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Fishing in Queensland Vol 1 – Bluefin Salmon, Flathead, Grunter and Cod

Fishing in Queensland Vol 1 – Bluefin Salmon, Flathead, Grunter and Cod

what’s going on guys hope you’re well
and good to see you all again in this video you’re gonna see me catch a number
of fish from all over southeast Queensland and my very first bluefin
salmon in Far North Queensland if you guys can guess where that is droppers
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stuff let’s get on to some action you got a shock it’s all looks like a
shot uh-huh
into the shot what’s this salmon okay
bluefin salmon yes wait it’s my first bluefin salmon then my first blues
Prince salmon BAM ah dropped in fuck ah is in his in yep
he’s on christen the new thing on the bottom is
it or not hey it’s a little it’s a little jewy
my first joy yeah buddy oh nice what the fuck is this
it’s a grunter it looked like a dude from the side are oh it’s still good
good one yeah grunting away oh yeah that’s it
Travel rode on the board oh yeah grunting a buddy that’s it
he’s on oh it’s a little Cod yeah I thought it it had a hit before
and I missed it the trick swims I’m gonna try this fast a sugar deep
good-looking look nah don’t tell me I snagged my fucking $30
Lua okay got it back
and God Oh I have good flooding alright bath day suga deep strikes okay buddy
see you later gone all right fast – ooh goody did the job pretty
impressed so far let’s get another one come back to the same spot where I ran
to save us one I suppose they’re cuttin cord the floody back with the sugar pin
see if we can land another one should be somewhere on here drifting with the current huh yep
he’s on yes suck another flatty sugar dates murdering it here we go
other decent-sized one probably a little bit a bit of a bigger model than the
last one here we go then solid flat oh okay time to let you go oh yeah you ready see you later ah

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