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Fly Fishing in Swedish Lapland – Vindelälven [ENG SUB]

Fly Fishing in Swedish Lapland – Vindelälven [ENG SUB]

Sweden, Kraddsele, Vindelälven Big graylings, big trouts This is what we knew, nothing more, nothing less We actually found the place with sheer luck, and partially as guided by our passion The place was amazing.. An older gentleman gave us a tip, apparently dark green is a good colour. I’ll go with this one.. As for starters.. known, good proven muddler Some weight added And a nymph as a company We have not yet seen any fishes braking the surface.. ..therefore, we go below (the surface).. ..but we are ready to adapt along with the circumstances. How is it going, Lari? Quite well.. I just came here, made my third try with a fly that I bought from that older gentleman.. ..and catched a grayling. Not bad.
– Not bad. Quite beautiful graylings here. Fat as a pig. 38,5 – 39.. I had a measuring tape with me.. 40. This one goes back to grow. Quite a place we have here to fish! We have fished about few hours now.. ..and we’ve caught plenty of fish so far.. ..and I’ll show you guys three of our best flyes. This one is mine, a dry fly. Coddard caddish-ish kind of amendment. As you can clearly see, it is rather hefty. This one is Eetu’s, his favourite. It is very simple, just a mere hook. And then Lari’s fly.. ..which has been tied more or less after the regular working hours. As you can see, the thing in this fly is.. ..that there’s about half of the hook untied. But with these we have tried with a rather good success! Crystal clear mountain waters.. ..magical, seized atmosphere.. The river seems calm, yet the stream is surprisingly strong and powerful. Vindelälven is a river of something else.. ..here you can reach the core of fly fishing. As one stand on the river bench, one can easily see the fishes in the river. Here you have to stop and figure out what that fish requires. On the surfice, immidiately below the surfice, deeper.. ..across the stream.. There’s plenty of options. Choosing a fly is a one thing, reading the river is another. Where to aim, how to deliver the fly for the fish? After the throw, it get’s exiting, as you can see that the fish reacts on your fly.. ..and you are waiting wheter the fish accepts your fly or not. Then you are back from where you have started. Wrong fly? Badly tied? Or did I deliver it in a wrong way for the fish to accept it? Although this trip did not provide us with big trouts, Vindelälven was very nice to us. Each of us caught their biggest graylings yet, and if the average size of the fishes caught is over 40, we cannot be speaking of a bad trip.

7 thoughts on “Fly Fishing in Swedish Lapland – Vindelälven [ENG SUB]

  1. Eetulla tais harjuksen kokokin kasvaa ihan käsissä 😀 Hyvää pätkää! Pieni esittelyvideo itse kalastajista voisi olla hyvä katsojille. En tosin tiedä mihin tarkoitukseen teette näitä, mutta mikäli ihan tubeen suunnattuna niin se ois hyvä 🙂

  2. Olen 12 vuotiaasta lähtien noita jokia ja koskia kolunnut ja paljon on kokemuksia tullut, nyt ikää 47 ja edelleen jatkan samoilla vesillä.

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