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Fly Fishing Equipment : Fly Fishing Rods

Fly Fishing Equipment : Fly Fishing Rods

Ok, so the first thing you’re probably going
to think about when you go to get your fly fishing outfit is the rod. That’s the most
expensive part of it for sure, so that’s where people focus most of their attention. Things
you’re looking out for are the line weight and the length of the rod. Most fishing, freshwater
fishing, trout fishing, bass fishing, something in the five, six weight range is going to
be your best bet, and something between eight to nine foot is probably the best length.
And all that information will be listed here on the rod right above the handle. They’ll
usually have some type of designation, like this says, eight, six, five which means this
is an eight foot six inch, five weight rod and the dash with the two means that it’s
a two-piece rod. And they’ll come in two-piece rods up to five and six-piece rods. The number
of pieces is just going to determine how easy it is to carry it and pack it in your luggage.
A two-piece rod is just fine and in a lot of ways it’s a lot easier because there’s
less pieces to have to deal with. Length-wise, anything shorter than eight foot is kind of
a specialty rod for maybe fishing small streams where you don’t have a lot of room to move
around. Something longer than nine foot is also a specialty rod, because that’s maybe
for fishing a bigger river or somewhere where you need a little bit of extra distance, but
most of the rods you find, especially beginner, entry level rods will be eight and a half
to nine foot, more likely in the five to six weight range.

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  1. I am just getting into flyfishing and I wanted to say thank you for your down to earth basic info that someone like me needs to know. Most of the videos out there take for granted you already flyfish and know the basics.

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