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Fly Fishing for Big Bluegill

Fly Fishing for Big Bluegill

Yeah Taking em that way Rock Put too much weight on that. Yeah, what is going on that best fishing? Welcome back to another episode so right now meet Stephen are at our little local pond here and On Twitter the other day I made a poll seeing what fish you guys wanted to see me catch next on a video and you guys all voted Pan fish so I’m out here with Stephen, of course the master of catching sunfish and I’m caught up in my line here, but the catch is He’s using white worms, and I’m going to use my fly rod so we’re gonna throw the old chestie on and Stephens gonna catch us some sunfish with the old worms. So stay tuned. You won’t be disappointed Don’t judge my fly-fishing I am NOT a professional fly fisherman. Oh I just saw come up. There we go first fish on the fly rod Whoo This little guy on The old blood tease Which I actually got out of a trout fishing mystery tackle box. Just like this little bloody centipede looking deal pretty killer um, he’s probably small to keep so By the weather so nice out today It literally was just like a hundred degrees. I was just out here fishing not too long ago And it was just super sunny and hot and as soon as meets the end decide to come out this clouds came out and Now it’s just like the perfect weather to fish. Oh There we go What’s going on here oh He’s a chunker Fish number two taxi number three, I’m not gonna lie to you guys. I Caught one before I started the camera. He’s in there. I just wanted to see if I’d actually catch one So dish number two Anything yet, Steven Okay, I’m gonna move the bucket a little closer to me so I don’t have to walk over here every time So the goal of today is to catch some bluegill perch pan fish whatever for Tap fishing or we’re gonna eat him. I don’t know yet. I don’t really decided Who I see one over there I can literally see The perch opens Oh Oh What’s what’s going on oh my god what we got? Oh He’s a beggin Oh At the tank hey come over here and fish that over here Steven I’m catching tanks. Holy cow. Ooh This thing dude, this is solid it’s a solid fish. Fish number three. What’s our goal? It gets like ten fish You got a worm nice. All right, just Here, I’ll trade you spot. Oh, I did your fish on that cash towards like under the tree Huh? Yes, they are gotta believe Did I literally caught one not too far from there There’s one oh you take my worm you did Smoked me and took my little little trout drop shot one Little turd. Oh Nice. Oh, that’s a tanker bro. That’s a tank Yo Yeah, we gotta bust out the big camera for that one. We got a show. Yeah show everybody Balon Yo, that’s a frickin tank bro, look at that, dude That’s facts Look at the can you identify it for us? This is a catfish. Oh nice 13 pounds nice roast him in the comments right now Dang that was a nice fish bro now I gotta go put a new drop shot a little worm on here All right, time to get put a new worm on Dude, you literally destroyed that thing. He had no chance against you Yeah, that’s ass launch donkey, bro I’m gonna catch one on this. Where are you? Yeah on this bit of wine I wish I had a better fly rod. Ooh, I was again right there Did they love it they love the old worm stealing We’re gonna keep them we’re gonna eat them Yeah, that’s that’s a fish right here it’s got to be those a perfect cast There we go. Ooh Ooh Dude, I got tanks bro. I Broke my poles like dude, yo the tank Flip them up here. Oh my gosh Tilling the game, bro Yeah, your fish refuge compared to this Dude, sick number four dang. We didn’t good deny Oh That’s money. That’s got to produce a fish. Yep. Just don’t take it Oh what I Literally saw him take off with it literally came to the top of the water Come on do it again, you won’t you undo it you won’t do it you won’t do it He didn’t do it He’s also kind of fun, oh there’s one oh my gosh, she popped right off I’m not taking your spots. Do I need to move over a little bit? Oh my god You can have my youtube channel if you get bitten by snake Did I just saw two of them pop up on that thing, come on There we go Oh Hashtag I got a fish I’m not even a real it’s gonna pull like this. I’m gonna flip him. Whoa There we go Did oh my gosh, they’re like you like bit off chunks of my worm bro. What the heck? Oh, yeah Flip them now am I gonna whip them? Number five question mark for five. Alright number five, not too bad. We’re gonna have a solid little bucket full of blue gills And one of my subs teach me how to fly fish please deal with it hit me up in the comments I need your help so I can actually Learn how to cast dry and be successful as a fly fisherman. I’m going to cast over me Steven. I’m fishing down. I got one It’s gonna reel it in like this keep tension. Oh Oh nice dear Bro, he’s gotta get let it let them take it Dang another one Oh got another one Yeah, Oh Pulling drag bro. It’s a fighter Come here. Oh man that thing came in hot holy cow You bet murder me God dude, there’s so many in here Like last month I couldn’t catch a single one. And here we are hammering them on up That we got like 20 in there. Are they Fisher’s your what your bobber just oh, no, you got one. Oh, it’s a monster, bro brought the monster They might be oh man here do I need to bust out the camera for that one now? Oh Is that a better one So your keeper She’ll keep nice Nice, let’s go, baby Bro, nice. Look at this thing Look at it huge bro. Go stick her in the bucket That’s quality baby. We only keep quality fish and we only catch quality fish That start small though. There we go Go oh god, he’s gonna come off. He’s gonna come off my reals messed up. It’s all tangled Well in the world is happening right now, oh I still go. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh I’m here buddy. Why so angry I could be so angry Oh My gosh, there’s so many bluegill and sunfish whatever these things are, but you’re a bunch of sunfish Boobies, I’m so itchy too. God the bugs are killing me out here Steven Literally slaughtering me So you catch what one two more ooh, do you have one They smoke you Goin see it bigan. Oh Nice I had you There we go All right dealing I’m all Yeah, I might catch another one while I wait Or tried to I might as well Dang, let’s see that last one dog. Hold on don’t oh you dropped her in bro It’s alright we are Loaded with the blue gills Like insanely loaded dang we did a good job Stephen. Yeah. We did a good job You ready to go back Yeah, trying to get dark And we got a bunch of bluegill. We have to clean. Yeah, how many we haven’t won TT? Yeah. We have like 10 It’s not bad. Yeah, I Suck with the fly rod but we still managed to catch some fish. Don’t know how but we did somehow Hooking her up Well, so I guess that’s it for us hey way to interrupt my outro, okay, well we got okay if this gets 30 likes then Aaron is gonna Go fishing Using only things you can get from nature except there’s alignment Not even a hook. Nope. I have to make a hook Seems pretty uh intense to me I Probably won’t catch anything, but you know what? It’s worth a shot. So leave a thumbs up We need 30 of them and I’ll go do that Shoot why don’t I just make like a primitive like survival video? Maybe right being nothing Except for like wine. Yeah, not even water Ok 30 likes and I’ll make a primitive survival video where I go out and actually die because I Can’t bring anything. So 30 likes hit the subscribe button. We’re almost to 500 Subscribers, which is totally awesome or almost halfway to our goal. Oh and it’s Been a long journey They have like almost 60 uploads. What? Oh 500 subs yeah, I don’t know. I’ll let you guys choose So in the comments below let me know what you guys want for 500 subscribers. It’s gonna be a little er almost there So hit the subscribe button so we can get there. Anyways, that’s gonna do it for today’s video So I hope you guys enjoy it and I will see you guys on the next episode of bad best fishing

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