller that worked. So you never know. That is what is fun about
it because all of a sudden the action kicks off and within seconds we have got two more
foxes.in the bag. Darren retrieves the foxes. Once again they
are adults. So where we are on this site here we actually
surrounded quite heavily by housing and by the looks of it the foxes are normal customers
that we would find in the fields and what have you. But they definitely look a bit more
urban. Their condition is nowhere near as nice and the fur condition is not so good,
but the most interesting thing so far is we haven’t even seen a cub. It will be interesting
to see what goes on once we have had the harvest. Whereas normally when we are doing that sort
of squeaking at this time of year we would be getting an awful lot of interest from cubs
coming about. Are you wearing guy liner? Guy liner? Does it look like I am wearing
guy liner. Thank you darling. Does it mean I am looking incredibly handsome tonight? A bit further down the fairway we spot a fox
in the scrub. Roy sticks with what he knows and lets loose with the mouth call – from
hundreds of meters away the tell tale eyes come bobbing towards us. This one needs a
bit more careful management – finally Roy is happy with the shot. A little bit puckered. It is certainly turning
on now. That wasn’t the original fox that we saw. It just came over the rise and there
was a fox sitting right out in the middle of the green there but he disappeared off
and I just tried to call that one out and we are probably not more than about 100 to
200 yards from where we were first calling a minute ago where we had the other two and
carried on calling for a little while and another one started coming in from probably
a good 500 yards away. The last little bit he wasn’t quite sure because I think we are
sitting on top of the bug at the moment we are a bit skyline. When he got really close
he panicked a bit and went back a touch, but just managed to pick him out in the trees.
I think the way we are going now we could start to pick up a reasonable bag. What are
the teeth like, worn out? No, she is not an overly old child, but certainly not a youngster
though. In the words of John Paul Sartre, as anyone
who has seen Caddyshack known, “Au revoir foxy”. We’re now on a charge. The next hole
delivers a youngster- soon followed by another –
Roy has to work this second fox harder by
using a more delicate touch. We knew we had a questionable back stop calling
with that wood to our right. We were hoping that the foxes would come from the wood to
our left. So we actually carried on squeaking. I actually changed the squeak. I really toned
it down. We went to a little mouth squeaker from Best Fox Call which I think is a willow
grouse call and that was just enough to regain its interest as it was sitting there and luckily
instead of coming following the contour of the wood it decided to come out to the left
of the wood. So again we had a fantastic backstop on that one because we have got rising ground
there. So again no more than 40 – 50 yards off a perfect shot. Put them both together.
I would say youngsters. Yes they are. Double vixen from the same litter. As we travel to our final hole Roy explains
the need for the Nightmasters. It is just a lot quicker you can cover the
ground have a good scout around. See what you have got. It allowed us to get a number
of foxes relatively quickly and now we know pretty much where the foxes are that are lamp
shy. We can come back with night vision and clear those up another night. Our last customer is another long play. The
fox comes from the woodland on the far edge – before it’s too close, Roy knocks it over. After a slow start it’s been a really satisfying
night with some lovely shots from the rough and across the green. Nicely put, put – get
it. Roy working his magic yet again – and you
can see more of it on the screen that has appeared there if you click on that you will
go straight through to the Lupton video collection and if you want to get in touch with Roy you
can contact him on Facebook. He has finally joined and he is massing more friends than
Mark Gilchrist. No it is not possible. Or you can email him at [email protected]
Next we are off to the wider world of hunting, shooting and fishing on Youtube. It is Hunting
YouTube. This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show
the best hunting, shooting and fishing videos that YouTube has to offer. You can be a hotshot North American hunter
if you sell an iPhone app these days, and that’s why it’s a pleasure to see Cody Draper
from RacksSite.com in New Zealand after big red stag, bull tahr and even a 500-yard shot
on a roo. Take that 500 yards, multiply it by three
and you get this remarkable shot, which claims to be the longest coyote shot on video. At
first, he thinks it’s a clean miss, but the .338 Lapua magnum does its work. There are lots of crossovers between shooting
and painting – both are right-side brain activities, both can take you to wild places. With the
wildfowling season around the corner, renowned wildlife artist Jonathan Pomroy talks about
the paintings he produced for the 2013 Wildlife Habitat Trust stamp. You can purchase the
stamps and even full size prints of the work from the WHT website wht.org.uk – and help
keep Britain’s extremities extreme. We stay in the British Isles for our first
fishing outing this week. Salmon Fishing Ireland 2013 shows MrKingfisher3 catching a salmon
on the fly one evening. I am getting reports that Irish rivers are stuffed with salmon
this August and I am off there soon. I can’t wait. Other Brits travel to France for their fishing.
French Carp Fishing Holiday To St Amand Leisure shows Brits abroad on a French lake where
carp topping 40lb are caught using traditional British technique of steamies popups over
a wide spread of steamed boilies glugged in oils. Sounds yummy. Now an instructional film from one of the
UK’s prodigies. Gamekeeper John is here showing some catapult practice techniques. If like
me you keep a slingshot in your pocket for emergencies, this will be useful. Less useful in the UK because our government
doesn’t allow it is Bowhunting.com’s YouTube channel – we have to go abroad for it and
while we are waiting to do that, here’s a great channel for US bowhunting action. Lots
of yee-haa twang-phht. And finally, we join a Brit who is abroad,
enjoying driven boar in Serbia. It is A1 Decoys, which runs two-, three- and four-day trips
at prices starting from �2,000 with no trophy fees. You can click on any of these films to watch
them. If you have a YouTube film you would like us to pop in to the weekly top eight,
send it in via YouTube, or email me the link [email protected] Well we are back next week and if you have
been watching this on Youtube don’t hesitate to hit the subscribe button that is somewhere
around the outside of the screen or go to our webpage www.fieldsportschannel.tv where
you can click to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter or scroll down to the bottom
of the page pop your email address into the constant contact form and we will constantly
contact you with news about our programme which is out 7pm every Wednesday UK time.
From a wind swept moor in Cumbria. This has been Fieldsports Britain.

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  1. Fieldsports Britain – We try to destroy €1000 binoculars – Fieldsports Britain – We try to destroy €1000 binoculars Hunting and shooting in this week's show – we are out after foxes on a golf course and we are testing a pair of Zeiss Conquest HD 8x42s to destruction. Sport… From: Fieldsports Channel Views: 29 1 ratings Time: 30:33 More in Shows http://ow.ly/2zhbl4

  2. Half of this weeks programme is sucking up to one of their sponsors,probably for free kit,the intro to the show showing the binos being shot and run over and dropped from a hide is enough,interesting,they are strong binos.Fast forward to 13 minutes for some field sports

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