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Fly Fishing Laisälven in swedish Lapland and Rajastrand Fishing. Flugfiske i Laisälven Vlog#6

Fly Fishing Laisälven in swedish Lapland and Rajastrand Fishing. Flugfiske i Laisälven Vlog#6

This is the story about our beautiful fishing trip to svedish Lapland. We went to the beautiful Lais river and also to the lakes of Rajastrand. After driving over a thousand kilometers we arrived at Rajastrand. and the views and the nature out there is simply just breathtaking. it didn’t take us long before we had to start putting the pontoon boats together we were hit by real fishing fever! Can i see.. can i see! yea! It’s really nice! cheers Cheers Grayling! This was easy pray for a grayling or a trout. When you’re in a beautiful place like this it’s important to take the time and injoy it! That’s a damn nice grayling! there was quite a lot of perch around and they actually fight really really well This part is where i’m starting a campfire because there was so many bugs around! and a really really good way to start a fire is to bring some steel wool and then just build up the flames slowly Mission complete the bugs are kept away Frank found a huge shoal of perch and they were all really really nice sizes. Around 40 cm. Here Maria caught her first fish and I was getting ready to row over and help her and take some pictures but reeling in another big perch took the fly!? A really great fight on a class 3 fly rod It was time to leave Rajastrand. but we didn’t really have a destination to go to? so we drove to Arjeplog. That’s in Swedish Lapland Hello! Holy shit! Look it’s taller then her! My girlfriend have never been to the Arctic Circle We ended up at Björkliden where old Kjell, 83 or 84 years old let us put up our tents… the price was a hundred svedish kroner a night per tent. I think found a good spot! (girlfriend) At the campsite we often got a visit from Kjell’s dog Castro. Sometimes it’s not all about fishing so me and my girlfriend went for a hike of trail about half an hour into the woods and it’s just beautiful Very serious All fly fishers know that feeling that was about to hit me No it fell off! F***! NOOO!!! Where’s the fly? Nights at the Laisälven is beautiful but when the fog comes the fishing dies out.. and what we were about to find out it gets really cold at night! These are some of the flies I fished with.. Both dry flies and nymphs We met for Swedish guys that comes there every year and they were really cool to be around! Good fish! Is it? It’s at least 25 cm 😉 All of our fishing was catch and release. So… Thanks for watching and i’ll leeave you with the beautiful views of the Laisälven in swedish Lapland I hope you enjoyed the video and if you like please subscribe and share it video on FaceBook etc. Thanks.. cheers and tight lines!

9 thoughts on “Fly Fishing Laisälven in swedish Lapland and Rajastrand Fishing. Flugfiske i Laisälven Vlog#6

  1. Mega fed video! Jeg håber at du/I vil lave flere af slagsen. Den er virkelig godt produceret! Det kunne have været fedt at høre lidt mere om hvilket grej og hvilke fluer i brugte.

  2. Fed film!!! Tak for at du har taget dig tid til at lave den og dele den 🙂 Min erfaring fra Grønland er at piben er god til at holde myg og andre blodsugende insekter væk fra hovedet 🙂

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