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Fly Fishing Rods, Reels & Line : Learn Which Flies You Should Pack When Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Rods, Reels & Line : Learn Which Flies You Should Pack When Fly Fishing

Hi, I’m Jim from Zoar Outdoor on behalf
of expertvillage.com. In this segment we’re going to be talking about fishing gear and
especially fly fishing. On the inside of the box of the fanny pack I have my fly reel with,
I have fly extra spool so that if I want to go to in this case a weight forward six floater,
I can change spools and use a different kind of line and then I have different fly boxes.
This is an excellent product Cliff’s Bugger Barn, this is a box that I use for dry flies.
Inside this I have different kinds of liters on top that I might use for dry flies in a
plastic bag so I can get at that in a hurry and then I have all kinds of different flies.
I have different sizes of mayflies, 12, 14, 16 and smaller, I have attractor flies, these
happen to be Au Sable wolves, 12, 14. Then I have some smaller emergers and caddisflies,
then I get over into some other attracters, spinners, mid size 12, 14 and then down to
smaller and then I get over because the deer field river is primarily a Caddis River. I
have lots of different kinds of caddis flies and then I have over here floating terrestrial
flies: crickets, stoneflies, hoppers, ants, beetles, jassets. So this is the contents
of my dry fly box, and you can see I packed an awful lot of flies into a small space.
On this Cliff box I can pack the big flies that I might use to imitate, whether it’s
a swimming minnow like that, or a Clauser minnow like this or a crayfish like these,
or the famous very effective different forms of woolly bugger. In addition I got some zonkers
and some marabous. So this is my big fly streamer box that I carry with me at all times. In
addition to that, I got a wet fly in this box, this box is oriented toward subsurface
flies. The dry flies that I showed you earlier float on the surface. These are the flies
that the trout eat beneath the surface and again I got some wooly buggers, stoneflies,
some attractors including prince nymphs and cooper johns and small stoneflies and then
I get into various forms of caddis, hare’s ear, scuds and other nymphs and wet flies
that I would use particularly on the Deerfield river. In addition to that, I got another
little wallet that contains eggs, San Juan worms and various other flies that I might
use for sunken fly fishing.

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